GTA 5: Fast and Furious Cars in GTA 5 [TOP 15]

A detailed guide on how to build and replicate the best Fast and Furious cars in GTA 5.

Title of Fast and Furious Cars in GTA 5 with 4 different cars shown on each.
A detailed guide on Fast and Furious Cars in GTA 5 and how to build them.

In this article, we talk about the Top 15 Fast and Furious cars in GTA 5 which you would love as a franchise fan. All the iconic builds can be achieved after a little customization from Benny’s Original Motor Works or Los Santos Customs. Even though these vehicles aren’t 100 percent the same, they are easily recognizable by Fast and Furious Fans.

Key Takeaways

  • Among the 90+ Fast and Furious Cars that can be made in GTA 5, there are 15 which are the most iconic and can be replicated. These include cars owned by Brian, Dom, Slapjack, and other main characters.
  • Paul Walker, who played Brian O’Connor, had a lot of excellent vehicles that made it into the list. These include the Toyota Supra white and also the orange one.
  • The list also includes Paul Walker’s Mitsubishi Eclipse and Nissan Skyline. Both of which are a fantastic addition to your GTA 5 garage.
  • Another important character was Dominic Toretto, who has a couple of his cars featured in this list of Fast and Furious cars. These include his iconic Dodge Charger with a beautiful black body.
  • Dominic’s Dodge Daytona is also discussed in this list, as how you can build a complete replicate of that car.
  • Dom’s Chevy Fleetline is also an iconic car that featured in the starting race of Fast and Furious 8.
  • Other racer cars from Fast and Furious can also be built, including Han’s Mazda RX, Sean’s Ford Mustang, and D. K’s Nissan 305Z.

Fast And Furious Cars In GTA 5

When you have a movie that has nine sequels, it tends to have a huge fan base. Rockstar Games has tried its best to please the fanbase of the franchise and given them the option to purchase cars similar to the ones in Fast and Furious.

Moreover, there are some cases where you can replicate different cars from the movie from the same car in the game but with various customizations. You can own a single vehicle and change the design to get a different iconic Fast and Furious car.

Brian O’Connor’s Toyota Supra Turbo (Orange)

An orange Supra of Brain from Fast and the Furious
Brian’s Toyota Supra Turbo

One of the most iconic Fast and Furious cars that we can recreate in GTA 5, is the 1994 Toyota Supra. This was first driven by Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) in the first Fast and Furious movie back in 2001. We can recreate this vehicle using the Jester Classic and customize it a little bit to replicate it perfectly.


After you made your way to Los Santos Customs, you would want to

  • Change the Skirts to ‘Primary Lip Skirt’
  • Change the hood to ‘Performance Hood’ to add the iconic design at the hood of the car
  • For Fender, choose ‘Rear Spats’
  • For Exhausts, select ‘Single Chrome Exhaust’
  • Change the Trim color to Blue to change the inner seat color and give it that iconic look
  • Pick out Drift Bumper for the Front Bumper
  • Choose ‘Race Seats with Primary Cage’ for the Chassis
  • Select the White Headlights
  • Choose ‘Carbon Wing Type II’ as a Spoiler for the racing car vibe
  • Choose Race Suspension to get that low-riding vehicle
  • Pick Light smoke tint on the windows
  • Select the ‘10 Minute Car’ for Livery, which will give the green painting on the side of the car.

Slap Jack’s Toyota Supra Turbo

Slap Jack's brownish orange Supra car in GTA 5
Slap Jack’s Toyota Supra Turbo

Another famous and iconic car that can be replicated in GTA 5 is Slap Jack’s 1995 Toyota Supra. This car first featured in the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie and was driven by Slap Jack. We can recreate this by buying the Jester Classic and customizing it a bit.


The Jester Classic can be customized in various ways to get various different fast and furious cars. And in this case, we need to make these adjustments to get what we want:

  • Select Drift w/ Splitter as Front Bumper
  • Select Custom Diffuser as Rear Bumper
  • Choose the Race Seats with a Secondary Cage for the Chassis option
  • Choose the Single Chrome Exhaust
  • Performance Hood to get the iconic design at the hood of the car
  • Golden Neon Lights to get them under lights beneath the car
  • For livery, select Slap Dash to replicate the iconic golden painting at the side of the car
  • Respray to Gold for Primary Color
  • Respray to Gold for the secondary color
  • The trim color should be Cream for the interior
  • Primary Lift Skirt in the Skirt option
  • As for Spoiler, select ‘Carbon Wing Type I’
  • Pick out the Organic Type 0 wheels
  • Select Light Smoke for tinting windows

Brian O’Connor’s Toyota Supra Turbo (White)

Brian's Toyota Supra Turbo (White) from Fast and the Furious
Brian’s Toyota Supra Turbo (White) in GTA 5

Another one of Brian O’Connor, also known as Paul Walker, cars in Fast and Furious was this white 1994 Toyota Supra. It is becoming evident that Paul Walker was a fan favorite in the movie since most of the cars he drove are considered iconic. Hence, people really want to own the cars he drove in GTA V.

We will use the Jester Classic for this Fast and Furious car in GTA 5. Jester Classic is the best vehicle to buy if you want multiple fast-and-furious cars without spending too much money.


For the white Toyota Supra that Brian used to drive, you don’t need a lot of customization. You just need to

  • Change the Front Bumper to Low Splitter
  • Single Chrome Exhaust
  • Buy a custom Hood
  • No livery since this car doesn’t have any paintings on it
  • Add a high-level Spoiler
  • Choose the Dash VIP wheels by selecting SUV and then the chrome option
  • Choose Light Smoke for window tint
  • A blue on the white number plate for minor details
  • Respray to Classic Ice White Primary Color
  • Respray to Classic Ice White Secondary Color
  • Change Trim Color to Graphite for the car seats and interior

You do not want to go overboard with the customizations since it is a very simple design.

Brian O’Connor’s Mitsubishi Eclipse (Green)

Green colored penumra being replicated to look like Brian's Mitsubishi Eclipse
Brian’s Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX in Green Color from Fast and Furious

Another absolutely beautiful vehicle that Brian used in Fast and Furious was the Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. The shocking green sports car can be achieved in GTA 5 quite easily. All you need is to buy a Penumbra FF and head onto Los Santos Customs for a little customization.


To replicate this vehicle as close to Brians Mitsubishi Eclipse, make the following changes

  • Racing Bumper as Front Bumper
  • Select the Ribbed Street as the Rear Bumper
  • Change to the Titanium Tipped Exhaust
  • Choose Competition seats as Front seats
  • For the hood, select Carbon Sport hood
  • Add neon lights to the front, back, and sides; this will add the iconic light beneath the car
  • Change the neon color to lime green
  • Almost Had You’ Livery is the most similar paint job that you can choose
  • Respray to Lime Green as the Primary color
  • Respray to Black as Secondary color
  • Trim Color to Graphite for the car seats and interior
  • Built-in scoop Alt for the Roof option, the roof scoops look similar to Paul Walker’s car.
  • For the Skirt, select ‘Shelved Stock.’
  • Choose Carbon Extended Wing Spoiler. There is no perfect match in the spoiler, but this is the best option.
  • Lowered Suspension to give it the low riding look
  • Choose the Duper 7 wheels
  • Light Smoke for window tint

 Brian Connor’s Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

Brian O'Connor's Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. a grey car with a blue stripe at the hood
Brian O’Connor’s Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

One of the most famous and favorite Fast and Furious cars in GTA 5 is Brian’s Blue and grey Nissan Skyline. First featured in 2 Fast 2 Furious, it has been highly demanded by fans, and now you can obtain it easily.

We will be using the Elegy Retro Custom. However, you would first have to buy the Annis Elegy R8 from the legendary motorsport or Benny’s websites. After obtaining the car, you will have to go to Benny’s Motor Works to do any further upgrades. To get the exact Nissan to build, you must upgrade to the Elegy Retro Custom for $904,000.

This is a relatively more expensive vehicle. That is because the cost of all the upgrades and visual customization will land you a bill of $1.4 million.


Head on to Benny’s Motor Works and start upgrading to the below specifications.

  • Buy Painted Extended Splitter as Front Bumper
  • Head onto the Bumper Accessories, then the Bumper meshes, and then remove the Bumper Mesh.
  • Select Intercooler with water Sprayer
  • Buy the Big Bore Exhaust
  • Go into Interior and choose the Racing blue color as the Trim color.
  • If you want perfect detail, then go into Dial design and get the Pod Tacho & Dash Gauges.
  • Choose the Carbon Track seats
  • Buy the Apex Clubman
  • Add neon lights to the front, back, and sides; this will add the iconic light beneath the car
  • Select the Electric Blue color as the neon lights
  • Select ‘Midnight Racer’ as the iconic livery
  • An important part is choosing the right colors; after choosing the primary colors, select metallic, then silver as the Primary color
  • Also, choose metallic, then silver as Secondary Color
  • Select Drift skirts as your skirts
  • For the spoiler, buy the Extreme Downforce BGW
  • Select sports wheels, then navigate to Chrome Rims and choose the Endo v.2

Han’s Mazda RX-7

Han's Mazda RX-7 from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. An orange car with black doors
Han’s Mazda RX-7 from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

Among the multiple Fast and Furious cars in GTA 5, this one is my personal favorite. Han’s Mazda RX-7 was featured in Tokyo Drift in 2006 and has been iconic ever since.

We will replicate this car build using the Banshee 900R in GTA 5. Initially, you must get the Bravado Banshee from the legendary motorsport car shop or Benny’s website. Then, you will have to upgrade the Banshee to Banshee 900R for a fee of $565,000.


Once you are done upgrading your car to Banshee 900R, reach over to Benny’s, and we will start customizing the car:

  • Buy ‘Bolt-on Arches’ as Front Bumper
  • ‘Chrome Tip Exhaust’ as the exhaust
  • Moving onto the interior, select ‘Carbon Bucket seats’ to get the small details right.
  • Select the Apex Clubman steering wheel.
  • For the Livery, choose the ‘Black Two Tone,’ which seems like a direct reference to Han’s iconic vehicle.
  • Respray your car to Orange as Primary Color
  • Respray your car to Anthracite Black as Secondary color
  • In the car’s interior, choose the color ‘Dark Steel.’
  • Choose Sports Skirts
  • Select the Mid-Level Spoiler
  • Obtain the Street Suspension
  • For the tires, navigate to Chrome and select Wangan Master

Dom Toretto’s Dodge Charger

Dominic Toretto's iconic Dodge Charger in GTA 5 build
Dominic Toretto’s iconic Dodge Charger from Fast and Furious.

A car that you must add to your Fast and Furious collection is Dom’s iconic Dodge charger. This is a must-have for any diehard Fast, and Furious fan since the first feature of the car was back in the first edition of the franchise. From the color to the finishing, this vehicle is nothing less than a collector’s item.

Furthermore, we will use the Imponte Beater Dukes to build the Dom’s Dodge Charger replica. Even though you can also use the standard Dukes, if you want to replicate a more accurate model, then Imponte Dukes is the better option. However, the Imponte Beater Dukes are slightly more expensive than the standard Dukes.


Head on to Los Santos and begin modifying the visual features as mentioned below:

  • Use Repaired Stock Bumper as the Front Bumper
  • Use Round Exhausts. However, the exhausts can barely be seen, and you can skip this if you want to
  • Select Repaired Fenders
  • Choose the Crown Grille
  • For the Hood, be sure to select the ‘Triple Intake Bug Catcher
  • Use the Roud Sideview mirrors, a very intricate detail you may have missed.
  • Respray your car to the Classic Black as Primary Color
  • Respray your car to Chrome as the Secondary Color
  • For the Roll Cage, choose the Dash Cage
  • Use the Painted Roof
  • Get the Lowered Suspension to give it a low-riding feel
  • For the wheels, go to the Muscle category and navigate to chrome. Select the Azreal wheels
  • For the Wheelie Bar, use the Repaired Rear Bumper

Sean’s Ford Mustang Fastback

Beautiful green mustang with white stripes at the centre hood and roof
Sean’s Ford Mustang Fastback from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

Another car inspired by the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, Sean’s Ford Mustang Fastback is an amazing vehicle to own. Tokyo Drift has provided a lot of inspiration for Rockstar to add new vehicles’ custom features.

We will replicate this unique build using the Vapid Dominator GTT, which can be bought from the Southern San Andreas Super Auto’s website for a staggering $1.22 million. However, if you get to a high level in the LS car meet, you can unlock this vehicle’s trade price, which is $915,000.


The cost is around $1.5 million for all the aesthetic modifications at full price. It is important to note that you can save money if you unlock the trade price. However, the iconic car is definitely worth its money.

In addition to that, you don’t need a lot of modifications for this car since most of it is in stock. This keeps the build simple, easy, and clean while looking beautiful and unique.

Start customizing the visual features of this car, and be sure to select

  • The Secondary Ribbed Valve Covers your engine block
  • Choose the Chrome Air Filter
  • For the Strut brace, choose Triangulated Strut Brace
  • Select the Exposed intercooler

After changing up the engine, you move on to the exterior changes

  • Choose the Chrome Tip Exhaust
  • For the Grille, select the Hood Badge Deleted
  • For the Hood, choose the Primary Stock Hood
  • To cover intricate details, choose the Sprint Professional Steering wheel
  • Choose the Dash Doger Cage as the roll cage
  • As for the Livery, select the White Double Stripes for the iconic look
  • Respray the car to the Metallic Racing Green as the Primary color
  • You want to go to the pearlescent category and select Olive green to clean the primary color
  • Respray the car to Classic Carbon Black as Secondary Color
  • For the interior, select black as the Trim color
  • For the skirts, select the Primary Pillar Scoop
  • For the Splitters, choose the Chin Spoiler Delete
  • Go to the sports wheels; in the chrome category, choose Uzer wheels

Heist Honda Civic (EJ1)

Honda civic black colored a car from Fast and furious in GTA 5
1993 Honda Civic used in Heist Scene from First Fast and Furious movie

One of the most beautiful cars and roaring cars on the list, the black 1993 Honda Civic featured in the first Fast and The Furious movie. The only Honda civic available in GTA 5 is a hatchback. And that doesn’t look slightly similar to the one we want to recreate. Hence, you would want to use the Sultan RS.

This vehicle came in the heist scene where Dom, Leon, and Letty were in a hijacking using these Honda Civics EJ1s.


There are some important customizations you would have to make to achieve the movie duplicate.

Make your way to Benny’s Motor Works to customize some things.

  • Add the Neon Kit with a Lime Green color. This will add the iconic green light beneath the car.
  • Change the spoilers to ‘Painted Classic RS Wing.’
  • Feroci RR’ wheels from the Sports wheel category
  • Add a dark window tint to the car by selecting ‘Limo’ in the window option
  • Respray your car with Classic Black as Primary Color
  • Respray your car with Classic Black as Secondary Color

Leon’s Nissan Skyliner R33 GT-R

Bright yellow car of Nissan Skyline (leon's car)
Leon’s Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R. Also known as ‘Pizza boy car.’

A famous car that most OG fast and furious fans know about is Leo’s Nissan Skyline R33, or as some people call it, pizza boy car. This iconic car was featured in the first Fast and furious film. Where the director plays a cameo as a pizza boy, while Leon and Hector block him off and say the famous line, “Street’s closed pizza boy, find another way home.

In addition, this car also had a very historical past. It was an HKS demo car; then, it was used by Reese Millen in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. That same car was then repurposed to be used in the first edition of the Fast and Furious franchise.


For this build, we will be using the Annis Elegy Retro Custom. To get your hands on that, you must first buy the original car Annis Elegy RH8. After that, upgrade the vehicle from Benny’s to Elegy Retro Custom for around $900,000.

Moreover, this car can be easily duplicated thanks to the livery that Rockstar added, similar to the original one. Start customizing the visual features and follow the steps below:

  • Remove the Bumper Mesh
  • Select the Monster intercooler
  • For the engine block, choose the Carbon Valve Cover
  • Choose the Carbon Cambelt Cover
  • For the Strut Brace, choose the Carbon Strut Brace. This original Strut brace feature cannot be replicated in GTA 5. However, this was the closest option.
  • Choose the Big Bore Exhaust
  • For the interior, select Racing blue as the Trim color
  • Choose the Pod mounted Tacho for the Dial Design
  • Select the Sports Seats
  • For the Steering wheel, choose Apex Clubman
  • For the Livery, we will choose the ‘Not tonight Pizzaboy,’ a direct reference to the Fast and Furious movie.
  • Respray your car to the Classic Race Yellow as Primary Color
  • Respray your car to the Classic Race Yellow as Secondary Color
  • For the Spoiler, select the Classic RS Wing
  • For the wheels, go to the sports category, select chrome, and choose Dash VIP wheels.
  • Choose the Limo Tint for the windows

Dom’s Dodge Daytona

Red and maroon Dodge Daytona build in GTA 5
Dominic Toretto’s Dodge Daytona featured in Fast and Furious 6.

Dominic Toretto’s 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona is amongst the best Fast and Furious cars in GTA 5. This iconic vehicle was first featured in Fast and Furious 6, released in 2013. Rockstar knew precisely what the fans wanted and decided to give them the exact upgrades needed to achieve that build.

We will use the Bravado Gauntlet Classic to replicate the Dodge Daytona. The vehicle can be bought at Benny’s Original Motor Works and Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Moreover, it originally cost $615,000 to purchase.


Head onto Benny’s to perform some visual customizations and make this car similar to what Dom drove.

  • For the Front Bumper, choose Single Vented Nose Cone
  • For the Rear Bumper, choose Primary Bumper
  • Choose the Primary Rear Panel for the Rear Cover
  • Get the Primary Full Cage for the Roll cage
  • Choose the Side Exit Exhausts
  • As for the headlights, choose the Full Blacked Lights
  • For the Hood Catches, we went for the primary Hood Latches
  • As for the Hood itself, we choose the Deep Inset Hood
  • Choose the Flocked Rally Dash
  • Pick the Aluminum Door Panels
  • Select the Mk1 rally seats
  • Since we are trying to make a detailed build, choose Bullet mirrors for the most similar design to Dom’s Dodge Daytona.
  • Respray your car with Metallic Garnet Red as Primary Color
  • For the Pearlescent, choose wine Red to get the maroon touch
  • Respray your car with Metallic Garnet Red as Secondary Color
  • For the Trim color, choose Graphite, which is the color of the interior
  • As for the Roof, pick the primary roof
  • Select the ‘Primary custom Skirt.’
  • Choose the Full Wedge Splitter
  • Choose the Primary Super Spoiler for the signature spoiler of Dom’s Dodge Daytona.
  • Select the Competition suspension to get the low riding feel to it

Letty’s Rally Fighter

black Rally Fighter made from Coil Brawler in GTA 5
Letty’s Rally Fighter build in GTA 5

This one is obviously not a street racing car but is a cool Fast and Furious car that exists in GTA 5. If you want a little variety in your garage, this unique vehicle should be owned. You will need a Coil Brawler with some customization to replicate it to the Rally Fighter.


There won’t be a lot of changes to be made to the Coil Brawler in this case, so make sure to follow the steps below:

  • Choose the Bullbar with Winch and Lights as the Front Bumper
  • Choose the bumper Bar and Spare as the Rear Bumper
  • Select the Roll Cage in the Chassis option
  • Respray your car with the Classic Moss Brown as Primary Color
  • Respray your vehicle to the Classic Black as Secondary Color
  • For the roof, select Spotlights and Spare Wheel
  • Select the Race Suspension
  • For the Wheels, go to Off-road and choose the Concave Rally Master wheels.
  • Change the wheel color to black
  • Tint the windows to Limo

Brain O’Connor’s Mitsubishi Evolution 7 (Yellow)

Brian's Mitsubishi Evolution 7 from Fast and the Furious
Brian’s Mitsubishi Evolution 7 from Fast and the Furious

The Mitsubishi Evolution 7 is another car driven by Paul Walker and was first featured in the second edition of Fast and Furious. This iconic vehicle is one of the many Fast and Furious cars in GTA 5, and we will need the Karin Sultan RS to replicate it.

In addition to that, to get this vehicle, you will need to buy the normal Karin Sultan. And then upgrade it to RS with a cost of $795,000. So this car isn’t a cheap one, but it is most definitely worth it.


To fully customize the car and replicate all the features, we need to head onto Benny’s Original Motor Works. Then, follow the steps:

  • Choose the C2 Loop Bumper as the front bumper
  • Choose the Clear-Cut Rear Bumper
  • For the Hood, select the Twin Vented Hood
  • For the intricate detail of the Dial design, we choose the Pod Tacho & Dash Gauges
  • Pick the Sports seats
  • For the steering wheel, we could choose the Apex Clubman
  • We have to do the Neon Layout for the front, back, and sides
  • Then you’ll have to change the Neon color to Blue
  • The most important aspect of this build, the livery, should be Blue Power Stripe.
  • Respray the car with Metallic Dew yellow as the Primary colors
  • Respray the car with Metallic Dew yellow as Secondary color
  • Select the Ice white trim color to adjust the interior
  • For the spoiler, choose the Carbon Wing
  • We will choose the sports category in wheels and then navigate to Diamond cut from chrome rims

For the engine visual replication, you want to change a few things including:

  • For the engine block, you want to choose the Primary Valve Colors
  • For the Strut Brace, select the Triangulated Strut Brace

Dom’s 1950 Chevy Fleetline

Old broken down car of CHevy Fleetline in GTA 5
Dom’s broken-down Chevy Fleetline from Fast and Furious 8

One of the most unique and antique cars on the list, the Chevy Fleetline was featured at the start of Fast and The Furious 8. Dom originally took Dominic’s cousin’s car to race some other street racers.

The iconic race of the movie finished with the car on fire and crossing the finish line in reverse. Although recreating that scene is nearly impossible, we can surely replicate the car used for it.


We will be using the Classique Broadway to replicate the Chevy Fleetline. We can buy it from the Legendary Motorsport website for $925,000. Then head on to LA Customs and begin the modifications.

  • Go to Bodywork and choose Oh My Hot Rod. This will remove the front bumper and the side fenders.
  • For the front bumper, we will select Bumper Remove
  • For the exhaust, we will leave it in Stock because there isn’t an accurate exhaust available
  • Select the Barn Find livery to make it seem a little rustier
  • Respray the car with a Metallic Bluish Silver as Primary Color
  • Respray the car with a Metallic Bluish Silver as Secondary Color
  • Choose the Competition Suspension
  • For wheel type, head to the Muscle category, go to stock rims, and select Kracka Rims.
  • We could also change the wheel color to Straw Brown

We then head outside and start breaking the doors and hood of the car to get a more authentic look.

  • Head to the interaction menu and select Vehicles
  • Navigate down to the Vehicle Doors and toggle the option to ALL. This will open all doors on your vehicle
  • Then proceed to run past a wall to break the doors
  • Only after destroying the doors and making the right customization will this build be complete

D.K’s Nissan 350Z

D.K's car being build in GTA 5. a black car outside a garage.
D.K.’s Nissan 350Z from Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.

Takashi, also known as D.K., was a strong antagonist in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Apart from that, his car was so iconic that GTA players started experimenting to get a build similar to his Nissan. This was only possible using the game’s new Annis Euros.


After purchasing this car from the Legendary Motor Sport’s website for $1.35 million (trade price), head to Los Santos to modify this vehicle. Follow these modification steps:

  • Choose the Performance Bumper as the Front bumper
  • The Stock Rear bumper is perfect in this case
  • For the Front Fender, choose the Carbon Wide Fender
  • For the Hood Catches, select the Chrome Hood Catches
  • For the Hood itself, select the Carbon Street Hood
  • Choose the Carbon Track Seats
  • Choose the Apex Basic Steering wheel
  • For the roll cage, pick the Secondary Racer Roll Cage
  • The livery needed will beKing Scorpion.’ It is important to know that you will need a rep level of 119 in the LS car meet to unlock this livery. You can check out how to get Rep fast in GTA 5.
  • Choose the secondary mirrors as side-view mirrors
  • Respray your car to Classic Dark Steel as Primary Color
  • Respray your car to Classic Black as Secondary Color
  • Change the Trim Color to Black Steel for the interior
  • Change the Roof to Sweep the Roof
  • Select the Carbon Arrow Skirts
  • Pick the Carbon Sting Splitter
  • For the Spoiler, choose the Secondary Rhino Spoiler
  • For the Wheels, select the Speed Boy wheels
  • Select the light smoke for the window tint

Closing Remarks

That marks the end of our extensive guide on Fast and Furious cars in GTA 5 and how to build them. Whether you like collecting cars or racing them, these iconic Fast and Furious Cars will be a perfect addition to your garage in GTA 5.

Moreover, some features of the iconic cars may not be completely replicated in GTA 5. However, there are many similar modification options added by Rockstar which can work quite well.

It is important to note that most of these cars require a lot of money but are worth it. You can check out our detailed guide on how to earn money fast in GTA 5.

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