Top 5 Fastest SUVs in GTA 5 [2022]

We have ranked in detail the 5 best and fastest SUVs of all time in GTA 5 in 2022. We have briefly discussed their features, their price, their specifications, and how to buy them in GTA 5.

Fastest SUV in GTA 5
Fastest SUV in GTA 5

Our guide today focuses on the Fastest SUVs of all time in GTA 5 in 2022. Having hundreds of millions of people play it every year on their PCs, Playstations, and Xbox, GTA 5 is one of the most widely played video games of all time. Players can access this game through both online and offline modes.

One of the many exciting features of this game is that it offers one of the largest collections of supercars. These supercars include enormous trucks, fastest SUVs, bullet-fast and luxurious sports cars.

Out of all these collections, SUVs undoubtedly stand out as the choice of most players because of their size, luxurious and safe ride, and relatively fast speed.

Fastest SUVs in GTA 5 in 2022
List of Fastest SUVs in GTA 5 in 2022

Fastest SUVs in GTA 5

If you are also an SUV enthusiast, this list is for you. We have ranked the Fastest SUVs in GTA 5 and also guide you on how to get your hands on those Fastest SUVs. We ranked SUVs on the following basis:

  • Their speed – How fast can the SUV go?
  • Acceleration – How quickly can the SUV accelerate to its maximum speed?
  • Brake System – During emergency circumstances, how does the brake system of the fastest SUVs work?
  • Their Handling – Is it an easy SUV to handle?
  • Their Price – How many bucks will this SUV cost?
  • Their Accessibility – Are they easily accessible or not?

It is worth noting that the statistics shown in-game are not reliable and accurate. However, the statistics provided here are close to real life. So without any further delay, let us get into the list of 5 Fastest SUVs in GTA 5 in 2022:

Pegassi Toros

Pegassi Toros is by far the best SUV in GTA 5, both in online and offline mode. Lamborghini Urus and Audi Q8 inspire its design. Its headlights also follow the Lamborghini Aventador‘s headlight design. Overall, its performance tops the list due to the following specifications:

Fastest SUV in GTA 5
Pegassi Toros in a Garage

Features of Pegassi Toros

  • Pegassi Toros is currently the fastest SUV in GTA 5. It has been tested in many experiments. The results reveal its average top speed is about 127.5mph, which in Kilometers is 205.2kmph. This speed is unmatched by any other SUV in GTA 5.
  • It has a relatively high acceleration rate. The acceleration system is packed with eight gears, and the upshift rate is 5.8. A modern and fast acceleration system helped this vehicle become the Fastest SUV in GTA 5. 
  • The fastest speed and a sound acceleration system made this SUV the fastest on the list. However, it does have a few drawbacks. The Brake system of Pegassi Toros is its biggest drawback. It might even be one of the worst in the whole game.
  • Players should be careful when driving this super fast SUV on rough terrains where they actively use the brake system. The handling of this vehicle also suffers because of its poor brake system. It requires a very pro driver to handle it when reaching its top speed in rough terrains.
  • Just like other cars, it is also very customizable. After buying it, you can customize it according to your own will on any of your properties or in Lost Santos Customs.
Fastest SUV customized in GTA 5
A customized Pegassi Toros

Pegassi Toros: Price and where to buy this fastest SUV in GTA 5

  • You can buy this Fastest SUV in GTA 5 just for $498,000. Considering the features of this SUV, this is not much of a price for Pegassi Toros. You can earn some in multiple ways if you don’t have enough cash.
  • You can buy this fastest SUV in GTA 5 from legendary Motorsport, which is business in GTA 5 dealing with supercars costing above 100,000$
  • You also resale Pegassi Toros in GTA 5. Yes, it is true! You can resale the fastest SUV in GTA 5 for 60% of its original price. It comes out to be about 298,800$, which is not a bad deal.
  • Additionally, If you have spent some money on customizing Pegassi Toros, you can get a 60% return on that money.

Lampadati Novak

Falling just below the Pegassi Toros in the list of Fastest SUVs in GTA 5, Lampadati Novak is one of the best SUVs in GTA 5. Maserati Levante’s design was an inspiration to design this SUV. Following are some of the details that you need to know:

Lampadati Novak in GTA 5
Lampadati shining in a Garage


Features of Lampadati Novak

  • One of the most prominent features of Lampadati Novak, the Second Fastest SUV in GTA 5, is its speed. The top speed of Lampadati Novak is 126mph which is about 202.78kmph in kilometers. Pegassi Toros is the only SUV in GTA which surpasses Lampadati’s speed limit.
  • Coupled with eight gears, Lampadati Novak also has an adequate acceleration system that helps it to secure a place in the top 3 fastest SUVs in GTA 5.
  • However, just like Pessagi Toros, Lampadati has a poor Brake System. It is because a Lampadati is not built for rough terrains. Probably, they are for showcasing on your property with other super fast cars.
  • The Handling system of this vehicle is quite average and certainly not the best. However, it still does its job. You can get your hands on this SUV and not have any problem handling it unless you are at a very high speed.
  • It is also a highly customizable SUV in GTA 5. You can spend more money customizing it in your garage at any of your properties after buying this fast SUV in GTA 5.
  • 4th Fastest SUV in GTA 5
    A beautifully customized Lampadati Novak

Lampadati Novak: Price and where to buy this Fast SUV in GTA 5:

  • It is interesting to know that Lampadati costs more than a Pegassi, even though it is ranked number 2 after Pegassi Toros in our list of Fastest SUVs in GTA 5. A Lampadati will cost you $608,000. It is quite a sum in GTA 5.
  • You can buy this fast SUV in GTA 5 from Legendary Motorsport. Just like a Pegassi, you can resale this SUV easily.
  • Lampadati Novak can be sold for 60% of its original value, which is about $364,800.
  • If you have spent some money customizing this fast SUV in GTA 5, you can regain 60% of that money. Customization includes upgrading various parts of this SUV and customization of the overall appearance of the SUV.

Ubermacht Rebla GTS

The third one on the list of Fastest SUVs in GTA 5 is Ubermacht Rebla GTS. Its design is a copy of the Fourth generation BMW X5. It is one of the most expensive and luxurious SUVs in GTA 5. In-detail guide of Ubermacht Rebla GTS is given below:

Rebla GTS in GTA 5
Rebla GTS in a Garage

Features of Ubermacht Rebla GTS

  • Ubermacht Rebla GTS has a top speed of 124mph, about 199kmph. This speed limit puts this SUV on the list of the top 3 fastest SUVs in GTA 5.
  • This AWD SUV uses an 8-gear acceleration system which makes it easy to accelerate at a quick speed. It can quickly pick its maximum speed due to a better acceleration system.
  • The Brake System, however, is one of the worst among all vehicles in GTA 5. We will rate its brake system at 2.8/10.
  • The handling of this fast SUV is comfortable, although not much premium. An experienced driver can handle this SUV with ease at high speed. The handling, although not premium, is quite a luxurious feature of this Fast and luxurious SUV in GTA 5.
  • Like other SUVs on our list, Ubermatcht Rebla GTS is customizable according to the players’ budgets and choices.
one of the fastest SUVs in GTA 5
A customized Rebla GTS

Ubermacht Rebla GTS: Price and where to buy this fast SUV in GTA 5

  • It costs a staggering amount of money to buy this luxurious SUV in GTA 5. A whopping $1,175,000 will be taken out of your pocket to buy this Luxurious and Fast SUV in GTA 5.
  • Ubermacht Rebla GTS can be purchased from Legendary Motorsports, like other SUVs on this list. They will deliver this to your garage.
  • This SUV is also eligible for resale for 60% of its original price, which is roundabout $705,000. You will also get 60% of what you spend on customizing it.

Pfister Astron

Our guide ranks Pfister Astron as the fourth fastest SUV in GTA 5. Its design is a copy of a real-life Porsche Macan. It is a pretty latest SUV in GTA. An in-depth review of this car is detailed below:

Pfister Astron in GTA 5
Pfister Astron in a garage

Features of Pfister Astron:

  • Pfister Astron features a top speed of 119.25mph. It is about 192kmph. However, you can spend some money to upgrade its speed limit just like you can do with other SUVs on our list.
  • The AWD SUV works on a 7-gear acceleration system. Its acceleration system is one of the best in the game, considering the speed of this fast SUV. It picks up its top speed within seconds of acceleration.
  • Like other SUVs on this list, Pfister Astron does not have a good Brake System. We can say that Pfister Astron has the worst Brake system of all the SUVs on our list, with a rating of 1.6/10.
  • Its handling is quite comfortable. Riders can get their hands on this SUV pretty smoothly. However, it is still not the best out there.
  • You can customize this fast SUV in GTA 5 according to your taste and budget.
A customized Pfister Astron
A fully customized Pfister Astron

Pfister Astron: Price and where to buy this Fast SUV in GTA 5

  • Pfister is the second most expensive SUV on our list of Fastest SUVs in GTA 5 in 2022. It costs about $1,580,000 to buy one Pfister Astron in GTA 5. Quite some sum, Nah?
  • You can buy this Fast SUV in GTA 5  from Legendary Motorsports.
  • Pfister Astron is eligible for resale for 60% of its original value, which is $948,000. It does not include the money you spent on customizing it. Additionally, you will get 60% of the money that you have spent on customizing it.

Enus Jubilee

Enus Jubilee is the last on our list of the Fastest SUVs in GTA 5. Its design is a copy of real-life Rolls-Royce Cullinan. It was also added to GTA 5 in December 2021. Its details are given below:

Enus Jubilee in GTA 5
Enus Jubilee before customization

Features of Enus Jubilee

  • It is a weaponized SUV in GTA 5. You can use Enus Jubilee in missions to run away from enemies and also to kill enemies.
  • It has a top speed of 116.75mph which is about 188kmph. 
  • The AWD SUV features an 8-gear acceleration system. Consequently, the acceleration system helps this SUV to top its speed within seconds.
  • The Brake system, however, is not up to par in this SUV. Its brake system, like other SUVs on this list, totally does not match the top speed of the SUV. Our guide rates this brake system at 2.5/10.
  • You can easily handle this car once you get your hands on it.
  • It is also customizable according to the own demands and monetary conditions.
5th fastest SUV in GTA 5
A customized Enus Jubilee

Enus Jubilee: Price and how to buy this car in GTA 5

  • Enus is the most expensive SUV on our list of the Fastest SUVs in GTA 5. You can get this SUV for $1,650,000. You might be surprised by this price tag. However, this SUV’s looks and features justify this price.
  • Legendary Motorsports deals with the sale of this car. You can go to their store in GTA 5 and buy this SUV to flex it in your collection.
  •  You can sell it away for 60% of its original price once you are bored with this SUV. You can get $990,000 for selling it away. Additionally, If you have spent on customizing or upgrading this car, you can get a 60% return on that money.


This is all for our guide to the Fastest SUVs in GTA 5 in 2022. We have provided this information here to help you guys find your best and fastest SUV in GTA 5. We hope it will answer all of your questions. However, if you still have questions to ask, reviews to give, or any further suggestions, please do not hesitate to comment below.

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