Final Fantasy 16: Active Time Lore [Explained]

Learn exactly what Active Time Lore is and how to use this amazing feature in Final Fantasy 16!

clive sitting under the moon, with title of Active Time lore
Learn about the Active Time Lore feature in Final Fantasy 16, and how to use it.

Square Enix has done an amazing job creating a very enticing, elaborate storyline for Final Fantasy 16. The story-rich game revolves around various characters, which may become difficult to follow. Hence, the developers did an amazing job adding an Active Time Lore feature to Final Fantasy 16 to help players keep track of the story.

Key takeaways

  • This feature lets players keep track of the storyline in Final Fantasy 16 by giving them information about relevant characters, locations, and events.
  • You can access the Active Time Lore window by holding on to the touchpad anytime in the game.
  • However, if you are in a cutscene, you must pause it by pressing the options button. And then, hold the touchpad to access the Active Time Lore.

What Is Active Time Lore?

Active Time Lore (ATL) is a new feature that Square Enix has introduced that may have proven to be very helpful for newer players who find it challenging to keep up with the story and names. At times even experienced players may get confused with all the confusing names and similar faces developers love to make.

Active Time Lore will be your best friend whenever you are confused about a person in the cutscene or an important location they mentioned that you didn’t understand. For example, in the beginning, you may forget which nation you’re fighting for or how Anabella is related to Clive. 

Active Time lore window with multiple icons to click on
Active Time Lore Window ~Image captured by Gamesual

Once you open the ATL window, you will see a couple of icons that will include some of the things of interest at that point in the story. This includes characters, places of interest, or relevant events like war.

Moreover, it is important to note that the Active Time Lore will keep updating as you progress into the story. This will make it more efficient and relevant to where you currently are in the storyline.

How To Access Active Time Lore

This feature will be unlocked quite early in the game. Moreover, a pop-up message will summarize how to use the Active Time Lore feature in Final Fantasy 16. This message is shown below:

Pop up message which shows how to use Active time lore feature in final fantasy 16
Pop-up message showing how to use Active Time Lore feature ~Image captured by Gamesual

You can go to the ATL window anytime in the game by holding the touchpad on PS5. On the other hand, if you are currently in the middle of a cut scene, you will have to pause the cutscene by pressing the Options button. After which, you can hold the touchpad to access ATL.

Once opened, you will get access to the information relevant to your current status in the storyline. You can read the text descriptions about characters, locations, wars, or Dominants.

This key feature is amazing and should be considered in every RPG game with a complex storyline. It helps players to keep up with the story in case they have missed anything. And the developers of Final Fantasy 16 did a great job at this.

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