Final Fantasy 16: Angel Of Death Location Guide

Discover the location of the angel of death in Final Fantasy 16 with our comprehensive guide.

Aruna the Angel of Death
Aruna The Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16

In this guide to Final Fantasy 16: The Location of The Angel of Death, you must first unlock the Hunt Board to find the Angel of Death.

One of the features of this game is The Hunt Board, in which you take up bounties and hunt down the notorious marks that are roaming about Valisthea, causing trouble in the mystical land and bringing them to justice. However, to unlock the Hunt Board, you must have at least 16 hours of gameplay, but we promise it will be well worth the wait.

Key Takeaways

  • In final fantasy 16, to reach the location of The Angel of Death, you must fast travel to North Reach, located on the Eastern side of the map, then travel southeast to the Claireview Field Area and look for a creature flying about.
  • Aruna is a Level 27 Notorious Mark. However, it is manageable if you can predict its strikes using the information provided in this comprehensive guide.
  • The rewards you receive for defeating Aruna are experience, renown, Gil, and Clouded Eye.

The idea of the hunt board is to make the player feel as if he were a bounty hunter giving him the thrill of the hunt and the fun you get to have. Once you have successfully hunted down a notorious mark, you will get Renown and a lot of Experience.

Although the players are well rewarded for it, it is still challenging to find a mark as you are given a rough idea of where it may be and a picture(sometimes an image may not be provided). Thus making it difficult but fun.

Hunt Board to find location of angel of death
Hunt Board for picking up bills Image Credit: Gamesual

When you start The Hunt, some of the first Hunts include The Angel of Death Aruna, a Mark Rank C Notorious Mark. While Aruna is widely recognized as a formidable adversary, it is still one of the more manageable marks you encounter during hunts.

On appearance, Aruna appears as one of the Wind Elementals, and its abilities are also similar to those of Wind Elementals. Aruna is a Level 27 Mark but easy to deal with.

Aruna the Angel of Death
Description of Aruna the Angel of Death Final Fantasy 16 Image Credit: Gamesual

Angel Of Death Location

Angel of Death location in Final Fantasy 16 involves one of the hunts you are given the notorious mark ARUNA(The Angel Of Death) to hunt down; what makes this hunt difficult is that you are given a rough idea of where Aruna may be and the developers don’t provide you with a picture. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this guide, we will show you how to  find Aruna and also give you some tips on how to defeat it:

  • To find the angel of death, you must fast-travel to North Reach on the Eastern Side of the World map.
Northreach on World map to find Angel of Death Final Fantasy
Location of Northreach on World Map Final Fantasy 16. Image Credit Gamesual
  • From there, travel Southwest into the Clairview field area.
Claireview Fields exact location of angel of death aruna
The exact location of Angel of Death Aruna in Claireview Fields Southwest of Northreach in Final Fantasy 16 Image Credit: Gamesual
  • Here you will find ARUNA flying about.

Aruna Defeating Strategy

After you have reached the location, you must find Aruna: The Angel of Death, in that area, it will be an enemy flying in circles. Now to initiate combat, you must get close to Aruna.

Although Aruna is a Level 27 Mark and a formidable opponent, it is still one of the more manageable monsters you come across in this game to defeat Aruna, you must get to know its abilities Aruna launches simple air-based attacks, which include wing spins and aero balls. However, its initiating attack will be a swift dash attack.

Now that we have the basic attacks out of the way, we will advise you on how you can dodge its attacks more easily by predicting its moves.

  • First of all, Aruna, while attacking, exhibits a distinct preparatory motion, so you will have to look out for that.
  • When it turns sideways, it indicates an impending strike with its elongated wing.
  • Whereas an upward motion foretells a kick aimed at the ground.

With this, you can easily dodge the attacks; now, you have to use your Garuda Abilities to lower its defenses and stun it. Then follow up with your Ifrit and Phoenix abilities while it is stunned to maximize your damage.

Aruna’s attacks and abilities are similar to that of Air Elementals.

Attack Type   Attack Description
Ranged Wind Projectiles Throws balls of air at the player.
  • Wing Swipes
  • Charging Attacks
In this attack, Aruna swipes its wings at the player dealing heavy damage


Upon defeating Aruna, you will be rewarded with the following :

Rewards for defeating angel of death aruna in final fantasy 16
Rewards received for defeating Angel of Death Aruna in Final Fantasy 16 Image Credit: Gamesual
Experience   350 XP
Ability Points   40 AP
Gil  6200 Gil
Renown  Ten renown
Others Clouded Eye x 1

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