Final Fantasy 16: Belphegor Location [Extensive Guide]

This guide explains step by step approach to find Belphegor the winged beast and some tips so that you can easily hunt it.

Belphegor Final Fantasy 16
Belphegor Location in Final Fantasy 16

Read our Final Fantasy 16 Location of Belphegor Guide to know where you will find the exact location of the boss, along with some tips and tricks to help you defeat the beast quickly.

Key Takeaways

  1. Beplhegor is a Rank B, Level 30 Winged Beast. Although it is strong but is still manageable.
  2. Belphegor resides on a cliff near Eastpool(Rosaria).
  3. To be exact, on the Southeastern Arm of Broken Hilt.
  4. Upon defeating the winged Beast Belphegr, you will receive Renown, Gil, Experience, and Ability points.

Belphegor Location

To find and fight Belphegor we must first talk about Belphegor, a Rank B, Level 30 Winged Aweryn. This hunt does not affect the main plot. However, it is beneficial as taking it down is relatively easier than the more powerful adversaries in the game. You are rewarded with a ton of experience and renown for it.

Belphegor poster showing rewards and its rank
Belphegor, along with the spoils offered for defeating it. Image Credit Gamesual

On the Hunt board, the Bill shown to players doesn’t have much information about where to locate the winged beast Belphegor. However, on the bill, it is said that the winged beast Belphegor has made a cliff near Eastpool its home.

Where it is currently dormant, additionally, on the bill, it is stated that it may soon need to feed and attack nearby settlements to fulfill its lust for blood and hunger. To find Belphegor The Winged Beast, you need to follow the exact instructions given below :

Belphegor bill Final Fantasy 16
Hunt board Bill of Belphegor with clues to find its location Image Credit Gamesual
  • After picking up the bounty, teleport to the East Pool in The Imperial Province of Rosaria.
World map final fantasy 16 showing eastern pool location to find Belphegor
East Pool Province of Rosaria shown on World Map Image Credit Gamesual
  • From there, you will see a wooden bridge as you move out of town cross it.
wooden bridge you need to cross to find the location of Belphegor
Image Showing the bridge you need to cross after teleporting to East Pool Image Credit Gamesual
  • Upon entering a yellow field, you will see an old building, a Windmill on the other end. 
  • On its side is a narrow path. Follow it until you see Belphegor.
  • To be exact, Belphegor is nested on a hill on the Southeastern Arm of Broken Hilt.
Image of World Map showing exact location of Belphegor
Southeastern Arm of Broken Hilt on the World Map: Final Fantasy 16 Exact location of Belphegor Image Credit Gamesual

Defeating Strategy

Belphegor is a formidable opponent, a Level 30 enemy. However, its attacks can easily be predicted and dodged, making it manageable compared to the other adversaries you face in Final Fantasy 16. Here we will guide you on how to anticipate its attacks, dodge them with relative ease and defeat the Winged Beast. Just follow the instructions given below :

  • Belphegor’s abilities must be familiar if you have faced two-legged dragons(aweryn) in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Furthermore, Belphegor follows a predictable pattern of attacks which includes leaping about and throwing double strikes with its claws and charging up and throwing out fireballs.
  • However, as you lower its health below a certain point with your attacks, its attack pattern will start to change. It will start thrusting up some wind and leaping toward you, with an increased attack speed and the frequency of fireballs. Make sure you dodge all of that to avoid losing a chunk of your health.
  • Belphegor’s main attack combines a swift double claw strike and a sluggish tail whip.
  • Moreover, when you find yourself far from Belphegor, the winged beast hurls fireballs at you.

Most combat tips rely on your ability to predict and dodge the beast’s attacks. However, if you are unable to predict its attacks and dodge them, in that case, we recommend you buy StoneSkin Tonic, which you can easily buy from any shop. This consumable item increases your defense by about 30% for up to 3 minutes, thus giving you an upper hand in your battle against Belphegor.


Defeating the winged beast, Belphegor, in Final Fantasy 16 will reward you with valuable treasures.

Rewards for finding and defeating Belphegor
Rewards received after defeating Belphegor in battle Image Credit Gamesual
Experience 700 XP
Ability Points 60 AP
Gil 800 gil
Renown 20 renown
Others Dragon Talon

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