Final Fantasy 16: Best Build [Eikons, Weapons & Accessories]

Learn all Eikons, Weapons and valuable Accessories to craft a best build in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Best Build
Final Fantasy 16 Best Build

Best Build in Final Fantasy 16 shapes the player’s journey and assists in facing formidable opponents. The player with the best Eikon, Weapons, and Accessories can build better. 

The guide below will help you understand the importance of the best build in Final Fantasy 16 and why your hero should have the best gear against the enemy. 

Key Takeaways

  • The most important factors of the build-in Final Fantasy 16 are Eikons, Weapons, and Accessories.
  • The most effective Eikon abilities are Rising Flames, Flames of Rebirth, Lightning Rod, Pile Drive, Aerial Blast, and Rook’s Gambit.
  • Phoenix Shift, Blind Justice, and Deadly Embrace are the most effective Eikon feats.
  • As for accessories, Genji Gloves, Ring of Timely Focus, and Berserker Ring are more effective compared to other accessories.
  • Lastly, for Clive Weapons, Flametongue, Grindstone, and Gotterdammerung are perfect for early, mid, and late games.

To get the right build, the player must have the right eikons, weapons, and accessories. This guide will speed us through the best eikons, weapons, and accessories, hence the best build in Final Fantasy 16. 


There are 38 Eikons in the game, each having different strengths and weaknesses. Besides that, the game has numerous weapons and accessories, making it more difficult for players to choose the best build.

Final Fantasy 16: Eikons
Serial No. Eikon Ability/Feat Effects Damage Value AP Cost
1 Rising Flames Ability  A flame rises with air and deals damage to the enemy. It sends lighter enemies flying.  Attack: 3

Stagger: 2

Base: None

Upgrade: 500

Mastery: 1000

2 Lightning Rod Ability  A ball of lighting hit the target and chains the enemies together.  Attack: 2

Stagger: 3

Base: 120

Upgrade: 525

Mastery: 1000

3 Flames of Rebirth Ability  A fiery pillar traps enemies within its radius and deals damage. Attack: 3

Stagger: 3

Base: 1695

Upgrade: 2390

Mastery: TBA

4 Pile Drive Ability  The player pushes A pillar into the floor, which electrifies all opponents within the radius. Attack: 3

Stagger: 3

Base: None

Upgrade: 660

Mastery: 1000

5 Aerial Blast Ability  A tornado appears, chasing the enemy and traps them, dealing constant damage. Attack: 2

Stagger: 5

Base: 1540

Upgrade: 2005

Mastery: TBA

6 Rook’s Gambit Ability  A counterstrike is made by the user just after a dash is made. The damage dealt is much more than in a normal strike.  Attack: 2

Stagger: 2

Base: 120

Upgrade: 660

Mastery: 1000

7 Phoenix Shift  Feat The user reduces the distance between the opponent and himself, then uses melee attacks while dodging the attacks.  Attack: 0

Stagger: 0

Base: None

Upgrade: N/A

Mastery: 357

8 Deadly Embrace Feat Guarda’s Claws allows the user to grab the enemies and deal damage by bringing them closer. 

Attack: 0

Stagger: 0

Base: None

Upgrade: N/A

Mastery: 450

9 Blind Justice Feat The user hit the target with lightning balls. The ball, when hit the target, discharges, and deals damage. Attack: 1

Stagger: 2

Base: None

Upgrade: N/A

Mastery: 500

These are special abilities that the player can access by using the full potential of the Eikons. Eikon can be categorized into two branches: abilities that have better stats but standard cooldown and feats that provide greater mobility but have no cooldown.

Rising Flames

Rising flame is an incredible Eikon ability; it has superb crowd-controlling ability and allows the user to reposition himself while dealing damage. The Pheonix edition of rising flames has a unique attribute of flinging opponents in midair apart from dealing damage.

Other than dealing a significant amount of damage on the enemy, it takes less recovery time allowing the user to deal with consecutive combo attacks on the opponent, thanks to the incredible Rising Combo technique. Upgrading the rising flame ability allows users to use this and other abilities.

Lightning Rod

Like rising flames, the lightning rod also has great crowd-control ability. It allows the user to deliver continuous attacks on the opponent as it has a chaining effect. It summons a lightning ball that chains the opponent, and whenever the opponent or Clive strikes the ball, the chaining effect activates.

It also has a special technique by which it can deal burst damage on the opponent while using another enemy’s attack. The user has to decide on more damage on better control as it cannot manage both simultaneously. However, upgrading the ability increases the range of damage.

Flames Of Rebirth

It creates a huge fire pillar and deals incredible damage to whoever falls within the pillar’s range. Besides this, it can also regenerate a little bit of Clive’s HP regeneration depending on the user’s current HP regain bar.

Moreover, it has a special technique called Collateral Flames, which increases the attack range and takes out several enemies in one attack. Upgrading the ability increases the number of hits in one attack.

Pile Drive

Pile Drive is somewhat similar but better than Lightning Rod, as the enemy requires more time to recover when hit. This skill deals lightning damage to opponents in a huge radius.

It has a special technique called Collateral Drive which takes on several opponents in one attack. Upgrading the ability increases attack range and allows users to deliver multiple strikes simultaneously. Also, this ability can be used along with any ability.

Aerial Blast

Aerial Blast is an ability that creates a twister and binds the enemies in it dealing several attacks on them consecutively. Moreover, the user can deliver other attacks on the opponent when he is trapped in the tornado. This skill can be acquired in mid-game. 

It has got a special technique through which it can hit several opponents with one attack. Upgrading the ability allows the tornado to last longer, therefore, dealing more damage to the enemy.

Rook’s Gambit

Rook’s gambit is a combo of dodge and counter with increased damage. It is one of the few mobile abilities in all Eikons. The damage is boosted every time the user dodges the attack. Also, its cooldown decreases by one-third.

The player can also cancel the ability if he doesn’t want to counter; this makes it only a dashing skill. Its special technique, Gambit Counter, allows the user to damage the enemy using a counterstrike. Upgrading the ability will enable you to remove several enemies with one attack.

Phoenix Shift

It is one of the Eikon feats that the player can unlock in the early game. Phoenix shift has several techniques like Shift strike, allowing the user to deliver a strike after a dash—Aerial Shift Strike, through which you can deliver the strike when in the air.

The shift shot allows you to deliver a magic shot after a dash. Similarly, it has Aerial Shift Shot and Lifting Shift Shot in which you can provide the attack in the air, or you must first lift a fallen enemy.

Shift Combo is when you deliver both attacks simultaneously, and similarly, Aerial Shift Combo is when you deliver attacks in the air. It seems like an ordinary dash, but mastering this feat may increase the distance you dash.

Deadly Embrace

It is a kind of Eikon feat that can attract, either pull down a flying enemy or pull up a fallen foe. Deadly Embrace has many special techniques like Deadly Combo, which help you deliver damage on enemies after using Deadly Embrace. Similarly, Aerial Deadly Combo allows the user to deliver damage in midair. 

Deadly Chain, by which the user can deal damage with a deadly embrace in between another attack. Deadly Takedown can restrict the opponent’s movement once they get staggered. Deadly Leap is when you make a jump on a heavier enemy, and Deadly Leap chain is when a player makes a Dead Leap between other moves. 

If this ability is used on a heavier enemy, the Clive will get launched in the air instead of the opponent. Mastering this feat allows you to increase the range of Garuda’s Claws.

Blind Justice

This skill uses lightning balls to attack opponents. When it hits the opponent, it gets attached to them and discharges to deal damage to the opponent. Blind Justice is a rather difficult feat to understand.

All the lightning balls need to be discharged together to execute the attack. The damage dealt depends on instant damage, and it is preferable to start with melee attacks as they can deal more damage to the opponent.

Blind Justice has several techniques at its disposal, including Collateral Justice, which allows you to activate the discharge of the lightning balls. Justice Chain, which allows you to hit multiple enemies. The user can remove several opponents in one attack by mastering the feat.


Accessories play a major role in making your build better. These attach to your Clive and provide additional buffs to the abilities making the build abilities more effective than before.

Final Fantasy 16: Accessories
Final Fantasy 16: Accessories

The user can make use of three accessories for one build. Genji Gloves are the most effective accessory as it provides an additional 5% damage boost to the total damage dealt by the user. Moreover, this is a late-game item, as it can only be acquired once you have given the Patron’s Whisper 2365 Renown.

Badge of Might is another accessory that can replace Genji Gloves as they are more effective to use in early or mid-game.  Moreover, it also provides a constant +7 boost which can be helpful in early or mid-game.

The second most effective accessory users can build is the Ring of Timely Focus. This is a highly overpowered accessory, and it is convenient. It can slow down time whenever the opponent launches the attack giving Clive more time to dodge the attacks.

The most important and valuable accessory which you can use is Berserker Ring. This ring provides a power boost whenever you make a close dodge. The boost lasts for a short time, but since it can deal maximum damage, it makes the player unstoppable.

Also, this is an early-game accessory you can acquire by giving Patron’s Whisper 85 Renown. Patron’s Whisper gives it to the player as a reward.


Choosing a weapon in Final Fantasy 16 depends on two stats: the weapon’s attack points and stagger points. For the early game, it is best to choose an easily available weapon; therefore, Flametongue is the best fit for this purpose.

Final Fantasy 16: Ultima Weapon
Final Fantasy 16: Ultima Weapon

Flametongue is easily acquired as it can be crafted from Flame Shard. It has better stats than other swords in the early game. The most suitable mid-game weapon is Grindstone, which has better stats than any other sword available in mid-game.

It can be crafted from Earth Shard, but you must defeat Hugo Kupka to obtain it first. You can also choose Levinbolt in mid-game, but it deals slightly less damage than Grindstone.

The Gotterdammerung is the most suitable sword for the late game, as it has the best overall stats. It is also difficult to acquire, as it can only be crafted after completing Blacksmith’s Blues IV quest.

To build the perfect build in Final Fantasy 16, you must use the best Eikon, accessories, and Clive Weapon. For Eikon’s abilities, the most recommended ones are Rising Flames, Lightning Rod, Flames of Rebirth, Aerial Blast, Pile Drive, and Rook’s Gambit. 

As for Eikon’s Feats, Phoenix Shift, Blind Justice, and Deadly Embrace are recommended for the build. The most useful accessories in the build are Genji Gloves, Ring of Timely Focus, and Berserker Ring.

The third most important part of the build is Clive Weapons. Flametongue is most suitable for early-game, Grindstone for mid-game, and Gotterdammerung is the best sword at disposal for late-game. 

Therefore, if you have these recommended Eikons, accessories, and weapons, you can build Final Fantasy 16’s Best Build. 

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