Final Fantasy 16: Best Garuda Abilities [Ranked]

Here is everything you need to know about the Eikon of Wind, Garuda abilities in Final Fantasy 16.

best garuda abilities final fantasy 16
Best Garuda Abilities - Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy allows players to draw powers from Eikons. As a result, players are granted some exciting abilities that add to the creative gameplay. One such Eikon is the Eikon of Wind, Garuda, which allows you to harness a few new skills. Therefore, this guide will help you decide on some of the best Garuda Abilities in Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways

  • Garuda Abilities are granted to Clive by the Eikon of Wind, Garuda.
  • As a result, these abilities further add to the mobility and agility of Clive.
  • Moreover, these abilities are especially great at setting up aerial combos.
  • There are four total Garuda Abilities. However, players can only choose up to two as one Ability is preselected, and you can only select up to 3.
  • The Deadly Embrace is the preset Ability that either pulls enemies toward you or launches you toward them.
  • You can pick any two from the other three and use them in combat. 

The Garuda Eikon provides a few abilities. Unlike the aggressive Phoenix abilities, these abilities allow players to set up combos. Therefore, these abilities allow players to open up positions that will enable them to land full combos. However, it does require a bit more mastery of these abilities as there is also a chance that you miss the attack entirely.

Name of the Ability Status Description of the Ability
Deadly Embrace Fixed Release a grapple claw that pulls lighter enemies toward you. However, the player will launch toward heavier enemies.
Rook’s Gambit Optional Evade and then quickly perform a counter. Moreover, if evading is successful, the counterattack gets stronger.
Wicked Wheel Optional Perform a spinning and elevating attack on enemies. Moreover, everyone in the range takes damage and is pulled up in the air.
Gouge Optional Bring out two claws that attack enemies in quick succession. Damage increases on staggered enemies.


Garuda is the Eikon of Wind, so the abilities are also based on mobility and agility. Moreover, players can use four total Garuda Abilities best in Final Fantasy 16. However, one of these abilities, Abilityady, is preset and is known as Deadly Embrace. As a result, players can choose up to two Abilities to equip, leaving behind one Ability.

garuda abilities skills
Garuda Abilities – Image Captured by Gamesual

This means players need to make sure to leave out one Ability from their combat system. Therefore, knowing which Garuda Abilities fit your play style in Final Fantasy 16 is best. Moreover, players can cycle through their other Eikon’s Abilities with the simple press of the Trigger. 

Garuda’s Deadly Embrace

Deadly Embrace is one of the preset Garuda abilities. Therefore, players must master this Ability as it is essential for Combat. The Ability is excellent and acts as the game’s grappling hook. Therefore, players can use this Ability with a Circle press on their controllers. This will summon the Garuda’s Claw that will grapple onto enemies.

The Deadly Embrace can pull lighter enemies toward the players. However, heavier enemies will not be pulled toward the player. As a result, sometimes players will fly to the enemy or have the Ability to stun the enemy. This is especially effective against the fight with Garuda, where players can pull her down from the sky and stagger her.

deadly embrace garuda ability final fantasy 16
Deadly Embrace Ability – Final Fantasy 16

Moreover, this also comes in incredibly effective against lighter enemies. Players can use it to thin out the herd and pull the annoying enemy, such as the healers. After staggering enemies, players can bring out their combo and other Abilities, effectively eliminating the enemy.

Rook’s Gambit Ability

The Rook’s Gambit is one of the optional Garuda’s Abilities. Therefore, players must choose to keep this Ability within their combat loop. This Ability adds a whole new layer to the evade mechanic in the game. Allowing players not only to dodge but also land a counter right after. 

Moreover, if a player successfully evades an attack with this dodge, you will hit back harder. Therefore, if the player dodges an enemy attack, Clive will land two counter hits instead of one. You can also further upgrade this Ability. The upgrade will allow players to land a spin combo when successfully evading an enemy attack.

This Ability is excellent for evading incoming attacks and jumping on the enemy.

Wicked Wheel Ability

The Wicked Wheel is another one of the optional Garuda Abilities. This is one of the abilities that work best for specific playstyles. Therefore, not every player will choose this Ability on their first run. However, once players understand this Ability’s potential, it could result in some of the best aerial combos.

The Wicked Wheel Ability brings out claws that spin around Clive and affect enemies within range. Moreover, this attack also lifts enemies in the air setting them up for further aerial combos. You can use this Ability even in the air and take enemies further above. This attack is excellent whenever you are stuck in a crowd of enemies.

Gouge Ability

The Gouge Ability is probably one of the best options for Garuda Abilities in Final Fantasy 16. Moreover, this is one of the quickest-hitting abilities that allows players to build massive combos. Therefore, it is a must that everyone must pick this Ability.

gouge ability final fantasy 16
Gouge Ability – Final Fantasy 16

The Ability allows players to hit continuously in quick succession using Garuda claws. Even though each hit only deals minor damage, the attack rate is so high that players can build up decent damage. Therefore, players can stagger the enemy using the Deadly Embrace and then deal quick damage with this Ability.

Players can mix out attacks from other Eikons to deal with even more significant damage. As a result, players can switch between Gouge and other heavy attacks that need a cooldown. 

The Garuda Abilities are some of the most versatile in the game. These abilities are very well-rounded, and each one of them serves a purpose. However, most of these abilities take advantage of the aerial combos. As a result, players can use these abilities to stagger enemies or throw them in the air, opening them up for combos.

It is also important to remember that you need to select two abilities besides the Deadly Embrace. This means that players must keep one Ability out of their combat style. Moreover, these abilities range from grapple hooks to dodge that will instantly land a counterattack.

There are plenty of Eikon Abilities to master in Final Fantasy 16. Therefore, trying what best suits your playstyle and mixing up your Combat to land more hits is recommended.

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