Final Fantasy 16: Best Gear Choice

Here is all you need to know about the Best Gear in Final Fantasy 16 and how to get it.

best gear final fantasy 16
Best Gear - Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 allows players to customize their character. Players can get weapons and accessories that best fit their playstyle. However, acquiring these weapons and other items can be a little challenging. Therefore, this guide will help you understand and develop some of the best gear in Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways

  • These are some of the best gear available for players in Final Fantasy 16.
  • The best gear in Final Fantasy 16 can be further categorized into weapons, Armor, and other accessories.
  • Moreover, the weapons in the game mainly include swords, and the Ultima Weapon is one of the best swords available in the game.
  • However, different items require you to do other quests and campaign missions to acquire.
  • The Armor in this game is made up of Belt and Vambrace. Together combined, this is what makes up your Armor.
  • These belts and vambraces have a Defense point rating which is your defense stat against attacks.

Players can get their hands on powerful weapons and armor sets that could transform their playthrough into a breeze. Moreover, certain accessories in the game also allow players to perform some incredible feats. However, some items can only be acquired once players beat the game’s primary campaign.

Clive Final Fantasy 16
Clive – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

Players can find items and accessories spread throughout the world of Final Fantasy 16. You can get on some exceptional items after defeating certain bosses and completing certain quests. Moreover, some things can also be found in random hidden locations on the map. The gear in Final Fantasy 16 can be broken down into three categories.

  • The first of these categories involves your weapons, which can significantly affect your combat and make a difference in a fight. 
  • The second category is your armor set. This is Clive’s ultimate line of Defense and includes Belts and Vembraces.
  • The third and final category includes other accessories. This consists of the rings and medallions responsible for sure character buffs.

Best Weapons 

The combat is primarily closed-range in Final Fantasy 16. Moreover, Clive is a well-trained swordsman, making Swords his weapon of choice. Therefore, players can find many different swords throughout their campaign. Here we list the top 3 best swords or weapons players can have in Final Fantasy 16.

Item No.Weapon NameWeapon DamageHow To Acquire
1Ultima Weapon700Beat the game
2Gotterdamerung375Play the side quest Blacksmith's Blues IV
3Ragnarok325Complete all Blacksmith's Blues Side quest

Ultima Weapon

The Ultima Weapon, as the name suggests, is the Ultimate and definitely, the best sword players can get in Final Fantasy 16. Moreover, the weapons boast some of the best damage stats of any weapon in the game. The Ultima Weapon is capable of producing 700 points of attack damage. Moreover, the Sword is capable of producing 700 points of Stagger Damage.

This is more than any sword players can acquire in the game. This God-tier weapon can instantly go through waves of powerful enemies. However, players should know that acquiring this God-killing weapon is no easy feat. Therefore, players should beat the game and finish their campaign to purchase this weapon.

Then players need to play the New Game Plus or Final Fantasy Mode to use this Sword finally. This is one of the most brutal weapons to acquire in the game, as it requires you to beat it once. However, the impressive stats makes it a worthy weapon of your time.

Following are the items players need to craft this Sword:

Item No.Item Name Item Quantity
1Utterance of Creation1
2Everdark Reforged1
3Gotterdamerung Reforged1


gotterdammerung final fantasy 16
Gotterdammerung – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

The Gotterdammrung is another great weapon for players in Final Fantasy 16. This power sword is the second-best in the game, with an impressive 375 points of Attack and 375 points of stagger damage. However, players can notice the sudden drop in Damage after the Ultima Sword.

Although it is a bit simpler to acquire the Gotterdammerung making the difference in Damage understandable, as a result, the Sword can be obtained in the initial run of your campaign. However, the Sword is available to the players in the latter part of their campaign.

To acquire the recipe to craft this weapon, players first play the side quest Blacksmith’s Blues 4 during their campaign. After completing the quest, players can finally prepare the Gotterdammerung. 

The following items are required to craft this Sword:

Item No.Item NameItem Quantity
2Primitive Battlehorn1


The Ragnarok is the third most potent weapon for players in Final Fantasy 16. This mighty Sword is just below the Gotterdammerung and is an essential ingredient for this crafting. However, players that do not want to go through this hassle of crafting Gotterdammerung can also use this weapon.

The Ragnarok is not far behind the second-strongest Sword in the game, as the weapon has an impressive 325 points of Attack and 325 points of Stagger Damage. Moreover, acquiring this weapon also helps players unlock the recipe for Gotterdammerung.

Therefore, to acquire the Ragnarok, players must first complete all four of the Blacksmith’s Blues side quests. Once done with the quest, players can finally get the Ragnarok. Moreover, players do not need to craft this Sword as this is the only weapon in the game that you are rewarded in its final complete form.

Best Armor Sets

The melee combat system makes it very important for players to focus on their Armour Sets. These items are essential to your line of Defense, as every parry missed will directly hit the player. Moreover, Armour is broken down into two things that players can put on.

These items include the Belts and the Vembraces players acquire in the game. Players must focus on This complete Armor set in their inventory.

Armor NameArmor TypeHPDefense
Circle of HeavenBelt2485
Drakeslayer's BeltBelt2374
The Sons of OuroborosVambrace3297
The Founder's GraspVambrace5094
Regal ArmsguardsVambrace2584

Ouroboros – Belt

ouroboros belt final fantasy 16
Ouroboros Belt – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

The Ouroboros is hands down one of the best belts people acquire in Final Fantasy 16. This impressive piece of Armour boasts remarkable stats of 32 HP and 95 Defense Points. The Belt is a capable Defense boost for your character and increases the player’s total Health. The impressive Defense rating makes this one of the best belt gear items in Final Fantasy 16.

However, acquiring this Belt may not be that easy. The Ouroboros is potent and can be received later in your campaign. This Belt requires players to play and complete the Blacksmith’s Blues 3 side quest. After finishing, players can get their hands on the crafting recipe.

However, it is also important to remember that most items required in the recipe come after defeating powerful Hunts. Therefore, this is your top choice if you need a powerful armor piece before you face the end-game bosses.

The following items are required to craft the Ouroboros belt:

Item No.Item NameItem Quantity
2Comet Feather1
3Stone Tongue 1

Circle of Heaven – Belt

The Circle of Heaven is the second most potent Belt players can acquire in Final Fantasy 16. This Belt has impressive stats, with 24 HP for the player and 85 Defense Points. Moreover, the Belt is not as difficult to acquire as the number one belt on this list, as players can buy this weapon instead of crafting it.

Players can acquire this Belt during the Street of Madness questline. During this questline, head out and meet Goetz; he will have this Belt available for you to buy. Moreover, you can buy this Belt for 4500 Gil while the resell is only 2250 Gil. This is a significant investment during the end-game, as the bosses only get more challenging by the end.

Drakeslayer’s Belt

drakeslayer's belt final fantasy 16
Drakeslayer’s Belt – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

The Drakeslayer’s Belt is the third-best belt players can acquire in the game. This impressive Belt is the best option during the mid-game character progression. Moreover, this Belt is better than the Rune Belt regarding HP stats. This Belt has an impressive 23 HP points and 74 Defense Points, which makes it worthwhile to have in your inventory.

However, players need to acquire the Crafting Recipe for this Belt. The recipe for the Drakeslayer’s Belt can be obtained after completing the Blacksmith’s Blues’ first side quest. However, players need to meet certain Hunts to get all the necessary items for the crafting.

The following items are required to craft the Drakeslayer’s Belt:

Item No.Item NameItem Quantity
1Dragon Talon1
2Briar Clam Shell20
4Electrum 1

The Sons of Ouroboros – Vambrace

the sons of ouroboros final fantasy 16
The Sons of Ouroboros – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

As Ouroboros was our most vital Belt, the Sons of Ouroboros is the strongest Vambrace on this list. This Vambrace paired with Ouroboros is the best Armor set in Final Fantasy 16. Therefore, this Vambrace can provide 32 HP points and an impressive 97 Defense points. This late-game item will give you a significant advantage against powerful foes.

Players are required to complete the Blacksmith’s Blues third sidequest to get their hands on the recipe. However, the difficult part comes after, as players must complete different Hunts to collect the needed items. It is worth it to find the items, as the extra Defense will make all the difference by the end.

The following items are required to craft the Sons of Ouroboros:

Item No.Item NameItem Quantity
2Morbol Flower1
3Stained Loincloth1

The Founder’s Grasp – Vambrace

The Founder's Grasp Final Fantasy 16
Founder’s Grasp – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

The Founder’s Grasp is another exceptional Vambrace appearing on the list. This Vambrace has some of the best stats for any Vambrace on this list. Therefore, the Founder’s Grasp has an impressive Defense rating of 94 points. However, what this weapon lacks in Defense, it makes up for in HP.

This Vambrace has the best HP rating of any Vambrace on the list, providing players with 50 HP points. That is a significant jump compared to the Sons of Ouroboros, which only has 32 HP points. These impressive stats make it one of the best gear items in Final Fantasy 16. However, this is a late-game Vambrace and requires players to grind to acquire this Vambrace.

Therefore, to acquire this Vambrace, players must complete the Where There Is A Will side quest. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with a Founder’s Grasp Vambrace. However, ensure you are prepared before starting this side quest, as this quest will test your skills.

Regal Armsguards – Vambrace

The Regal Armsguards is another great Vambrace in Final Fantasy 16. This Vambrace has an impressive 84 points of Defense, making it an excellent armor for mid-game. However, the Armor only has 25 HP, which makes it almost half of the Founder’s Grasp. Therefore, keeping this Vambrace until you can finally upgrade to a stronger one during the end game is recommended.

Moreover, it is much easier to acquire this Belt, as you need to craft it using a recipe. Players must first travel to the Shadow Coast area to get their hands on this Vambrace. Finding a specific chest to reward you with the Regal Armsguards would be best. However, you do need to play the campaign until you unlock the Kingdom of Waloed section.

This may not seem like much, but this is a tremendous mid-game Vambrace for your character.

Best Accessories 

The Accessories in Final Fantasy 16 include jewelry and other ornaments you can put on Clive. These items provide incredible buffs to Clive, making them worth having. Moreover, these items increase the healing and defensive capabilities of your character. These items can include Rings and Medallions for your character.

Following are the top 3 best Accessories in the game:

Item No.Accessory NameAccessory's Effect
1Berserker RingAttacks become more provicient after every successful precision dodge.
2Cleric's Medallion Healing potions will be 40% more effective
3Adamantite GauntletsMax Health is increase by 500 points.

Berserker Ring

berserker ring final fantasy 16
Berserker Ring – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

Final Fantasy 16’s combat encourages players to perform precision dodges or parries. These last-second dodges often allow players to land a counterattack and stagger enemies. This Ring takes the precision dodging mechanic to the next level allowing players to use this dodge more frequently.

The Berserker Ring increases the attack proficiency every time the player performs a successful precision dodge. Therefore, players can hit faster and harder if they perform a precision dodge first. The precision dodge is not difficult to trigger and is helpful during more challenging battles.

To acquire this Ring, players must visit the Patron’s Whisper vendor. Once you reach 85 total Renowns, players will be rewarded with the Berserker Ring at this vendor. 

Cleric’s Medallion

cleric's medallion final fantasy 16
Cleric’s Medallion – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

The Cleric’s Medallion is a powerful must-have accessory in Final Fantasy 16. Players constantly have to depend on healing potions to heal themselves during their playthroughs. However, at the beginning of the campaign, these potions are not very potent, and you can only carry a few at a time.

This Medallion will partially solve this problem by increasing the potency of the healing potions. The Cleric’s Medallion will make the healing potions 40% more effective. This means you can heal more while using the same amount of resources. Therefore, this is an essential accessory that players should acquire as soon as possible.

Players must complete the Louder Than Words main quest to acquire the Cleric’s Medallion. Here players would need to defeat Chirada to get their hands on the Medallion.

Adamantite Gauntlets

The Adamantite Gauntlets are a compelling artifact players can acquire in Final Fantasy 16. This Accessory can be worn like gloves, increasing your total HP by 500 points. This is an incredible buff to the HP of Clive and will make a significant difference during combat. As players need to take on some overpowered enemies, getting all the help you need is best.

Moreover, if you do not want an extra 500 HP, players can also sell this item for a hefty price of 50000 Gil. This makes it one of the top most expensive items in the game and allows you to make significant money. However, if you decide to keep it, you will be granted 500 HP, which hasn’t hurt anyone.

Therefore, players need to follow the trail to the Edge of Infinity to acquire this weapon. Here players can find a floating chest off a ledge containing one of the best gear in Final Fantasy 16.

These are some of the best gear players can get their hands on in Final Fantasy 16. The Gear in Final Fantasy 16 can be broken down into three categories. These categories include your weapons, armor sets, and Accessories. Furthermore, the Armor Sets comprise two different items players can equip.

Your Vambraces and Belts make up your Armor and are your final line of Defense against the enemies. Moreover, as Clive is an expert swordsman, therefore, only weapons available in the game are swords. Players can defeat bosses and complete side quests to unlock these items.

Moreover, most of the time, players will unlock a crafting recipe requiring them to gather different items to craft the object of their choice. However, sometimes players would be rewarded the thing as is without the need to put in extra hours grinding for recipe items.

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