Final Fantasy 16: 5 Best Abilities For Eikon Of Phoenix

Create a solid base for yourself in Final Fantasy 16 with the best abilities from the Phoenix Eikon.

best phoenix abilities in Final Fantasy 16
Best Phoenix Abilities in Final Fantasy 16

Unlike the previous versions, Final Fantasy 16 features a revamped combat system with newly added powerful beings, Eikons, granting players exciting new powerful abilities to deal with challenging opponents. Phoenix is the first Eikon in the game, and the limitation of using only two abilities at a time makes it compulsory for players to learn about this Eikon in detail in Final Fantasy 16. Therefore, our extensive guide will discuss this Eikon and its abilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Eikons are supernatural beings in Final Fantasy 16 that grant Clive various abilities to dominate the gameplay. Among all the Eikons, Phoenix is the first one that players interact with and grants players some fascinating abilities that significantly impact players’ gameplay.
  • There are five Phoenix abilities, and all of them are based on fire. Similarly, a few of them are available immediately at the start of the game, while a few will need some time and resources to be unlocked.
  • Heatwave is the best Phoenix ability, allowing players to defend themselves by summoning a wall of flames and dealing significant damage with shockwaves. Using various accessories and spending ability points, players can upgrade it to deal more damage with less cooldown period.
  • Flames of Rebirth is another fan-favorite ability of Phoenix Eikon that lets players deal significant damage with pillars of fire over a large AoE. Moreover, it also allows players to recover their HP.
  • Scarlet Cyclone allows players to spin rapidly while dealing damage to multiple opponents over a large AoE. Getting knocked back only increases its damage and reduces the cooldown period by significant margins.
  • Rising Flames allows players to launch their enemies into the air and follow up with powerful combos to annihilate the enemies. Using various accessories can increase its damage while also reducing cooldown periods.
  • Phoenix Shift is the last ability from this Eikon that allows players to close the gap between their opponents and themselves to launch decisive attacks. Be careful while using this ability, as the opponents can also seize the opportunity to counter-react.

Eikon of Phoenix, also known as Fire Elemental Eikon, is the first summon in Final Fantasy 16 with abilities centered around fire. While a few of the abilities from this Eikon will be available instantly after starting the game, the rest can be unlocked after starting the main quest, A Chance Encounter

With most skills focusing on making powerful attacks, this summons has amazingly balanced stats considering it’s the first Eikon player access in Final Fantasy 16. Here are all the Phoenix abilities in Final Fantasy 16.

Ability Description Cost Upgrade Cost Mastery Cost
Phoenix Shift It uses the Blessing of Phoenix to close the gap between a target. Allows to deal both melee and magic damage.  N/A N/A  375 AP
Rising Flames Allows players to summon a fiery that can deal considerable damage while launching enemies into the air.  N/A 500 AP 1000 AP
Scarlet Cyclone Creates a ring of fire by spinning rapidly. The fire ring destroys all enemies within its range. N/A 475 AP 1000 AP
Heatwave Summons a projectile-dispelling wall of liquid flame followed by many shockwaves. Applying magic increases the damage by significant margins. 120 AP 620 AP 1000 AP
Flames of Rebirth Summons a massive pillar of fire that burns every enemy within its range. It also recovers Clive’s health bar by a significant margin. 1695 AP 2390 AP 4250 AP

Here we have ranked all the abilities of Phoenix Eikon in Final Fantasy 16:


Heatwave ability in Final Fantasy 16 (Image credits: Gamesual)

If you are a fan of counter-reactive gameplay, Heatwave will surely be your favorite Phoenix ability. It is the first ability that players will have to unlock after completing the prologue and features excellent ranged attacks. Heatwave releases powerful shockwaves from a distance, damaging the enemies significantly. However, ranged attacks are not the only highlight of this ability in Final Fantasy 16.

While being a slightly above-average ability otherwise, upgrading it can unlock its extraordinary potential that can unless wrath on the battlefield. Primarily, it creates a fiery wall that blocks most of the magic attacks from your opponents. In addition to defending against the attacks, the fiery wall can generate a counter-attack by releasing a flame of fire. The flame is strong enough to destroy most of the enemies coming its way.

While the counter-attack will stun enemies for some time, forcing them to take some time to recover, players can make more attacks to turn the fight in their favor. Similarly, it is an excellent choice during boss fights in the game. Moreover, upgrading it can help you launch two fire flames instead of one. Players can also control these flames however they want them to go.

Moreover, players can decrease their cooldown period by up to 2.7 seconds by purchasing the Breath of Fire accessory from the hideaway while on the Writing Wrongs quest. During the Headwind quest, players can find the Favor of Fire accessory inside a chest that can increase the damage of the heatwave ability by 9%.

Flames Of Rebirth

Final Fantasy 16 best phoenix abilities
Flames of Rebirth ability in Final Fantasy 16 (Image credits: Gamesual)

Look no further if you are searching for a Phoenix ability with a good Area of Effect (AoE) because nothing is better than Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy 16. Being one of the strongest Phoenix abilities, Flames of Rebirth can easily eliminate regular enemies with only one shot, thanks to its fiery AoE. In addition to its high AoE, Flames of Rebirth can recover a significant amount of Clive’s health bar (the faint green part, to be precise).

It launches a pillar of fire, powerful enough to burn every enemy in its range within seconds. While it is already an accomplished ability, upgrading it can make it even more potent and increase its damage. However, as the table above states, it costs a whopping 2390 AP to upgrade it to its full potential.

Similarly, as it allows players to recover their HP, Flames of Rebirth becomes a realistic option during boss fights. Moreover, players can unlock one of the best Phoenix abilities during the Sunrise, Sunset quest in Final Fantasy 16. Spending an additional 4250 AP after upgrading it in the game will allow players to assign this ability to any Eikon. 

The perk of having high AoE comes with the con of having a tremendous cooldown period. However, that should also not be a problem, as players can use the Breath of Fire accessory to reduce its cooldown period by a huge 12 seconds.

This accessory can be obtained from the Boss in Crystal’s Curse’s main quest. Another accessory, The Favor of Fire, which increases the damage by 8%, is obtainable after completing the Phoenix Chronolith Trial.

Scarlet Cyclone

Scarlet Cyclone
Scarlet Cyclone ability in Final Fantasy 16 (Image credits: Gamesual)

Another great ability with a good Area of Effect (AoE). Players will get Scarlet Cyclone automatically during A Chance Encounter main quest in Final Fantasy 16. Its effective AoE capability makes it a formidable choice when fighting against multiple enemies. However, with less damage output, players may want to switch it with other alternatives during boss fights.

This ability allows Clive to harness Wings of the Phoenix and spin rapidly, dealing multiple flame strikes to various opponents in range. Upgrading Scarlet Cyclone can improve its range, allowing it to hit more enemies and deal more damage. Another helpful fact about this ability is that it becomes more potent when knocked back. Moreover, getting knocked back reduces Scarlet Cyclone’s cooldown period by 33%.

It is one of the best abilities in the Phoenix Eikon and across all Eikons at the start of Final Fantasy 16. Completing the Trading Places II side quest rewards players with the Breath of Fire accessory that reduces the cooldown period by 3.3 seconds. Similarly, the Will of Fire accessory, dropped by the boss during the Headwind main quest, can increase Scarlet Cyclone’s damage by 10%.

Rising Flames

Final Fantasy 16 best phoenix abilities
Rising Flame ability in Final Fantasy 16 (Image credits: Gamesual)

It is an important ability that will go a long way with you throughout the storyline. This ability will automatically join your inventory after getting access to combat features for Clive. It is an easy-to-use and easy-to-access ability that even beginners can utilize perfectly at various stages in Final Fantasy 16. 

This ability uses the fiery wing of Phoenix to launch enemies into the air and then punish them with lethal flaming combos. Rising Flames is a stylish and quick way of defeating your enemies. Moreover, upgrading it will allow players to launch more strikes while keeping the enemies airborne for a longer period.

While it already has dependable damage per strike, players can improve it even more with the Will of Fire accessory, increasing its damage by 10%. Players can obtain this accessory during the Headwind main quest. Similarly, players can also reduce their cooldown period by two seconds using the Breath of Fire accessory. After finishing the Weight of Command side quest, players can obtain it as a reward.

Phoenix Shift

Phoenix Shift
Phoenix Shift ability in Final Fantasy 16 (Image credits: Gamesual)

It is another of the most useful abilities of the Phoenix Eikon in Final Fantasy 16. Phoenix Shift instantly closes the gap between Clive and the opponents, allowing him to launch powerful combos and decisive hits to turn the fight in his favor. Not only on land, players can also use this ability in the air and close the gap between enemies from there.

Players can unlock it during the Sunrise, Sunset quest. Phoenix Shift uses the Blessing of Phoenix to clear the distance. As it only works as an agent to close the distance and does not defend or deal damage to the opponents, Phoenix Shift does not have any accessories or upgrades. Moreover, players should use it wisely only when they are confident enough to secure a dominant position as, after closing the gap, the opponent can also land decisive attacks.

It is a great one overall, but not among the best abilities of Phoenix or any other Eikon in Final Fantasy 16.

These were all the abilities of Phoenix Eikon in Final Fantasy 16. Each of these has its specific usage in the game, but one thing is common; all of these can be replaced later in the game when better alternatives become available. However, before that, use them wisely and widely to dominate the game.

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