Final Fantasy 16: Blacksmith Blues 2 [Quest Walkthrough]

Learn how to complete the Blacksmith Blues 2 side quest in Final Fantasy 16 and get exclusive rewards!

ff16 Blacksmith blues 2
Final Fantasy 16 Blacksmith Blues 2

Among the various side quests, the Blacksmith Blues is the easiest way for the players to unlock new powerful weapons. I acquired some of the late-game weapons through these missions.

To complete this Side Quest, Clive must help the character Blackthorne by talking with him and following the steps mentioned in our guide below. 

Key Takeaway

  • The side quest is located on the Hideaway side on the map of Final Fantasy 16.   
  • The player can accept the Blacksmith Blues 2 from the reading table that is in Clive’s Chamber.  
  • To complete the Blacksmith Blues 2 side quest, the player completes the first Blacksmith Blues quest to unlock it.   
  • To complete the quest, Clive must talk to the characters of Final Fantasy 16: Blackthorne, Charon, and Lord Ignac.   
  • Clive must travel to different areas, but first, he must travel to Dalimil Inn, located on the southern side, to fight the enemies and get back the Blade item to Lord Ignac.    
  • By completing this quest, Clive will be rewarded with the Excaliber sword, the best weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

The Blacksmith Blues 2 Quest
Starting The Blacksmith Blues 2 Quest – [Image Capture Credit to Gamesual]
You must complete all the objectives listed below to finish the quest.

  • Talk with Blackthorne   
  • Talk with Charon   
  • Find Lord Ignac   
  • Find Blade Stolen by a group of Bandits   
  • Deliver the whetstone to Blackthorne  
Where To Unlock   Local Map Location   Requirements   Giver Quest  
The Hideaway   The Trans Rosarian Aqueduct First, you need to complete Blacksmith Blues.   August Quest  
Rowan, Traveling Trader 

Players can find the Blacksmith Blues 2 side quest of the Hideaway on the map, but to play this side quest, you must complete the first Blacksmith Blues side quest starting with the letter of August that Clive can find in the reading table of his Chamber.   

Quest Walkthrough

  • After accepting the side quest Blacksmith Blues 2 from the reading table in Clive’s Chamber, you must find Blackthorne before leaving the Chamber.
Talk with Blackthorne  
Talk with Blackthorne to start the quest – [Image Capture Credit to Gamesual]
There is going to be a conversation between Clive and Blackthorne.

  • Clive will then leave the Chamber during the cutscene into the Black Hammer area, where the player can see the mighty Black Hammer that Blackthorn is hammering.
  • In this conversation, Blackthorne will also tell Clive that he saw a powerful Blade recently.
  • Seeing the Blade, he starts questioning his skills and powers, losing his confidence in his work. 
  • When the conversation between Clive and Blacksmith ends, Clive again starts his journey to the Main Deck and speaks with Charon, a shopkeeper in Final Fantasy 16.
Talk with Charon   
Talking with Charon to get blade location – [Image Capture Credit to Gamesual]
  • Charon will tell the players where she sold the Blade and the name of the guy “Lord Ignac,” who bought the Blade from Charon at a reasonable price.
  • She will point to the direction where the player can find Lord Ignac. I recommend players use Obelisk, which will get you to your objective quickly.
  • To find and speak with Lord Ignac about the Blade, Clive must travel to the Dalimil Inn, located in the southwest of the Hideaway on the map.
The Blacksmith Blues 2 Quest
Finding Lord Ignac   – [Image Capture Credit to Gamesual]
  • The next step is to get the Blade back from the group of Bandits stolen from Lord Ignac; players must immediately leave the Dalimil Inn through The North Gate and travel to the northeast side of the map of Final Fantasy 16.
Fighting enemies in The Blacksmith Blues 2 Quest
Fighting enemies in the quest – [Image Capture Credit to Gamesual]
Soon, they will reach the top right-hand corner of the map, the sandy corner, to fight the enemies and return the stolen item. 

  • When Clive reaches the specified Sandy corner in the region, he will get attacked by a group of enemies, which are 3 Bedmakers that are on level 30.
  • Furthermore, he will also get attacked by a more robust and challenging enemy known as The Innkeeper, the same level as the Bedmakers.
  • First, Clive should fight them and bring them down to get the Blade from them that they stole from Lord Ignac.
  • I found some of the Innkeeper’s attacks to be very slow and was able to predict the upcoming movements and attacks of the enemy quickly.
  • When the player knows the attacks and their patterns, defeating the enemy in the fight will be easy.   
  • Once Clive defeats all the enemies in the sandy corner of Final Fantasy 16, you need to return to the Dalimil Inn, where the players will return the things they have achieved by fighting the group of Bandits and giving them to Lord Ignac.
  • In return, Lord Ignac will not give him the Blade that Clive is after but will also provide him with the Sundered Whetstone to thank him for returning the stolen item.

Clive can quickly travel back with the help of Obelisk to the go by the Hideaway side of the map, where Clive gives the sundered Whetstone back to the Blackthorne of Final Fantasy 16 to complete the Blacksmith Blues 2 side quest.  

blade location The Blacksmith Blues 2 Quest
Giving the Blade to Blacksmith – [Image Capture Credit to Gamesual]
After giving the Whetstone that Lord Ignac has achieved to the Blackthorne, Clive gains the rewards of Excalibur Draft Design.

  • With the help of this special reward, Clive can create the Excalibur Sword, the best weapon so far in Final Fantasy 16.
  • He also gets the Meteorite that can be used in future crafting recipes.    
  • The Blacksmith Blues side quest will be concluded as soon as the conversation between Clive and Blackthorne ends in Final Fantasy 16 and when Blackthorne regains his confidence.   
Rewards Points
Exp   900
Ability Points   80
Gil   435
Renown 30
Excalibur Draft Design   x1
Meteorite   x1

After completing the quest, Clive will get all these rewards by ending the conversation between him and Blackthorne and gaining the confidence that he lost.  

My Thoughts

Final Fantasy 16 has some of the most exciting side quests and mission lines. These side quests often allowed me to meet some fascinating characters and reveal more about the world within. However, one of my favorite side quests was the Blacksmith Blues. I urge all players to play all of the Blacksmith Blues and get themselves some potent weapons.

Most of the strongest swords in the game are unlocked through the Blacksmith Blues questline. As a result, the Blacksmith Blues 2 was no different and helped me unlock the recipe for the Excalibur. This sword came in handy during my mid-game when the difficulty level started cranking to a proper Final Fantasy level.

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