Final Fantasy 16: Blue Bird [Stats & Strategy]

Here is a comprehensive guide on every thing you need to know about Blue Birds in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Blue Bird
Blue Bird (captured by us)

Final Fantasy 16 Blue Bird is a large blue and green bird. By defeating it, you can obtain different items which you can sell. The material recovered from Blue Bird can be used in creating weapons and armor. You will also gain decent Ability and experience points by defeating them. In Final Fantasy 16, it is not very difficult to find Blue Birds,

In this article, we will discuss the location, strengths, and weaknesses of Blue Bird in Final Fantasy 16. We will also provide some strategies and tips for defeating Blue Birds.

Key Takeaways

  • Blue Birds are large Blue and green-colored birds.
  • They can be found in multiple locations across the map in Final Fantasy 16.
  • They are both challenging and rewarding to defeat.
  • You can trounce them by following good strategies like physical attacks, fire-based attacks, etc.
  • Material obtained from defeating Blue Birds can be used in creating different items, weapons, and armor.

Location Of Blue Birds

Final Fantasy 16 Blue Bird
Blue Bird Location (captured by us)

As Blue Birds do not travel in groups, they are scattered in different locations. Some of the most common places where Blue Birds can be found are:

  • Sorrowise: It is located in the Imperial Province of Rosaria. You can find many Blue Birds in the forests there.
  • Corava: Blue Birds can also be found in the area of Corava. This is located in the territory of Dhalmekia.
  • Royal Meadows: It is located in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. This area has many Blue Birds, especially near rivers and open grounds.

Final Fantasy 16 Blue Birds are not especially rare creatures. They can be found in most of the world of Final Fantasy 16. If you want to look for them, you should explore open grounds and big forests they can be found there easily.


The strengths of Blue Birds in Final Fantasy 16 are:

  • High Mobility: Blue Birds have high mobility and agility, making them difficult to attack or target.
  • Powerful Attacks: Blue Birds can deal massive amounts of damage with their powerful attacks and take a lot of health, making you weak.
  • Quick Moves: Blue Birds are very quick to attack and inflict much damage, making it difficult to block their attacks.


The weaknesses of Blue Birds in Final Fantasy 16 are:

  • Low HP: Blue Birds in Final Fantasy 16 have relatively low health making them easy to defeat by attacking them continuously.
  • Vulnerable To Physical Assault: Blue Birds take more damage from Physical attacks than from elemental attacks. So this also counts as a weakness of bluebirds.
  • Fire Attacks: Aside from physical attacks, Blue Birds also take a lot of damage from fire-based attacks. So you can use fire-based attacks to deal massive damage.
Weakness Strengths
Low HP High Mobility
Vulnerable To Physical Assault Powerful Attacks
Fire Attacks Quick Moves

Generally speaking, Blue Birds are not particularly difficult to defeat. You can finish them easily by being careful, attacking with powerful moves, and dodging their attacks.


Final Fantasy 16 Blue Bird
Blue Bird fight (captured by us)

These are some of the strategies you can opt for when fighting Blue Birds:

  • Use Physical Attacks: Physical attacks deal more damage to bluebirds than elemental attacks, so you can attack them with powerful physical attacks by staying close to them and trouncing them.
  • Use Stunning Attacks: By using attacks that can stun Blue Birds, you can slow them down and inflict massive amounts of damage on them by attacking continuously.
  • Use Fire Attacks: Blue Birds also take massive damage from fire-based attacks. So if you want to fight from a distance and defeat them, you can use fire-based attacks and defeat them.
  • Use Healing When Needed: There may be a chance that you took a lot of blows from the Blue Bird and are in a near-death situation, so you should use Healing abilities and items to get back up and defeat them.
  • Use Multiple Attacks: You can use both physical and elemental attacks to damage Blue Birds and defeat them without giving them a chance to attack and move around.
  • Use Your Surrounding: You can use your surroundings, like trees and bushes, to dodge some of the attacks of Blue Birds.


Final Fantasy 16 Blue Bird
Blue Bird (captured by us)
  • Be Careful: Always be careful while fighting Blue Bird, and never let your guard down. They have high agility and mobility. So they can attack very quickly without giving you a chance to block their attack.
  • Stay Close: By staying close to Blue Birds, you can attack them with powerful moves and dodge their attacks, like beak attacks.
  • Don’t Get Overwhelmed: You should try not to get overwhelmed and lose focus. You should stay calm and attack them steadily with a cool mind.
  • Slow them Down: You should use stun attacks to make them slow, so you can get free hits and deal as much damage as possible.
  • Make Use Of Your Surrounding: You should use your surroundings and environment to dodge and evade Blue Birds attacks.
  • Use Ekion’s Powers: You can also use Ekion’s to deal massive amounts of damage to Blue Birds and defeat them.
  • Use Healing When Required: You should be prepared for anything in a fight and use healing abilities and items when required.

Defeating Blue Birds is very rewarding. You are rewarded forty ability points each time you defeat a Blue Bird. By defeating them, you can gain experience points. You can also be rewarded with a Blue Bird whistle used to summon minions. This is an infrequent and valuable item. You can learn more about it in our extensive Final Fantasy 16 Leveling Up guide. 

Blue Birds can be used for different purposes, like creating weapons and armor for yourself. You can create potions and other useful items from their wings and body parts.

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