Final Fantasy 16: How To Defeat Bomb King

Finally reached bomb king but don't know how to fight the major enemy? We got you covered in our Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King guide!

Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King
Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King

Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most famous hunts players have to deal with in their adventure from one side to another, Valisthea. There are a lot of rewards that the player can earn by completing the side quest that you will able to excess Bomb King by following the map of Final Fantasy 16. So, check out the rest of the guide below to learn more. 

Key Takeaways

  • Bomb King can renew his health when it drops below 50%.  
  • If the health capacity of the Bomb King gets lower, he starts throwing fireballs and bombs against the player.  
  • You can find the Bomb King on the map’s southern side in Final Fantasy 16.  
  • Gil and Renown are the most important rewards in Final Fantasy 16, dropped by the Bomb King.  
  • Bomb Ember is another reward that helps the player increase their health and complete the side quests.  
  • Moreover, players should know all the unique skills the boss exhibits before fighting him.  
  • Two moves, Coronation and Witan, are essential for the player to learn while facing the Bomb King.  

The Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King can renew his health capacity once his HP drops below a specific percentage, like 50% of his total HP. If the player attacks the Bomb King, it will help to silence it so he can’t call for help or use his Fira. You can also disease the Bomb King; it will also benefit the players because he cannot renew his health capacity, making it easy to defeat it.  

Below we will tell you all the details about the enemy in Final Fantasy 16 that the player should know while fighting against it. 

bomb king
Bomb King – Image Captured by Gamesual

The Bomb King is one of the toughest bosses of Final Fantasy 16 that fights brutally. While he has some attacks that can be easily countered and avoided most of the time, it does have some special abilities that the players should be aware of while battling against the significant boss.  

Bomb King Location   

To find the location of  Bomb King, which is said to be in The Region Crock of Sanbreque, the players have to travel to the Dragon Arey and begin by heading towards the south side of the map.

Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King
Map location for Bomb King – Image Captured by Gamesual

On the way, the players find the path known as The Imperial Chase, which is part of the map you can hardly see while going to the southwest side to find the Bomb King. The player should take this path until they find the location on the left side, which seems to be a large abandoned building. Continue moving forward until you are successfully able to find the Bomb King.  

Hunt Rewards  

Below we will tell you all about the Bomb King and which hunt rewards the player can farm after completing the boss fight and the side quest.  

Gil  12150  
Exp   1000 XP  
Renown   20  
Ability Points   65  
Drops   Bomb Ember x1  

In Final Fantasy 16, the Gil and Renown ones are the bonus rewards for the players for completing the hunt or side quests. 

Description of Bomb King – Image Captured by Gamesual

Bomb Ember is also an essential reward because it is the key part of preparing the Excaliber Weapon, so the player should also focus on this reward to get as well in Final Fantasy 16.  

The rest of the rewards are added to your inventory after successfully taking down the boss.

Also, players should make sure to pick the Bomber Ember again after the fight with the Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King because it will also help the player to complete the weird science quest, and it will also be able to heal the player’s health.  

Attack Patterns

The average attacks of this enemy are too easy to avoid in the fight for the players. Still, when the Bomb King’s health capacity gets low, he starts throwing multiple fire spells at the player, which is hard to avoid and counter, especially in close ranges.  

The most important thing for the players to watch out for the Bomb King while battling with him is when he summons another bomb in the fight. It mostly happens when his health capacity is going lower at around 50%.

Below we will tell you all the details related to the Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King that will help the players where to find the Bomb King and how to beat it in the fight. 

Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King
Weird Science Quest – Image Captured by Gamesual

When the bomb becomes active by the Bomb King, the player should also avoid the flames that the bombs leave behind everywhere during the battle after the Bomb King throws them at the player because they can also damage you.  

Because Bomb King now has a low Health Capacity, he will throw fire spells and extra bombs. So to avoid it, you should not stay close to the Bomb King and his attack range, so you won’t be worried about your health when they explode. 

Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King hunt board
Hunt Board for Bomb King – Image Captured by Gamesual

The most powerful move for the Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King is the King’s Justice. When the players see this, they should start running immediately as far as from the bomb king to avoid it.  

During the first stage, the fight against Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King isn’t that frightening because he is slow and has poor mobility, and the attacks the player gets from the Bomb King are relatively easy to avoid.

Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King attacks
Attacks of the boss – Image Captured by Gamesual

But when the health capacity of the Bomb King is dropping, the boss will throw a series of attacks against the player, such as fire spells and bombs that are hard to avoid and dodge.  

The players should know about two types of moves if they are facing Bomb King.  

  • Witan  
  • Coronation  

Below we will explain them in detail to help you fight the boss


After the players deal enough damage to the enemy, they will perform a special attack. This special attack is known as the Witan. When the attack is active, he will be able to cast the natural force of flames that the boss suddenly throws at the player, and after the powerful fire throws, the bombs will also enter the fight.

The player will be able to see all of them by learning about this move and can maintain a distance as far as from the Bomb King so the explosion of bombs will not affect the player.  


This attack will help the Bomb King surround himself in flames before expelling many fireballs against Clive. It is quite a slow attack from the Bomb King that can easily avoid by the player. The Bomb King releases around five Fireballs in the battles, and the players should also avoid the flames of the fireballs that the attack leaves it behind during the whole fight.  

That’s all you need to know about Bomb King. Did you find the Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King guide beneficial? Do comment below and let us know. 

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