Final Fantasy 16: Atlas, Breaker Of Worlds [Detailed Guide]

Atlas, Breaker of Worlds, is an unkind nemesis in Final Fantasy 16. Deal with him in style and effortlessly with the help of our guide.

breaker of worlds final fantasy 16
Breaker of Worlds in Final Fantasy 16

Equipping your character with the best equipment is undoubtedly everyone’s wish. However, getting the best equipment to decorate Clive is difficult. Fortunately for the fans, the Hunt board is back once again in the latest Final Fantasy 16, and players can use it to slay various dangerous creatures to get exciting rewards. Atlas, the Breaker of Worlds, is one such creature in Final Fantasy 16 that players can hunt down to receive various rewards.

Key Takeaways

  • Slaying various creatures on the Hunt Board rewards players with exciting items that they can use to decorate their characters or buy essentials to survive in the game. Atlas, Breaker of Worlds, is one of these creatures and not an easy opponent to defeat in Final Fantasy 16.
  • The S-ranked monster unlocks at level 45 during the game’s Out of the Shadow main story quest. Players can find him in the abandoned town of Cressida by taking the flyer from Nektar, the Moogle’s Hunt board.
  • Atlas has a few deadly special attacks under his belt. Defense against these attacks is not so easy but not so hard. Keeping your nerves in control and planning attacks beforehand is the key to success.
  • Saber Dance and Golden Section are two of his deadly special attacks. Atlas uses his swiftness and sword skills to launch powerful energy blows. However, players can dodge them or use Titanic Block to avoid getting hit.
  • Celestial Sphere is another of his special attack in which Atlas creates many light circles on the ground and bombards them with deadly rays. Players can step outside of these circles to avoid getting hit. Countering his melee attacks presents the best opportunities to deplete his health bar and defeat him.

Atlas, Breaker of Worlds, is a troublesome S-ranked Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16. Being one of the most powerful enemies on the hunt board, facing Atlas won’t be easy. Facing him off is one thing; even finding him is very hectic in the game. While players can take the flyer from Nektar, the Moogle’s Hunt Board, finding his exact pin-point location will need players to roam around the area for some time.

Notorious Mark Atlas, Breaker of Worlds
Rank S
Unlocks at Level 45
Main Story Quest Out of the Shadow
Location The abandoned town of Cressida
  • 15000 XP
  • 120 Ability Points
  • 50 Renown
  • Fallen Iron
  • Orichalcum
  • 20,000 Gil
Breaker of worlds Final Fantasy 16
Rewards for defeating Atlas (Image Credits: Gamesual)

How To Find Atlas

Players can find the relevant details about Atlas’ location in Final Fantasy 16 below. However, before leaving for the face-off, ensure you have progressed through the storyline to the Out of the Shadow main story quest after reaching level 45 in the game.

cressida ff16
The abandoned town of Cressida (Image Credits: Gamesual)
  • In Cid’s hideaway, you will get a vague flyer on Nektar, the Moogle’s Hunt Board, hinting you towards the Rosarian ruins. Immediately after that, the curse breakers will receive a warning not to leave the village gates. It is because the discovery of the monstrous enemy may cause an echo awakening in the Rosarian ruins.
  • After getting the flyer, the next task would be to find the exact village gate, as the area has many. A smart choice would be to start with the region’s biggest and most famous gate, i.e., Martha’s Rest
  • Once players have reached Martha’s Rest, they must find the abandoned town of Cressida. For that, they must continue their journey toward the north of the village until reaching the Greenheaves. Crossing the bridge and riding further east will take players to Cressida.

To ensure a quick journey, try to avoid fighting with the enemies you may find on your way. Moreover, players will discover Atlas, Breaker of Worlds, in a ruined arena at the end of Cressida town in Final Fantasy 16. Entering the arena will trigger a cutscene and start the fight officially. 

Defeating Atlas

Atlas is the most dangerous enemy at this stage in the game. Therefore, defeating him is not going to be an easy task at all. This face-off will greatly test players’ abilities and skills in Final Fantasy 16. Here, in this table, we have listed a brief description of his most powerful attacks in the game and how you can counter them:

Attack Name What does it do? How to counter it?
Saber Dance  Swings energy sword in an arc
  • Dodge
  • Use Titanic Block
Golden Section Moves forward quickly while swinging his sword No way to avoid it other than dodging.
Celestial Sphere Makes a light circle on the ground, and deadly rays fall from above
  • Walk outside of the circle
  • Dodge the rays
Melee Attacks Less damage, more recovery time
  • Dodge
  • Counter-attack
Titanic Block
Titanic Block by Clive (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Atlas is a huge enemy and surprisingly fast for his size. Similarly, he features some of the most deadly attacks in the game that won’t let you dent his stamina easily. To counter him effectively, the only best solution is to keep moving around and trying to dodge his attacks as much as possible. Here is our step-by-step guide to defeating Atlas, Breaker of Worlds, in Final Fantasy 16 while also talking about his attacks, how to defend against them, and how to counter them: 

  • While it is better to maintain a safe distance from Atlas to stop getting hit by his attacks, this does not always work. Using Golden Section, a special attack, Atlas will surge forward at a shockingly fast speed to perform a sweeping, swinging attack with his energy sword.
  • Unlucky for the players, there is little chance that Titanic Block will help against this attack as, in this attack, Atlas’s sword will grow in size, covering more area. The only way to prevent getting any damage would be to dodge the attack timely.
  • If you fail to maintain a reasonable distance, Atlas can deal significant damage with Saber Dance. It is a special attack that lets Breaker of Worlds perform a swinging attack with his energy sword in an arc in Final Fantasy 16. Titanic Block should be your go-to defense mechanism against this attack. Otherwise, dodging also works.

    breaker of worlds Final Fantasy 16
    Saber Dance by Atlas (Image Credits: Gamesual)
  • Celestial Sphere is the most dramatic attack from the beast. It creates many small circles on the ground. After some delay, lots of energy beams will befall these circles. Players who get caught in any of these circles can suffer significant damage. Fortunately, it takes some time before energy beams fall on these circles, so players can easily move around to defend themselves.
  • However, as it is a delayed special attack, Atlas will launch it while also dealing significant blows with the other special attacks mentioned above.

    Celestial Sphere
    Celestial Sphere by Atlas (Image Credits: Gamesual)
  • The best opportunities to attack Atlas arise when he tries to deal melee damage to the players. As his melee attacks are significantly slower and create lags, players can easily avoid them to unleash their best abilities in Final Fantasy 16 and deal decisive blows.

Tip: Lionheart and Stoneskin tonics can help you recover your health during the fight. Take as many potions with you as possible.

With all the tips above, players can easily defeat Atas, Breaker of Worlds, in Final Fantasy 16. It may take some time for newbies, and they may as well have to replay this mission many times. However, consistency is the key to success! Keep trying until you finally stand tall over the dead body of the beast. If you still need any help, feel free to comment below.

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