Final Fantasy 16: All Characters [Stats & Abilities]

Here is a comprehensive list on Characters and everything you need to know about them before you embark on your journey of FF16.

Final Fantasy 16 Characters.
Final Fantasy all Main and Eikon Dominant Characters (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Players can take on the role of those characters to embark on a journey to explore the captivating world of Final Fantasy 16. Characters have distinctive personalities influenced by their past, which motivate them to fight their opponents. 

Key Takeaways

Final Fantasy series is full of characters that have cemented themselves in pop culture. The following list contains our breakdown of some of the most prominent characters:

  1. Clive Rosefield:
    • Unique Abilities: Master of the Blade with the ability to harness and utilize Eikon powers.
    • Motivations: Driven by revenge, duty, and love, particularly tasked with protecting his younger brother, Joshua.
    • Learned Abilities: Gains powers from Eikons such as Shiva, Titan, and Odin; voiced by Ben Starr.
  2. Torgal:
    • Loyal Companion: Fierce wolf and loyal ally to Clive in the quest for vengeance.
    • Origin and Capture: Originally from the Northern Territories, captured and gifted to the Rosefield family.
    • Strategic Value: Assists Clive in battles, providing a combination of abilities for strategic advantage.
  3. Jill Warrick:
    • Political Hostage: Taken as a political hostage, raised alongside the Rosefield brothers for peace.
    • Mastery in Sword and Ice: Skilled swordfighter, mastering both sword and ice abilities.
    • Eikon Summoner: Uses powers of monsters to summon Eikons, crucial in battles; voiced by Charlotte McBurney (child) and Susannah Feilding (adult).
  4. Benedikta Harman:
    • Mysterious Spy and Warrior: Dominant of Garuda, serving as a spy and a skilled warrior.
    • Royal Attache: Holds a significant position in the Waleod Kingdom, with extraordinary sword skills.
    • Interactions with Clive: Plays a key role in Clive’s quest, connecting with him during the search for Infernal Eikon Irifit, voiced by Nina Yndis.
  5. Joshua Rosefield:
    • Dominant of Phoenix: Awarded the title at a young age, younger brother of Clive Rosefield.
    • Affectionate and Caring: Plays a significant role in Clive’s life, with love for his family and Jill Warrick.
    • Dominant of Eikon Fire: Possesses the power, making him a formidable fighter; voiced by Harrison Dickinson.

Clive Rosefield

Clive Rosefeild is the firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria and the Lead Character. I had an incredible time following his journey through the campaign and coming to terms with his place in the world. He has a unique ability to use any sword to harness and utilize the destructive powers of Eikons (monsters with immense powers).

Due to this, he possesses strength and knowledge so that he can fight bravely to gain experience and wisdom from his adversaries. As a result, he has an edge over other warriors.

Clive Rosefeild's Character in FF16
Clive Rosefeild is the protagonist in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Square Enix).

Here is a list of some abilities that he wields while having an encounter with Eikons.

EikonsClive's Learned Abilities
ShivaClive learns how to control Blizzards, mesmerizing, and Cold Snaps.
TitanHe learns Titanic Block, Ranging Fists, Upheaval
OdinClive learns about Heaven's Cloud, Sheathe, and Gungir from Odin.

In Final Fantasy 16, Clive Rosefield’s voice artist was Ben Starr, a renowned actor in Hollywood who has also appeared in TV series like You and Me.


Torgal is a fierce Wolf who is also the main character in Final Fantasy 16 and an essential Character for players because he will become Clive’s loyal companion during his quest for vengeance across Valisthea. 

Torgal's Character in Final Fantasy16
A Pet Torgal in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Square Enix).

Originally, this Character is from the Northern Territories. Archduke of Rosaria captured Torgal as a young pup from his homeland and gifted him to his sons. Before Imperials almost killed everyone from the Rosefields family, he was very attached to Clive.

But after the killing, he somehow survives, and as fate was written, he meets Clive again during his expedition. So he confesses to being with Clive as his ally and companion.

Jill Warrick

The female lead character of Final Fantasy 16, Jill Warrick, is a princess who belongs to the landscapes of the Northern Territories. Her story is quite interesting and if you do not want spoilers for her character, I urge you to skip this.

As she was a skilled swordfighter and Dominant of Eikon Shiva, she can be very helpful to players to succeed in Final Fantasy 16. Jill can use the powers of monsters to summon Eikons, which makes her very handy in Final Fantasy 16.

Jill Warrick's Character in Final Fantasy 16
Adult Jill Warrick’s version in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Jill Warrick also serves as the protector of the Iron Kingdom. Therefore, a conflict developed between her and Clive during the battle of Nysa. However, Clive shows mercy to her due to the bond they both shared during their childhood.

There are two voice artists used for Jill Warrick’s voice-over. During her childhood, Charlotte McBurney worked as Jill’s voice artist. She played very prominent roles in her acting career. 

Young Jill’s voice artist was Susannah Feilding, who was famous for her roles in TV series. Her performance captures the essence of Jill perfectly, allowing players to develop a deeper connection with the Character. She is famous for her role in Horizon 5 as Amy Simpson. She has also played the Character of Ruth in the famous movie The Batsman and the Ballerina.

Cidolfus Telamon

Cidolfus Telamon, another main Character, also known as Cid and for players, is the most crucial Character in the game. Cid is usually depicted as a genius who creates advanced gadgets to aid me during my campaign in the Final Fantasy universe. Cid started his journey as a soldier in the Royal Waloedar Army.

Cidolfus Telamon's Character as Cid in Final Fantasy 16
Cid’s Character in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Ralph Ineson works as the voice artist for Cid’s Character. Ralph is also famous for his appearances in Harry Potter movies.

Dion Lesage

Dion’s Character is the Dominant of Eikon, descended from royalty. Dion is also the Dominant Eikon of Bahamut and the Dominant King of Dragons. Dion Lesage, also known as “The Wise,” was the Prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.

He is the Dragoon Knights’ commander, and his soldiers and enemies widely respect his bold and decisive leadership.

Dion Lesage's Character in Final Fantasy 16
Dion Lesage’s Character in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Square Enix).

Another noble character in Final Fantasy 16 belongs to Sanbreque’s Royal Family, the Commander of Dragoon Troops. His character has the edge over others because Dion is Eikon’s dominant and royal descendant. Dion possesses leadership attributes and is a great warrior, which is why he has won many battles for the benefit of his Kingdom. 

Throughout his military career, he has demonstrated proficiency in strategy and tactics so that players can equip his Character to succeed in Final Fantasy 16. However, he appears to be struggling to keep his secrets hidden, but his stress is impossible to ignore and reveals a much more complex story behind his noble blood.

Dion Lesage’s Character voice artist, Stewart Clarke, provided a strong and natural performance that brought the character to life. He is famous for his role in Valkyrie Elysium.

Hugo Kupka

A soldier in the Republican Army becomes the Dominant of Eikon Titan. He is an antagonist in Final Fantasy 16 without any fame or respect. After that, he suddenly arose as a Permanent Economic Advisor.

Hugo uses his position to become a powerful man in Dhalmekian to influence his army and policy making. He also had a relationship with Benedikta Harman, who taught him that money and power aren’t everything.

Final Fantasy 16 Character Hugo Kupka.
Final Fantasy 16 Character Hugo Kupka (Image Credits: Square Enix).

In Final Fantasy 16’s English version, British TV actor Alex Lanipekun provided his voice for Hugo Kupka to bring his character to life.

Benedikta Harman

She is presented as a spy and a warrior. Benedikta Harman is the Dominant of Garuda. She is an exceptional officer under the command of King Barnabas, and as the game progresses, she appears and disappears from the spotlight.

As the Warden of the Wind, she has extraordinary sword skills and a signature sword with a golden handle.

Benedikta in FF16
Benedikta Harman, blonde-haired female in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Nina Yndis provided her voice for Benedikta’s Character. Nina has also worked with Square Enix in the past, as she was the voice artist for Uimett in Final Fantasy 14.

Joshua Rosefield

Younger Brother of Clive Rosefeild and second son of Archduke of Rosaria. At a very young age, his Father gave Joshua Rosefeild the role of Dominant of Phoneix. He has a soft corner for the people of Rosario.

He also has affection and love for Jill Warrick and his family. In Joshua’s opinion, his older brother Clive, whom he admires greatly, would have given the role of the Dominant of Phoneix. 

Joshua Rosefield in FF16
Young Joshua Rosefield in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Harrison Dickinson was the voice artist for Joshua in Final Fantasy 16, and his talent developed an emotional connection with the Character.

Branabus Tharmr

Barnabus Tharmr is the main antagonist, the Dominant of Odin. He is known for his extraordinary strength and could easily defeat many enemies. He also has the power of Odin, the Norse God of War and wisdom, which gives him an edge over his opponents. 

Barnabus Tharmr's Character in FF16
Eikon Dominant Barnabus Tharmr in FF16 (Image Credits: Square Enix).

Barnabus didn’t belong to any Royal family. Instead, he was a self-made person. After becoming the King of Waloed, he set out on the journey toward the cost of Ash, but due to his skills, he won that Kingdom through bloodshed by summoning the power of Odin.

Barnabus has a Black Blade made of a rare material that can absorb the powers of his enemies. He is the Warden of Darkness and so powerful that he can kill enemies with a single blow.

David Menkin works as the voice artist for Barnabus Tharmr and has also worked in other video games like Lego Star Wars.

My Opinion For Each Character

In my opinion, with each character, players learn the intricate lives of these influential individuals, each harboring distinct abilities and the formidable powers of Eikons. Beyond their prowess in battle, the characters also navigate complex political landscapes, adding depth to the game’s narrative.

These political ambitions contribute to a rich storyline, making the journey through FF16 both engaging and exciting. We hope you find this guide insightful, and should you have any additional thoughts or details to share, please feel free to contribute in the comments section below.

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