Final Fantasy 16: Cid a.k.a Cidolfus Telamon [Character Profile]

Here is how you meet Cidolfus Telamon in Final Fantasy 16 and all the details you want to know about it.

Final Fantasy 16 Cid
Final Fantasy 16 Cid

As we know, Final Fantasy 16 is finally here, and we are excited to get you guys over with all the stuff happening in the globally released version. This article covers all the details of the Final Fantasy 16 Cid, his background, and his appearance in previous versions of the Final Fantasy series.

ffxvi Cid (Cidolfus Telamon )
Final Fantasy 16 Cid: Image by Gamesual

 Key Takeaways

  • Cidolfus Telamon, also known as Cid, was initially a soldier and rebelled as an outlaw.
  • Cid knows the knowledge of science and tries to learn how to live in the deadlands.
  • Moreover, Cid is dominant, which means that the power of Eikon Ramuh was bestowed on him after arriving at Valisthea.
  • His homeland was Waloed, where he served in the army before becoming an outlaw.

Final Fantasy XVI Cid (Cidolfus Telamon )
Final Fantasy 16 Cid story mode: Image by Gamesual


As the character progresses in the story, we see that Cidolfus also carries his previous versions from the last Final Fantasy series. “He is brilliant and wise and Yoda from Star Wars,” as stated by Hironobu Sakaguchi. Furthermore, he is a character with intense knowledge and dedication.


Previously, Cid has appeared in other Final Fantasy series as well. Also, he is the dominant of Ramuh. Before, he acquired different attributes in each series.

Presently, he is research-minded, looking for answers on survival in dead lands. Furthermore, it tries to build a place where oppressed individuals and disadvantaged leaders can choose their fate in death.

Final Fantasy XVI Cid (Cidolfus Telamon )
Final Fantasy 16 Cid (story mode): Image by Gamesual

Voice Actor

Language Person to Voice Shared
English Ralph Ineson None
Japanese Hiroshi Shirokuma Caius Ballad and Ilberd Feare


Final Fantasy XVI Cid (Cidolfus Telamon )
Story Mode Cid: Image by Gamesual
Full Name Cidolfus Telamon
Residence Waloed
Initial Occupation Royal Waloeder Army
Current Occupation Researcher
Gender Male
Handedness Right Handed

So, in this article, we cover the details of the character Cid and give background information on his character and his role in the story. Moreover, if you are having trouble finding a solution for a trivial error in the game, you can refer to this Reddit thread.

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