Final Fantasy 16: Clive’s Age [Explained]

Here is a complete guide about the significance and effect of Clive's Age in all-new Final Fantasy 16.

clive age final fantasy 16
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Final Fantasy 16 tells a chronicle set throughout decades. Clive Rosefield is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy 16. Moreover, we play as him during different times in his life. This is also why players are often confused about how old our protagonist is during the event of the game. Therefore, this guide will help you understand the age of Clive in Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways

  • Clive Rosefield is the central protagonist of Final Fantasy 16. 
  • We meet Clive at two different times in his life. Players primarily play as older Clive, while certain flashbacks also take you to the past.
  • The older Clive we play most of the time is at the mature age of 28 in Final Fantasy 16.
  • However, the younger Clive is only 15 years old when we play as him during flashbacks.
  • Older Clive spends most of his time slaying Eikons and finding people responsible for his brother and father’s murder.
  • Younger Clive explains our main character’s childhood and the tragedy of losing his family.

The events of Final Fantasy 16 take you back and forth into Clive’s life. Players primarily play as the mature and older Clive Rosefield. However, several flashbacks take you right into his past as the story expands. These flashbacks allow players to play as younger teen Clive and explain some of the major twists in the story.

Who Is Clive Rosefield?

clive rosefield final fantasy 16
Clive Rosefield – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

During the events of the game, Clive Rosefield is the main character. Clive is the oldest child of the powerful Archduke of Rosaria. Moreover, it was prophecized that Clive was supposed to inherit the Eikon, Phoenix’s powers.

However, the Phoenix chose his younger brother Joshua instead. This made Joshua the dominant of Phoenix and much of where our story’s twists arise.

Although this made Clive an expert swordsman, making a name for himself using the blade. Clive was able to master the edge, ultimately leading to him becoming the First Shield of Rosaria. However, the title came with responsibilities, and Clive was tasked with protecting his Phoenix Dominant brother.

Tragic events and changing political situation at the time caused the death of his father and brother. This pushed Clive on a path for revenge and became dominant for the Eikon, Ifrit.

The Older Clive’s Story

Most of the campaign is played as the older version of Clive. Moreover, during the campaign, Clive Rosefiel is 28 years old. This makes him an impressively mature and intelligent protagonist in the game. Although, you do see him learn and grow further throughout his journey. This also ties in nicely with the dark and mature themes of the story.

The throne room politics are often described to be on par with Game of Thrones. Therefore, our protagonist’s age is the right choice for the more robust themes. Clive has to bear the tragedy of the death of his father and brother. Moreover, he is responsible for saving the entire world of Final Fantasy 16.

We mostly see Clive on the path of revenge. However, once reunited with his brother (assumed dead), his motivations change drastically. Our first time with mature Clive is when players encounter the battle between Titan and Shiva. Here we also learn that Shiva’s dominant is none other than his childhood friend Jill.

joshua final fantasy 16
Older Joshua – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

The Younger Clive’s Story

younger clive rosefield final fantasy 16
Younger Clive Rosefield – Final Fantasy 16

The game also has a few flashbacks that take you to the past. Players learn about Clive’s younger life here and the tragedy that claimed his family. The flashback takes players back 13 years, which makes Clive only 15 years old. Here we learn about Clive’s experience with a sword and his title as the First Shield of Rosaria.

One of the significant flashbacks is when Clive and his brother Joshua are tasked with protecting Phoenix Gate. This is one of the critical events in the story. While staying in the castle at Phoenix Gate, they are attacked by the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. The small army takes Clive’s family by surprise, and this is where their father is killed.

Seeing the death of this father, Joshua transforms into the Phoenix. However, this is also where Clive first becomes the Dominant of Ifrit and, without him knowing, kills his brother. Clive never realizes this for most of his life until he meets his brother again. Here we learn that the Phoenix revived Joshua, and he became the mysterious figure Margrace.

Final Fantasy tales an epic tale that sprawls through decades. The game uses flashbacks to take our story in the past and better understand our main characters. Players see Clive at two different times in his life, making his age vary in Final Fantasy 16. This is also why players often confuse his age in the game.

The mature and older Clive we play most often is 28. However, the younger Clive we see through flashbacks is only 15. Through flashbacks, we also learn about Clive’s Royal heritage and connection with the Fire Eikons. However, older Clive spends most of his time on a path for revenge for the murder of his father and brother.

Once Clive learns about his brother being alive, his focus quickly shifts to far more significant responsibilities. Therefore, I recommend playing the game and experiencing this epic tale.

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