Final Fantasy 16: Cut From The Cloth Choices [Complete Walkthrough]

Here is a comprehensive guide on everything that you need to know about Final Fantasy 16 Cut from the Cloth Choices.

Cut from the Cloth Choices Side Quest.
FF16 Cut from the Cloth Choices Side Quest (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Final Fantasy 16 offers a wide variety of quests that can provide players with a great way to experience the realm of Final Fantasy 16. Additionally, these side quests add depth and complexity to the overall story. Clive Rosefield, the protagonist of Final Fantasy 16, will help players to complete these quests. Cut from the Cloth Choices is one of the main quests in Final Fantasy 16.

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Key Takeaways

  • Clive Rosefield will start Final Fantasy 16 Cut from the Cloth Choices quest from the Hideaway.
  • In the Cut from the Cloth side quest, players have to make choices about clothes.
  • Players will choose from three clothes: Lush Red Velvet, Black Embroidered Linen, and White Continental Silk.
  • Hortense will send Clive to collect the order of cloth bolts from the merchant.
  • In Cut from the Cloth Choices side quest, Clive has to retrieve the clothes from a bandit who is known as Killer.
  • Will Gauge is another Bar that appears below the first health Bar of the enemies. In Final Fantasy 16, The Killer uses this while fighting, which gives him an edge over Clive.

Cut from the Cloth Choices side quest.
Hortense a storekeeper in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Hortense, the quest provider, will ask players to choose the cloth of their choice. As a result, players may be hesitant to make decisions about which cloth they choose.

In Final Fantasy 16, players can begin the Cut from the Cloth Choices side quest in Final Fantasy 16 from the Hideaway. But first, players need to complete the After the Storm main story quest. To achieve this quest, Clive will start his journey through the realm of Final Fantasy 16.

Side Quest Description
Cut from the Cloth Choices Hortense needs clothes for her children, but as she is busy mending britches and hemming kirtles, she can’t pick up the orders of cloth bolts. Hence, she hires Clive to pick clothes from a storekeeper at Boarding Deck, but her order gets lost due to bandits, and Clive sets out to find the clothes.

In Final Fantasy 16, the quest about Cut from the Cloth Choices begins when Clive and Jill visit Drake’s Breath in a Hideaway. Drake’s Breathe is the second of the Mothercrystals that Jill will get during a quest. After seeing Drake’s Breathe, Clive meets with Hortense, a storekeeper at Boarding Deck, whom Clive will tell that he has ordered two cloth bolts, red and blue.

Therefore, Hortense needed a neutral person with no affiliation with anyone to ensure the safety of the cloth bolts order. So she will guide Clive toward Northreach to collect the order.

Upon reaching there, Clive will speak to a merchant Draper at the gate and ask for the order. But that merchant will tell Clive that, due to some reason, the order of the cloth bolts has been delayed. She thinks some bandits have looted the cart and apologizes for the order.

However, Clive will start his journey toward the Glorieuse Gate of Caer Norvent in Obelisk to find the order. 

The Killer

As Clive reaches nearer to the Glorieuse Gate, he sees two men arguing, and when he comes close to them, he comes to know that the mugger named Killer has taken the cart and its owner hostage, threatening to take the cart and leave the owner to die. Therefore, Clive wants to save the coach and its owner, so he comes up with a plan to rescue the cart.

The Killer is a terrifying opponent who will give Clive a tough time and is known for taking down his opponents in a single blow. He is an experienced fighter and has a reputation for being unbeatable. He possesses Will Gauge and has large weapons. Therefore he can be a dangerous opponent if not dealt with quickly. He can deplete the player’s health bar in a single knock. However, he is slow due to his bulky structure, which players can use as his weakness to defeat him.


Name of Strikes Explanation Blocking Strategy
Slamming Weapon The Killer will lift his axe above his head and slam it down on players. This will drain the player’s health immediately. Players need to dodge to the other side, where he will slam his axe. But this can provide you with a bit of damage because of the slamming onto the ground.
Swing Weapon He will swing his weapons in front of the players. Players must be precise in dodging to save themselves from the Killer’s attack. They need to change their position at the very last moment.
Sweeping Combo He will sweep his axe in a circle as it is an effective defense tactic and will prevent players from getting close enough to strike him. This is the same as the swing of weapons. Players need to be precise in their dodging.

He will use a swing attack from one side and the sweeping combo from the other, but players need to dodge those strikes and attack him at the right time. His most formidable attack is slamming weapons on the ground, providing players with some damage. Therefore, players must use their senses while fighting him and wait for the right moment.

The best counterattack players can use against the Killer is Rooks Gambit which can provide extra damage to him. Another best ability that Clive can use to defeat the bandit is Gauge. Using Gauge, Clive can gain an advantage over the bandit by unleashing a flurry of powerful strikes in rapid succession. Therefore, Clive and the merchant will return to Draper after defeating the bandit. Upon reaching there, Draper will give some rewards as thanks, and Clive will move on to Hortense to report what happened.

Clive will fast-travel toward Hideaway and talk with Hortense to deliver her clothes on the Boarding Deck. After finding out she gets extra clothes without a fee, she will be thankful to Clive.

FF16 Side Quest.
Clothe types in Cut from the Cloth Choices (Image Credits: Gamesual).

In Final Fantasy 16, players will be asked to choose clothes of their liking after completing Cut from the Cloth Choices side quest. But it doesn’t matter which cloth players choose. Players can choose red, black, or white players will unlock the same dialogue scene and rewards.

There are Three Cloth choices that players will get from an NPC.

  • White Continental Silk
  • Black Embroidered Linen
  • Lush Red Velvet

Clive Rosfield can choose white silk and ask Jill to make a handkerchief. Clive explains to Jill that White is the color of faith and represents friendship. So that handkerchief had nothing to do with the game but will provide a good memory between Jill and Clive at the end of the game.

Jill and Clive.
Moment of Jill giving the handkerchief to Clive (Image Credits: Gamesual).


Rewards for the Quest Rewards to Defeat Killer
  • Players will get 50 Steelsilk, 500 Skill Points, 800 Gil, 350 Experience Points, and 15 Renown as a reward to complete the quest.
  • To defeat the Killer, players will get 10 Steelsilks, 1 Black Blood, 35 Experience Points, 60 Skill Points, and 260 Gil as a reward.

That is all about Final Fantasy 16 Cut from the Cloth Choices. We hope this Guide will help you make the right choices and understand the game’s storyline better. With the right decisions, you can enjoy the game to its fullest and have an exciting experience.

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