Final Fantasy 16: Dark Steel [Unlock Guide]

Let's dive into this exciting journey, uncovering the secrets of Dark Steel and taking a step closer to wielding the power of Gotterdammerung.

Dark Steel Final Fantasy 16
Dark Steel Final Fantasy 16

Among the rarest treasures, Dark Steel stands out for various reasons. It’s not just any material—it’s a game-changer. With Dark Steel, you are not only crafting weapons, but you are also crafting the legendary sword, Gotterdammerung.

Key Takeaways

  • Darksteel is very special. It’s used to make one of the best weapons in the game – the Gotterdammerung.
  • First, players must finish the “Blacksmith Blues IV” task to learn how to make this fantastic weapon.
  • You need help finding it while wandering around or tucked in a secret box at the end of a maze.
  • When you beat the Prince of Death, you get some great rewards. You get 8000 EXP and 100 Ability Points; you also gain 15,000 Gil and 45 Renown.
  • After beating Thanatos, players will be able to gain 9000EXP and 110 Ability Points, helping their character become even more vital. Additionally, 17,000 Gil and 45 Renown add to your riches and reputation.

Dark Steel Location

Two pieces of Dark Steel require players to beat two beasts, Thanatos and Prince of Death. You can find both on the hund boards in the game. 

Remember, these fights are tough, so you must prepare with the best weapons and abilities before fighting them. But once you get Darksteel, it will be worth the trouble. 

The First Source to get the Dark Steel is Prince of Death
The Prince Of Death
  1. Get ready: Make sure you are strong enough, have good gear, and have enough health items before you start the fight. It isn’t a fight for those who need to prepare.
  2. Study his moves: The Prince of Death has specific attacks and patterns. You can guess what he will do next and plan your moves if you learn these.
  3. Use your skills: Use all the skills your character has. Using your current attack and defense skills can mean winning or losing the fight.
Rewards for beating the Prince of Death
Rewards After Beating The Prince Of Death

Crafting With Dark Steel

In Final Fantasy 16, making things isn’t just for fun—it’s a big part of the game. Using stuff you have found or won, you can create and improve your weapons, letting you fight in your way. Among all the stuff you can use to make things, Darksteel is very special. It’s used to make one of the best weapons in the game – the Gotterdammerung.

Darksteel is the main thing you need to craft the Gotterdammerung, which lets players become powerful in fights.

Blacksmith IV Task In Final Fantasy 16
Blacksmith IV

First, players must finish the “Blacksmith Blues IV” to learn how to make this fantastic weapon. Then, with the Ragnarok sword, I combined three Orichalcums, two Darksteels, and one Primitive Battlehorn; you can make the Gotterdammerung at the blacksmith.

My Experience With Farming Dark Steel

The journey to obtain Dark Steel and craft the legendary Gotterdammerung sword in the gameplay is truly an epic quest worth embarking on. Though fraught with formidable foes like the Prince of Death and Thanatos, the thrill of overcoming these challenges and earning remarkable rewards is unmatched.

I wholeheartedly recommend braving this quest if you crave adventure, combat, and rewards to match. 

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