Final Fantasy 16: Fistful Of Steel [Trophy Guide]

Fistful of Steel is a worthy addition to your trophy collection in Final Fantasy 16. Here is how you can get it:

final fantasy 16 fistful of steel
Fistful of Steel in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 features quite a long storyline compared to its prequels. Moreover, completing all the tasks within the main story quests can take players many days. While most things are interconnected, a few still require special attention and a complete strategy change to achieve certain rewards. That is the case with the Fistful of Steel trophy in Final Fantasy 16. Let’s dig into it and discuss everything about it.

Key Takeaways

  • Fistful of Steel is a Bronze-level trophy players can get in Final Fantasy 16. While getting it is not difficult, completing some prerequisites can take time.
  • That is why it is the 31st trophy on the list of all 50 trophies in the game. Players must unlock Odin, the seventh Eikon in Final Fantasy 16, his abilities and weapons and use them in a fight to get the trophy.
  • Primarily, it tasks players with defeating an enemy with three consecutive Steel Counters, hence the name, Fistful of Steel.
  • Completing the Last King main story quest by defeating the Giant and Barnabas will reward players with Odin’s Arm of Darkness.
  • Defeating Orchich Warlord to complete the Brotherhood quest will unlock other abilities of Odin for players.
  • Finally, with all the requirements fulfilled, players should go for an opponent with a big health bar. For example, Bighorns are great targets. Players can parry and counterattack in a row to achieve this trophy in Final Fantasy 16.

Fistful Of Steel

Among 50 trophies, Fistful of Steel comes 31st on the list. Being so late on the list, it presents players with a rather unprecedented task. Interestingly, it is only a Bronze-level trophy which is very strange since it comes so late in the game. It tasks players with using Steel Counters thrice in a single game, which is not difficult.

However, players must fulfill a few requirements before getting the Fistful of Steel trophy in Final Fantasy 16. Here are those requirements and how you can fulfill them:

Fistful of Steel in Final Fantasy 16
Gears and Eikons
  • Receive Every Damn Sinew trophy in Final Fantasy 16 by unlocking the Zantetsuken ability of the Eikon Odin in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Remove Ring of Timely Evasion from your character’s hand. Substitute it with some other wearable from your inventory. 
  • Get Odin’s Arm of Darkness blade by completing the Last King quest to use during the fight to receive the trophy.
  • Unlock Odin’s abilities during the Brotherhood’s main story quest.
  • Equip Odin’s abilities on the Gears and Eikons menu to make them easily accessible during fights.
  • Equip Odin as your active Eikon.
  • Find an enemy with an enormous health bar. Specifically those enemies that take longer to defeat.

When all these requirements are fulfilled, players can jump into a fight and get the Fistful of Steel Trophy in Final Fantasy 16.

The Last King Main Story Quest

It is the fifth last quest in Final Fantasy 16 and the 13th quest of the third Act. Here are the objectives to clear this quest and unlock the Arm of Darkness in the game:

  • Defeat the Dense Node and move to the upper level of the building.
  • Fight against the Purobolos and, later on, the Guardian in an intense boss battle.
  • Move another level up and start the boss fight against Purple Bavarois in a nerve-wracking struggle.
  • Soul takers should be your next target when you move another floor up.
  • After you are done with the Soul Takers, move to the final floor of the building and defeat Giant and then Barnabas again in two different fights.

If you do it right, you will complete the level and unlock the Arm of Darkness.

The Brotherhood Main Story Quest

It is the fourth last quest in Final Fantasy 16 and the 14th quest of the third Act. Here are some objectives of the Brotherhood quest that will help you win the quest as well as unlock the required abilities to start and receive the Fistful of Steel trophy:

defeating Orcish warlord
The final fight against the Orcish Warlord (Image credits: Gamesual)
  • After completing the Last King quest, go to the fort by fighting all the evil enemies at the gate.
  • Located in the Stonhyyr region, you must fight Akashic challengers in large groups at three locations before the fort.
  • However, the most interesting battle would be the third one, against Akashic Tognvaldr. Winning against him will grant you entry inside the fort.
  • Once inside, you must fight Orchish Warlord, an evil lord with various small accomplices. 
  • Defeat all enemies after him and finally reach Drake’s Spine to win the quest and unlock Odin’s abilities.

Once done with this quest, you will finally have all the required things to get the Fistful of Steel trophy.

With everything in hand, we are finally ready to get the Fistful of Steel trophy in Final Fantasy 16. Here is our step-by-step guide to completing the task effortlessly:

  • After the Brotherhood quest and Every Damn Sinew, make your way toward any target with a stubborn health bar.
  • You can locate a Bighorn in Fields of Corava, near the Jaw Obelisk. These are some tough enemies to fight.
fields of corova
Fields of Corava on the World Map (Image credits: Gamesual)
  • Equipping yourself with Odin’s abilities, hold Odin’s Arm of Darkness in your hands. You can do so by going to the menu by pressing the Circle button on your console.
  • Start attacking the opponent wildly by pressing the square button on your console.
  • When opposed by the enemy, keep spamming the attack button. It will allow you to parry the attacks and, later on, counterattack.
  • Do so thrice in a row, and the trophy will appear on your screen.
    fistful of steel Final Fantasy 16
    Defeating a Bighorn to receive the Fistful of Steel (Image credits: Gamesual)

Now that you have received the trophy, defeat the enemy and move on to your next task. You will look for the Yes, Eikon trophy in your next task. To get details about it and all other trophies, don’t forget to check our extensive article on Final Fantasy 16 Trophy Guide.

Final Words

It was all for our elaborative guide on the Fistful of Steel trophy in Final Fantasy 16. While it is not difficult to achieve, the setup quests and requirements finally take lots of time to get into the game. Add to the fact that Odin is the seventh Eikon, which means you must progress deep in the storyline to unlock the Eikon, its abilities, and its weapons. How far have you made it in the game? Tell us in the comments.

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