Final Fantasy 16: Gelatinous Mass Location

Learn the location of the Gelatinous Mass in Final Fantasy 16 and how to use it.

Final Fantasy 16 Gelatinous Mass
Final Fantasy 16 Gelatinous Mass | Credits: Gamesual

Looking for the Gelatinous Mass location in Final Fantasy 16? Look no further; this guide will take you through all the information needed to learn about Gelatinous Mass. The guide will go through what it is, how to obtain it, and how to use it.

Key Takeaways

  • The Gelatinous Mass is a crafting material.
  • It is obtained as a reward after defeating the Muddy Murder, also known as Flan Prince.
  • The Flan Prince is an A-Rank hunt that is started after talking to Nektar upon completion of the Bolts from the Blue quest.
  • The creature is located in Rosaria near the Hawk’s Cry Cliff.
  • The Drakeslayer’s Bracelets can be crafted after defeating the creature and obtaining the Gelatinous Mass.
  • Materials required for Drakeslayer’s Bracelets: 1 x Dragon Talon, 1 x Gelatinous Mass, 20 x Briar Clam Shell, and 1 x Scarletite.

What Is Gelatinous Mass

Material Name Gelatinous Mass
Icon Final Fantasy 16 Gelatinous Mass
Rarity 3
Buy Price None
Selling Price None
Material Description
The wild flan excretes a sickly-sweet, viscous ooze that is meant to lure would-be predators into devouring it…at which time the powerful toxins within its flesh will paralyze the victim, allowing the flan to envelop and slowly dissolve it throughout seventeen nights…up to seven of which the victim spends alive. Obtained by defeating the Flan Prince.

In Final Fantasy 16, players can use the Gelatinous Mass material to craft items in the game. However, the Gelatinous Mass material cannot be bought or sold, meaning the only way is to obtain it some other way, a quest. Consequently, obtaining the Gelatinous Mass is straightforward, but according to your level and skills, it can be a very easy or difficult task.

Obtaining Gelatinous Mass

Obtaining the Gelatinous Mass is a straightforward method, but the process can be rather tough. The Gelatinous Mass is a reward obtained after defeating the Muddy Murder, the Flan Prince. Moreover, the Flan Prince is a slimy mess of a creature and an A-Rank hunt, which can be started after talking to Nektar upon completing the Bolts from the Blue quest.

Now for the Final Fantasy 16 Gelatinous Mass location, it is simply the location of Flan Prince as you get the material after beating him. The Flan Prince is located in Rosaria, which is near the Hawk’s Cry Cliff. For a detailed guide and tips for defeating the Flan Prince, check out our Final Fantasy 16 Muddy Murder guide.

After successfully beating this creature, the Gelatinous Mass will be rewarded to you.

Using Gelatinous Mass

Following your triumph against the Flan Prince, the Gelatinous Mass can be used to craft the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets. Moreover, this is one of the best accessories in Final Fantasy 16. The following are the specifics related to the accessory.

Name Drakeslayer’s Bracelets
Type Vambrace
Icon Final Fantasy 16 Drakeslayers Bracelets
Defense 74
HP 23
Crafting Materials
  • 1 x Dragon Talon
  • 1 x Gelatinous Mass
  • 20 x Briar Clam Shell
  • 1 x Scarletite
Description “Only when she saw the drake no longer stirred and his eyes were grey with oblivion did she remove belt and bracelet, casting them into the wyrm’s maw where they might rest for eternity.” – Legend of the Drake – Translation by Moss the Chronicler

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