Final Fantasy 16: Griffin’s Location & How To Beat

Here's your guide to finding Final Fantasy 16 Griffin's location and ways you can defeat him!

Final Fantasy 16 Griffin's Location
Final Fantasy 16 Griffin's Location

The world of Final Fantasy is filled with many mythical creatures. Today in this guide, we will discuss where and how to hunt one of those creatures. That creature is none other than Griffin, and today we will explore the way to Final Fantasy 16 Griffin’s location and ways we can defeat it.

Key Takeaways

  • The Griffin is a legendary beast that appears in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Griffin battles demand strategic planning and effective use of the game’s combat elements.
  • Experience points, equipment, and rare drops for crafting can all be obtained by defeating the Griffin.
  • Leveling up, wearing the proper armor, and utilizing the abilities of your party members are all crucial steps to take to be fully prepared for combat with Griffins.
  • Players can gain an advantage in battle by researching Griffin’s attack strategies and vulnerability areas.
  • Griffin is agile and light on its feet; thus, it is essential to understand the dodging mechanism beforehand.

Strengths Weaknesses Level Rank
Always very unpredictable It can be dodged easily if you understand his patterns 28 B
Agile It only has three main gimmicks, so he gets a little predictable    
He is hard to attack at times, as he can stay in the air Impervious to combos    
Can cast wind spells      

Final Fantasy 16 Griffin’s Location

Griffin, Dozmare
Griffin, Dozmare
Quest Name Exact Location
Blacksmith’s Blues Side Quest
Holy Empire of Sambreque’s Lostwing – Norvent Valley

The Griffin Dozmare from Final Fantasy 16 is a mythical beast with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. Griffin is shown as a gorgeous and powerful mythical creature throughout the game, bringing a touch of legendary awe to the Final Fantasy universe. Its unique features and mythical status add to the diverse species in the game’s enormous world.

The “Blacksmith’s Blues I” quest, which you may come across about a quarter of the way into Final Fantasy 16, includes the Griffin as a hunting target. In this quest, Clive will travel to The Black Hammer, also known as Blackthorne’s Forge. Behind his anvil, Blackthorne is present, looking a little worried. When Clive tries to talk to him about what is bothering him, August will show up.

Blackthorne in The Black Hammer
Blackthorne in The Black Hammer

Then, when August asks Blackthorne what’s hurting him, Blackthorne will respond that he feels his forging abilities have declined over time. To restore Blackthorne’s enthusiasm for his trade, Clive will start looking for a gorgeously made Leather Cuirass that Blackthorne can study.

Just to the right of The Black Hammer’s entrance, Clive turns to the right after that chat to locate and speak with Charon. He asks her about Leather Cuirass, and she tells Clive that she has already sold it. The person who purchased the Leather Cuirass from Charon is a leatherworker. Their current task is also to locate and eliminate the Griffin.

Charon in her shop
Charon in her shop

After knowing that, Clive decides the most straightforward approach to establish a connection is to accidentally come across the same target and see whether the leatherworker appears. Furthermore, even though the quest instructs you to use the Hunt Board to find the Griffin, no quest marking indicates this location on the map. Player needs to explore their own to figure that out, but in this guide, we will also tell you the exact location of Griffin on the map.

To find the Griffin Dozmare, the Holy Empire of Sambreque’s Lostwing must be reached first by teleportation.

Lostwing on map
Lostwing on map

After that, you must move South-East from this point, as shown in the picture below, in order to reach the huge gate.

ff16 Griffin Location
Final Fantasy16 Griffin’s Location

Along the way, you might have to face several opponents. They are relatively low-level, so defeating them won’t take much.

As you cross the bridge, a huge gate will be visible in front of you. Turn to the right of the walkway and head straight for the wall instead of moving in its direction.

Sambreque’s giant gate

A cutscene in which the Griffin leaps from the top of the wall and lands on the ground will start once you are close enough to it. You do not have to do anything special to trigger this cutscene. Finding Dozmare Griffin will be enough.

Griffin on giant gate
Griffin on a giant gate

And soon, you’ll be fighting in combat with ranked B Griffin, Dozmare

Griffin Combat Strategy

Dozmare is infamous for being a nuisance to players. He is agile and quite unpredictable, which can be a problem for players. He usually uses these three gimmicks, especially to toy with his opponents. Before getting into his fight, we suggest filling up your potions and high potions to keep your health high. Also, the Stoneskin Tonic is for additional defense regarding consumables and gear.

fighting with griffin
Battling with Griffin

Griffin can be a tricky hunt. To guarantee that your health, damage, and stagger damage are as high as possible, it’s also a good idea to ensure you have leveled up your skills and are wearing your best gear. This Griffin usually leans on these three gimmicks (attacks), and we’ll tell you how to deal with all of those.

  1. Dozmare leans forward and leaps into the air, but neither wind nor light is below him. At that point, he’s about to charge at you. So you need to move away from where you’re standing or dodge!
  2. Dozmare launches into the air but immediately begins to circle. This indicates that he is ready to execute a special attack in which he will strike the ground where you are standing and unleash an energy ring around him. To escape being struck by Dozmare and the energy ripple, you must press dodge before the Griffin lands. A successful dodge will help you adapt to the battle’s overwhelming flow. Although it can be challenging at first, if you hit dodge before Dozmare touches the ground, you will likely be able to avoid it.
  3. With the wind and light at his feet, Dozmare leaps into the air. This signals the coming casting of an AoE wind spell, and you must double-dodge backward to avoid its reach. Players have reported that a single dodge is not sufficient enough to deal with it, and we have to agree with that as well. Double dodging backward proved more consistent and successful when dealing with this gimmick.

Recognizing these patterns will prove immensely helpful to hunt this creature down. After you dodge each of Griffin’s gimmicks, according to the standard RPG rules, the Griffin experiences a brief cooldown period. This opens up opportunities to land chain combos and launch other attacks against it.

This is the most effective strategy to deal with Griffin, Dozmare.


Rare Materials
  • 1 Scarletite
  • 1 Meteorite
  • 8500
  • 20
  • Think, Mark!
  • Hunter, Hunted

Hopefully, this guide has helped you in your quest to find the Final Fantasy 16 Griffin’s location and further defeat this legendary beast.

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