Final Fantasy 16: Grimalkin [Stats & Strategy]

Here is a guide on every thing you need to know about Final Fantasy 16 Grimalkin.

Final Fantasy 16 Grimalkin
Location of a mysterious beat Grimalkin in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Grimalkin is an infamous creature in Final Fantasy 16. You can find them in the Cattery region of Dhalmekia. Grimalkin is a huge strong creature with some resemblance to a panther. It is known for its powerful damage-inflicting attacks. Fighting it can be a challenge, but it will also be gratifying.

This article will discuss things like Grimalkin’s strengths and weaknesses, strategies and tips when fighting, and the rewards you will get by defeating them.

Key Takeaways

  • Grimalkin is an infamous creature in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Its level is 32, and it is very powerful.
  • You should attack its vitals to deal more damage.
  • You should never attack without a strategy, or you will suffer much damage.
  • Grimalkin is a challenging and rewarding creature. You will be rewarded with many items after defeating it.


Final Fantasy 16 Grimalkin
Grimalkin (captured by us)

These are some of the strengths of Grimalkins in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Fast Moving: Grimalkins can quickly move around the battleground and close the distance between you. Then it can land its powerful attacks to deal massive damage to you.
  • Powerful Attacks: Grimalkins are famous for their powerful attacks, which can deal a lot of damage to you.
  • Savagery: Grimalkins are fierce and savage and will attack you head-on for a battle to the death. They will use their powerful attacks and high speed to defeat you.
  • Destructive Fangs: Grimalkins have very destructive and powerful fangs. They can be a real hassle to dodge in close combat.


These are some of the weaknesses of Grimalkins in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Elemental Attacks: Grimalkins are weak to elemental attacks like fire, lightning, etc., which can deal much damage.
  • Stun Attacks: Grimalkins can be dealt a lot of damage with the use of stun attacks


Level 32
HP 12000
Defence 120
Attack 180
Magic Defense 100
Magic Attack 100


The abilities of Grimalkins include:

  • Lunge: Using this move, Grimalkin will deal damage by jumping at you.
  • Pound: In this move, Grimalkin leaps towards you and deals damage with its claw-on contact.
  • Fire Attack: In this move, Grimalkin deals damage using fire-based attacks like fire breath, etc.
  • Savage: In this move, the Grimalkin goes savage and continuously strikes you.
  • Sneak Attack: A slip attack deals a lot of damage.


Final Fantasy 16 Grimalkin
Attacking Grimalkin (captured by us )

These are some strategies you can opt for while fighting Grimalkins:

  • Break His Guard: You can break Grimalkin’s guard by attacking with high-power attacks. And when his guard is down, you can deal a barrage of attacks and damage. You can consider some of the best weapons in Final Fantasy 16 to increase the damage dealt to the enemy.
  • Use Elemental Attacks: You can use elemental attacks like fire or lightning to damage your enemy and take him down.
  • Maintain Your Distance: Grimalkin uses his fangs and claws to deal a lot of damage, so it is better to maintain your distance and attack with a powerful move when you see an opening.
  • Use Healing Ability: You can use your healing abilities to recover your health and stamina. As Grimalkins can deal a lot of damage, you need to equip yourself with healing potions and other valuable items that can help you defeat them.
  • Attack Its Vitals: You need to attack the vital areas of Grimalkin to deal a large amount of damage, making it slow and allowing you to hit with critical attacks.
  • AOE Damage: You should use AoE attacks to deal massive damage to Grimalkins and defeat them.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for defeating Grimalkins:

  • Dodge Attacks: Grimalkin deals much damage by attacking with his fangs and claws, so you should dodge as many attacks as possible. So you won’t be dealt that damage and will preserve your health.
  • Don’t Rush: You should not rush in and attack blindly. This will disadvantage you as you will lose a lot of health and be dealt huge damage. So you should be patient and attack with a plan.
  • Be Prepared: Grimalkin is a strong creature to fight so you should be prepared for a solid battle. You should equip yourself with useful items and potions which will be helpful for you in battle.
  • Never Let Your Guard Down: You should be vigilant while fighting Grimalkin and keep your guard up at every moment. They are very quick on their feet and can close the distance between you in a flash, so it is necessary to never let your guard down.
  • Use Magic Attacks: You should keep your distance from Grimalkins and deal damage from far away with the help of magic attacks. These attacks are powerful and will deal much damage and help defeat them.
  • Give Your All: You should not hold back while fighting Grimalkins as they are very strong and ferocious creatures to fight with. You should give your all, not hold back, and deal as much damage as possible.


Final Fantsy 16 Grimalkin
Grimalkin Hunt Board (captured by us )

These are the rewards you will be given after defeating Grimalkin:

  • EXP Points: As a reward, you will receive 500 experience points.
  • Ability Points: As a reward, you will receive 45 ability points.
  • Renown: You will also receive 10 renown as a reward.
  • Gil: You will also be given 6100
  • Grimalkin hide: You will be given 1 Grimalkin hide.
EXP Points 500
Ability Points 45
Renown 10
Gil 6100
Grimalkin hide: 1

You will also be given other items, progress in the hunt trophy, and you will gain experience.

Grimalkin is a powerful creature and challenging to defeat. But with the help of these strategies and tips, it will be a little easier to defeat these creatures and secure victory.

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