Final Fantasy 16: The Missing Leviathan [Solved]

This article will take you through the mystery of the missing Leviathan Eikon in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 The Missing Leviathan
Final Fantasy 16 The Missing Leviathan | Credits: Gamesual

There are supposed to be eight dominants throughout the Final Fantasy series of games, which is true for the Valisthea of Final Fantasy 16. However, there is a discrepancy in the count, and one of the eight dominants is missing, the Leviathan dominant, also known as the Sea King. This guide will answer this mystery of the missing dominant in Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways

  • The Leviathan is portrayed as one of the eight Eikons in the Final Fantasy 16 game.
  • It is a giant sea serpent with iconic abilities and boss fights in previous Final Fantasy series.
  • However, it seems missing in the latest edition and has no mention except one.
  • Joshua mentions the Leviathan The Lost when looking at an Eikon mural, also depicted on the game’s Collector Box.
  • There is a possibility that the Leviathan could be introduced in a future DLC.
  • Unfortunately, the game producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed there will be no DLC as the base Final Fantasy 16 is intended to be the complete package.
  • Moreover, the depiction of the Leviathan on the in-game mural and the Collector’s box could be unintentional through the use of old assets and artwork.

The Leviathan is a summon in the Final Fantasy 16 game and one of the 8 Eikons portrayed in the game. Moreover, it has been one of the iconic summonses in the Final Fantasy series, and in the later Final Fantasy games, it has rightfully earned the titles of Sea King and Lord Of The Waters.

The Leviathan is a giant sea serpent whose trademark attack is the Tidal Wave, calling upon a massive Tsunami wave of water and dealing a lot of damage. Furthermore, the Leviathan has been the face of unique abilities and incredible boss battles in the previous entries of the Final Fantasy series of games.

Leviathan Location

So, where is this magnificent and powerful water beast in the latest Final Fantasy 16 installation? Sadly, the game doesn’t have the sea serpent, the Leviathan. Moreover, the existence of the Leviathan is not mentioned in any lore or in-game wikis.

However, all hope is not lost. Joshua mentions the Leviathan is name when he is looking at the Eikons mural, where it is named Leviathan The Lost. This is good news as the game has at least one mention of the beast, and Lost in the name indicates that we might haven’t seen its mention anywhere else. Furthermore, the mural can also be seen in the Final Fantasy 16 PS5 trailer.

Final Fantasy 16 Leviathan Eikons Mural
Final Fantasy 16 Leviathan Eikons Mural | Credits: @PlayStation (YouTube)

Moreover, this might indicate that the Leviathan could be introduced in a future DLC where it may be “found.” In addition, we can see the Leviathan depicted on the mural that Joshua comments on, and the same depiction is also found on the Final Fantasy 16 Collector’s Box.

Final Thoughts

Although the most optimistic option, and the one we hope for, is that the Leviathan is introduced in a later DLC, however, the Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida said in an interview with Game Informer that there is no DLC planned as he intends the base game itself to be the complete experience worth your money.

Furthermore, the mention of Leviathan is possibly unintentional, as there is a chance that Leviathan’s mention of the in-game model and the art on the collector’s box was due to the reuse of previous assets.

So, although we can dream, there is a very high chance of Final Fantasy 16 having no DLC and the players not getting to experience the mighty Leviathan in all of its glory.

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