Final Fantasy 16: Location of Severian [Detailed Guide]

In this guide we will guide you on how to find and defeat Severian The Echo in Final Fantasy 16

Severion The Echo Final Fantasy 16
Severion The Echo Final Fantasy 16

In this Final Fantasy 16 Location of Severian Guide, we will explain how you can easily find and defeat The Echo Severian.

 Key Takeaways

  • In this Final Fantasy 16 Location of Severian guide, we will show you where to find and how to defeat Severian The Echo.
  • After completion of the main story quest ‘Fire and Ice’ and during the Main Quest ‘After the Storm.’The bill for Severian will appear on the Hunt Board.
  • Severian is an Echo residing North of Sorrowise, Marthas Rest.
  • Severian possesses various attacking abilities, including magical and physical attacks.
  • If unable to dodge Severian’s attacks, players can use Stone Skin Tonic Potion to enhance defense.

After completing the main story quest  ‘Fire and Ice,’ you will find a bill titled ‘Severian The Echo’ on the hunt board during the main quest ‘After the Storm.’ However, the board only provides a few clues about Severian’s location. Now to find Severian the echo, the players have to work on the given clues, talking to some of the unplayable characters and finding other clues.

Severian The Echo
This image shows Severian The Echo at its exact location. Image Credits Gamesual

Severian, the echo, is a Rank B mark with a Level 31. While defeating Severian, the Echo is not essential to the main quest; it can be highly beneficial to the players in terms of the rewarding loot and resources they will receive upon locating and defeating the formidable creature.

Severion The Echo
This image shows the poster for Severion The Echo. Image Credit Gamesual

Location Of Severian

The Bill provides the following clue:

  • “An echo has awakened amid the Fallen Ruins near Martha’s rest.”

To locate Severian, follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

  • To find Severian The Echo, you must first Fast Travel to Martha’s Rest(Rosaria) on the World Map.
  • From there, you need to go North of Sorrowise and west of Martha’s Rest to the location shown in the image below.
Exact location of Severian The Echo on map
This image shows the exact location of Severian on the local map. Image Credit Gamesual
  • Here you will encounter Severian The Echo.

Combat Strategy

Despite being a Rank B Notorious Mark, Severian is a formidable adversary due to its diverse range of physical and magical attacks. This combination of attacks makes it difficult to combat and defeat.

However, this guide will show you how to bring down the beast easily. Some of the combat abilities of Severian are as follows:

Attack Type Description Some tips
Sword Thrust(Melee Attack) Physical Physical Severian executes a leaping sword strike, damaging a single target. To evade this attack, you can maneuver out of its path.
Sword Slash Physical Severian swings its sword in a sweeping motion, causing damage to all targets within its range. To avoid damage, maneuver out of its path.
Cyclone-like Sword Slash, also called Eradicate. Magical and physical Severian wields both swords, moving in a tornado-like fashion while launching small fireballs into the surrounding area. To evade this attack move away from Severian.
Fireball Magical Severian charges up a magical fireball and hurls it toward a single target. This attack can easily be stopped by using Heatwave Ability.
AOE Dome  Defensive Severian creates an AOE dome around itself, unleashing fireballs upon its burst.  

If you find dodging Severian’s abilities challenging, we have an alternative for you; you can buy Stone Skin Tonic Potion; this potion will increase your defense by about 30 % for up to 3 minutes, giving you a chance to survive Severian’s attacks.


Players are often motivated to engage in this side quest primarily for the rewards it has to offer. The efforts that the players put into finding and defeating Severian The Echo are rewarded with valuable loot. This serves as an incentive for players to take on these quests.

The rewards for defeating Severian are as follows: 

Rewards for finding and defeating Severian The Echo
This image shows the rewards that players receive for defeating Severian’s The Echo. Image Credit Gamesual
Experience Points  800 XP
Ability Points  70 AP
Renown 20 renown
Gil  8500 gil

To fully relish the adventures that Final Fantasy 16 has to offer, you must be well-equipped with the finest gear in the game. Additionally, you must know the effective strategies to enhance your gameplay experience. For detailed guidance, follow our guides mentioned below:

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