Final Fantasy 16: Who is Margrace? [True Identity]

Here is everything you need to know about the mysterious hooded figure in Final Fantasy 16.

Who is Margrace final fantasy 16
Who is Margrace? - Final Fantasy 16

Margrace is one of the notable characters in Final Fantasy 16. This mysterious hooded figure follows Clive for the majority of the campaign. Moreover, the true identity of the character is not revealed until later. This reveal is one of the major twists of the main story and sets up your entire campaign. Therefore, this is everything you need to know about Margrace in Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways

  • Margrace is one of the main characters appearing in Final Fantasy 16.
  • This mysterious hooded character makes numerous appearances and saves Clive’s life.
  • We later learn that this mysterious character is no other than Clive’s dead brother Joshua.
  • Moreover, we learn that Joshua is the Dominant of Phoenix and survives the assault on Phoenix Gate.
  • Margrace also travels the world trying to find a cure and reason for the Blight spreading over the world.
  • Joshua also survives the primary campaign of Final Fantasy 16 and ends up writing a book on the game’s events.

One of the most vital aspects of Final Fantasy 16 is its well-crafted world. The Kingdoms in Final Fantasy 16 are constantly under threat of war. As a result, constant political tension drives the narrative forward. The attack on Phoenix Gate by the Empire of Sanbreque is also the first time we meet Margrace, and the events here define Clive’s journey.

Margrace’s True Identity

Clive and Margrace have a few surprise encounters before the truth is revealed in Final Fantasy 16. Therefore, throughout the story, Margrace’s true motivations are not shown. The character stays surrounded by mystery and gets Clive’s attention by saving his life. However, once Clive starts having visions, he sets out to finally find this mysterious figure.

Lord Margrace is finally revealed to be Clive’s brother Joshua Rosfield. However, this comes out as a big twist as everyone presumes Joshua to be dead during the assault on Phoenix Gate. Here we learn that Joshua, indeed, survives the assault. However, he takes on the identity of Margrace and goes into hiding.

joshua Final Fantasy 16
Joshua Rosfiel – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

He does this to protect his uncontrollable power as the Phoenix’s Dominant. We also learn that Margrace traveled all over Valisthea searching for the cure for the Blight. The Blight is poisoning the land and slowly making vast areas infertile. Moreover, Joshua always kept an eye on Clive’s progress and came in whenever Clive needed help during battle.

What Happens To Joshua? 

Very early in the story, we are told that Joshua dies in the assault on Phoenix Gate. However, the truth is very different. During the night of the assault, Clive and Joshua’s father, Elwin, are trapped in the courtyard by traitors alongside Joshua. However, Elwin sacrifices his own life to save Joshua from the assault.

This is where we see Margrace for the first time. Witnessing his father’s death by the traitors causes Joshua to summon Phoenix for the first time. Moreover, Phoenix is a very aggressive Eikon and consumes all traitors in the sea of flames. However, Joshua loses control of this powerful Eikon and kills allies and enemies.

 Clive sees this and jumps in, trying to save his brother. However, before he can do anything, another mighty Eikon, Ifrit, appears. Players can also use Ifrit’s abilities in Final Fantasy 16. This is where the brothers use their Eikonic forms to fight each other. Meanwhile, Clive is just trying to save his brother; the Ifrit wants to end the threat.

Even though Clive begs for Ifrit to stop, Ifrit kills both Phoenix and Joshua. However, here we learn that Joshua survived Ifrit’s attack and was brought back by the Phoenix’s ability to revive. After this, Joshua fully embraces the Margrace identity, and Clive goes on to fight Wars.

Clive’s Journey And Meeting Joshua

As the campaign progresses, Clive goes rogue to save his childhood friend Jill Warrick. This makes them a direct enemy of the Sanbrequois army, and Cid and his Liberation Army later rescue them. Moreover, the main goal of the Liberation Army is to free the Dominant and Bearers, such as Clive. The Dominants are special people capable of using Magic without crystals. 

During this time, Clive sees visions of Margrace and starts hearing rumors of this Fire Dominant. Therefore, as Clive holds Margrace responsible for summoning Ifrit and killing his brother, he searches for him. However, during Clive’s battle against Typhon, he summons Ifrit and defeats Typhon. Although, after the war, another worldly being, Ultima, appears.

A weak Clive could have easily lost to Ultima if not for Margrace. As Margrace appears, he summons the Phoenix and defeats the Ultima, saving Clive’s life. This is also where Joshua reveals his identity to Clive, and he realizes that he is responsible for Joshua’s temporary death.

ultima final fantasy 16
Ultima – Final Fantasy 16

What Happens After The Brothers Unite?

The brothers unite and reconcile on all of their missed times. However, they soon return to their primary goal of saving their world. This is also when they realize that the Blight consuming their land may be caused by Ultima. During the final Boss Battle against Ultima, we learn that Ultima wants the planet for its alien race.

Clive uses all his strength to summon the Eikon and defeat Ultima. Clive also ends up destroying the Mothercrystal, which ensures a new world free from the curse of Magic. However, this battle costs Clive his life, and seemingly we see Clive’s end. We still need to wait till the DLC to be sure of Clive’s death.

The Epilogue of the game finally reveals Joshua’s fate. We see a time jump and are introduced to a new family in the cottage. The two children in the family reflect the Rosfield brothers. This could be Joshua’s family. However, this is not explicitly revealed. We also learn of the book ‘Final Fantasy: Joshua Rosfield.’ 

Final Fantasy 16 joshua book
Final Fantasy by Joshua Rosfield

Therefore, this implies that not only did Joshus survive everything, but he also wrote the chronicles of his life events.

Final Fantasy 16 is not just a great game due to its explosive combat but also due to its well-crafted story. The story is full of politics and many great twists and turns. As a result, the story does not reveal for a long time that Joshua survives and Margrace is Joshua. The game slowly unfolds this along its vast and beautiful campaign.

Joshua survives the assault on Phoenix Gate and also becomes a Phoenix Dominant. He also appears multiple times during the campaign as a mysterious hooded figure. Moreover, Margrace or Joshua saves Clive’s life on numerous occasions. At the end of their campaign, the two brothers take on the Ultima together. 

However, Clive ends up sacrificing his life, and we later learn that Joshua continues to live and write down the events of his life.

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