Final Fantasy 16: Max Level [Complete Guide]

Eager to find out how much you can push Clive's level to? Find out the level cap for Final Fantasy 16

Max Level Final fantasy 16
Max Level Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 is out and is on its way to becoming THE role-playing game of the season. After the much-awaited release, players have been at the game, trying to figure out the level to which they can push their character. So if you’re also asking yourself, what level can I push my character to? This guide is for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Much like most of the RPGs in the gaming industry, Final Fantasy 16 features a basic leveling system.
  • The protagonist, Clive Rosefiled, starts at level 10, gradually increasing as he gains experience.
  • The level increases quickly during the first half of the game, whereas the increase is more gradual in the second half.
  • The quickest ways to level up in Final Fantasy 16 are through side-quests, hunts, challenges, Wages of Warcraft accessories, and grinding spots.
  • The max level in Action Focus or Story Focus is 50. 
  • The max level of the final boss is also set at 50.
  • Final Fantasy 16 features a New Game+ mode after 100% completion of the storyline. This mode is called the Final Fantasy Mode.
  • The Final Fantasy mode features new bosses with increased difficulty and allows players to increase their level.
  • Clive enters the  Final Fantasy mode with level 50 and all his progress from the previous game.
  • Players can max their level from 50 to 100 with the Final Fantasy mode.

Final Fantasy 16 introduces an all-new protagonist, Clive Rosefield, fighting his path to vengeance across different realms. The story blends tragedy, struggle, survival, and redemption. Much like its previous versions, Final Fantasy 16 has adopted the standard role-playing game mechanics alive, providing various outlets to increase the protagonists’ power and abilities.

Taking its inspiration from other RPG games like The Witcher, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy has a basic leveling system. The player starts with a low level, gradually increasing as you progress through the game. Every battle increases experience, which counts towards leveling up in the game.

Initially, Clive starts at level 10. As he progresses through the game, the level increases. The increase is fast during the first half of the game; however, it caps out slowly towards the end.

Level Stats in Final Fantasy 16
Level Stats in Final Fantasy 16 increased through staggering enemies.

Max-Level Cap

First Playthrough

If you play the game right, pay attention to the details, and utilize your time and accessories well, you can increase your level as the game progresses. The level as you play either in Action Focus or Story Focus maxes out to 50. After defeating the final boss, who is also of level 50, you can finally achieve the goal of the max level.

However, what if we told you it doesn’t stop here? Final Fantasy 16 differs from the rest of the series in that it’s the first to have a New Game+ mode after completion.

Second Playthrough

Final Fantasy 16 is the first of the regular series to have a New Game+ mode. After hitting level cap 50, there is still a way to increase the level. Fuel the gamer’s innate drive to reach that level cap as you enter the New Game+ mode.

A big chunk of RPG games includes a New Game+ that allows players to hold on to the game a little longer. The mode adds increased difficulty, unique mods, new bosses, and added level stats. However, Final Fantasy hasn’t often used the New Game+ mode in their games.

The New Game+ mode was first introduced in Final Fantasy 10-2, following through with the DS remake of Final Fantasy 4. The New Game+ modes introduced were simpler than other RPGs, adding bosses and starting the character at an already maxed-out level. The previous versions have not allowed us to increase the level or gain XP in the New Game+.

However, Final Fantasy 16, the first in the mainline to have a New Game+, features exciting news for all players.

The Final Fantasy Mode

Once you have completed the story in either Action Focus or Story Focus, the game offers a new mode, the New Game+, called the Final Fantasy Mode. It is an add-on to the original game, containing enemies that are more challenging to take on. The difficulty level of the overall mode is higher, but this comes with an added benefit.

Iron Giant in New Game+ mode featuring level 61
Iron Giant in New Game+ mode featuring level 61 in Final Fantasy 16 (Credits: IGN)

The best part of the new game mode is that you continue the story with all the abilities, skills, and accessories you have already unlocked and earned in the main game. Thus, it is easier to fight the increased difficulty level.

Max-level Cap In New Game+ Mode

The Final Fantasy mode offers players the opportunity to increase their level. The level stretches from 50 to 100 in the new game mode. The model also provides exciting surprises, including unlocking a new weapon, The Ultima Weapon

Additionally, you must complete the Final Fantasy Mode to unlock the Gold trophy and, resultantly, the Platinum trophy in the game.

Ways to Level Up In Final Fantasy 16

To level up fast in Final Fantasy 16, time, dedication, and attention to detail are required. Each mission has certain hooks you must take care of to reach the maximum level. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage:

Side Quests

Side Quests are your friend. Even though the main storyline is a complete package, dabble into the side-quests to gain more XP, increase your skill level and unlock special abilities.

White-Winged Wonder Side-Quest to gain 250 XP
White-Winged Wonder Side-Quest to gain 250 XP (Credits: WoW Quest)

Note: During side-quests, keep all Warcraft accessories on you as it will help boost the experience you get from the mission.


Final Fantasy 16 gives plenty of opportunities to increase your level. Play the game from start to finish, do not skip anything, and do not shy away from a challenge. Fight every monster you face using every combo trick you have.


While side-quests might not be your best shot at leveling up, hunts are it. Final Fantasy 16 features lethal creatures that terrorize Valisthea. The area’s citizens place a flyer of each creature they encounter on the Hunt Board for anyone brave enough to hunt them down. 

Lucky for Clive, hunts are his niche. The locations can be found on the map, and each hunt will add to XP tenfold and is the quickest way to level up in the game. As the game progresses, the difficulty level of the hunts also increases. However, an added benefit is that you can gain an entire level increase by just one Elite Mark.

Check for new hunts on the Hunt Board; each golden circle indicates a new one.

Grimalkin, hunt in Final Fantasy 16
Grimalkin, hunt to get max-level in Final Fantasy 16 (Credits: IGN)

Final Fantasy 16 has various accessories and weapons to acquire as they grind for level up. You can follow up on our extensive best weapons in Final Fantasy 16 guide to learn about the idea choice for your playthrough. 

After reaching the second Hideaway, three new accessories will be added to Charon’s Toll. Out of these, The Wages of Warcraft needs special attention. Using this weapon in your battles gives you twice the experience you gain by fighting in a regular battle.

Wages of Warcraft Weapon Final Fantasy 16
Wages of Warcraft Weapon Final Fantasy 16 (Credits: Game8)

Although it takes up one of the three accessory slots, if you want to level up, equip the Wages of Warcraft before entering any battle.

Grinding Spots

To gain XP, grinding is essential. You must be willing to grind hard at the various grinding spots available to level up. After completing the 18th mission in the game, Righting Wrongs, you can access many previously restricted things. The game allows you to unlock certain mechanics and pursue combat independently. This increases your avenues to grind XP fast. There are a few common places where you can grind XP throughout the game, some of which are given below:

  • Velkroy Desert
  • Arcade Mode
  • Stage Replay
  • Hunting Board
The Arete Stone, grinding spot in Final Fantasy 16
The Arete Stone is a grinding spot to get max-level in Final Fantasy 16 (Credits: Primalliquid)

All the players who have pre-ordered the game can access the Scholar’s Spectacles. These give each XP gained a tenfold increase.

This is all there is to know about the max level or level cap in Final Fantasy 16. To read more about various tips and tricks of the game, read our following articles:

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