Final Fantasy 16: List Of All 68 MSQ And Their Walkthrough

Excel through the main story efficiently by knowing already about all the Main Story Quests in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 MSQ List
Final Fantasy 16 MSQ List

 Final Fantasy 16 is a long game with 68 main story and 82 side quests. While the adventure-rich world of Valisthea may seem too long for some, the compelling nature of the storyline and the nerve-wracking challenges at each stage of the game serve to the taste of most fans. To help you better understand the game, we have compiled a complete MSQ list for Final Fantasy 16 with brief walkthroughs.

Major Takeaways

  • Final Fantasy 16 features a long, irreversible storyline with a long list of various quests, including 68 Main Story Quests (MSQ) and 82 side quests.
  • While players can unlock side quests while playing along the main story quests, completing them as soon as possible is recommended to claim valuable rewards. Unfortunately, players cannot return to playing previous quests once they have progressed past a certain level. Consequently, they must ensure they complete all the side quests.
  • The 68 main story quests in Final Fantasy 16 are divided into three acts and a prologue
  • The six prologue quests prepare the players for greater tasks by training them and setting the stage for later phases of the game.
  • Act 1 features 20 quests, tasking players to meet new characters, roam around the map and defeat three Eikons.
  • Act 2 is the most extended segment of the game with 25 main story quests, each one more challenging than before. However, while fighting enemies, including Necrophobes, Bandits, Aevis Dragons, and many others, you will only fight two Eikons in Act 2.
  • The 3rd and final Act in Final Fantasy 16 has 17 intense main story quests. With many intermingling quests, tasking players with fighting groups of deadly enemies, and solving multiple dilemmas, the third Act also features an Eikon fight at the end of the game. Although it is the only Eikon in the game’s last Act, Ultima makes sure to give players a sensational fighting experience. 

The 68 main story quests in Final Fantasy 16 are divided into three acts and a prologue. During these acts, players will face opponents and unlock multiple new skills in Final Fantasy 16 to get a better-than-ever experience. Similarly, they can play side quests and claim exciting rewards. However, side quests should also be a priority as they are highly rewarding and cannot be played later after skipping on any of them.

Clive and Joshua
Clive and Joshua (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Here is the division of these missions among various acts of the game:

  • The Prologue: 6 Main Story Quests
  • Act 1: 20 Main Story Quests
  • Act 2: 25 Main Story Quests
  • Act 3: 17 Main Story Quests

Prologue Quests

Here is an MSQ list with all six campaigns and their brief overview in the prologue of Final Fantasy 16:

Main Story Quest Objective/ Walkthrough
A Flame Summoned
  • A lengthy cutscene illustrates the escalating tensions between the six nations.
  • Phoenix vs. Ifrit: Press the Triangle button to attack Ifrit with Fireballs continuously.
  • It lasts about 5-10 minutes.
To Kill A Dominant
  • After the cutscene, keep moving forward, following your allies.
  • A slope will come where you will have to climb it down, followed by a cutscene.
  • Once again, keep moving forward, chasing after your allies until you reach a broken path. A cutscene will appear after you cross the path.
  • Complete the combat tutorial with Lord Commander Murdoch.
  • Defeat Lord Commander Murdoch.
  • Watch the cutscene.
Sunrise, Sunset
  • Find the Throne Room from behind the building.
  • Pick up the shiny potion from the barrel and talk to Archduke Elwin during a cutscene.
  • Get another shiny potion in front of the Throne Room in a garden.
  • Go back to your chambers upstairs.
  • Locate Stillwind on the World Map and travel there to complete the quest.
Lost In A Fog
  • Keep moving on the road after reaching Stillwind and defeat the Goblin Muggers near the Fallen Tree.
  • Find the four hidden potions while fighting the goblins.
  • Defeat Gigas while progressing forward and wear the Armlet that they drop.
  • Start the boss fight and kill Morbol. Locate the Phoenix gate on World Map and finish this quest by watching the cutscene.
Flight of the Fledgling
  • As your character automatically switches to Joshua, follow behind your companion and enter the fortress by defeating various enemies.
  • Once your character changes back to Clive, defeat the Dragoon and kill all knights to face the Knight of the Blinding Dawn at the plaza.
  • Defeat the Eikon of Fire by controlling Phoenix and continue attacking with the triangle button.

Act 1 MSQ list

The first Act of Final Fantasy 16 starts immediately after the prologue, and players can find its MSQ list below:

benedikta in ff16
Benedikta in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Gamesual)
A Chance Encounter
  • Go with Tiamat and Aevis in The Nysa Defile hills.
  • After a cutscene, defeat the Dominant of Shiva and groups of Ironblood Crusaders.
  • Face off Tiamat and beat him.
  • Travel to the Hideaway using World Map.
Hide, Hideaway
  • Meet Cid in his chambers upstairs across the Ale Hall.
  • Reach back to the Great Hall to ignite another cutscene.
  • Unlocking the crafting feature by igniting a conversation with Surly Smith.
  • Return to the Great Hall once again and talk to Curmudgeon.
  • Go to the Infirmary and talk to Tarja to unlock access to the optional side quests.
  • Speak to Charon outside Blacksmith and unlock her store. Complete the Arete Stone tutorial.
  • Locate the Greatwood on your World Map and start your journey there.
Fanning Embers
  • Once Torgal joins your party, start moving ahead, defeating all enemies on your way.
  • Defeat the Aevis Dragn blocking your way, and continue your journey defeating all small enemies.
  • Once you reach a small circle amid the road, you will have to defeat Fafnir.
  • Midnight Raven will be your final target on the road.
  • Locate Orabell Downs on World Map, travel there, and unlock the Obelisk warp point.
Louder Than Words
  • Travel to the village of Lostwing from the Sanbreque entrance and defeat all soldiers.
  • Talk to the lost girl, and travel to the church in the upper town.
  • Defeat Chirada to win the quest.
The Dead Of Night
  • Meet Quinten to receive the seal and talk to the two villagers on the extreme sides of Lostwing.
  • Talk to Cid and then Quinten once again.
  • Make your way to the southeast of the village until, after a cutscene, you enter Caer Norvent.
  • Defeat enemies after entering through the door until a cutscene appears.
  • Jump out of the window after the cutscene and go to the courtyard.
  • Here, defeat the Royal Tognvaldr.
  • Go to the rooftop through the iron gate and defeat Chirada and Suparna.
  • Make your way forward to a courtyard again and defeat Benedikta, the most dangerous MSQ boss on the list till now in Final Fantasy 16.
Wings of Change
  • Locate the first quest marker and move towards it until you reach a bridge. Defeat all soldiers there.
  • Continue your journey after the cutscene until you reach the Eye of Tempest, the second quest marker.
  • Defeat Wind Elementals and reach Obelisk to trigger the World Map. Select the Eye of Tempest to enter a new quest.
  • Progress through the stormy route until you find a man wearing a hood.
  • A cutscene will appear, after which you must fight the Eikon of Garuda in Final Fantasy 16.
  • The fight will happen in two phases. However, during the second phase, you must change your character to Ifrit.
The Wages of Guilt
  • Go to the courtyard of the Hideway and speak to Cid.
  • Open the World Map and travel to Kingsfall.
The Hunter and the Hunted
  • Make your way through by defeating all the enemies on the road, including the Minotaur.
  • You will have to face off and defeat Knight of the Dying Sun and Imperial War Aevis on the road.
  • Travel to Cid’s Hideaway using the World Map and talk to Jill in the Infirmary.
  • After that, meet Charon and Gav.
  • Complete the quest by traveling to Rosaria via the World Map.
  • Keep moving until you reach Martha’s Rest and talk to her.
  • Defeat the monsters in surrounding areas until you reach Glaidemond Abbey.
  • Complete Building Bridges and Bearer’s Lot and finish the quest by leaving Martha’s Rest.
Building Bridges
  • Talk to Bernard by finding him in the south of Martha’s Rest.
  • Save him from the Cray Claws.
Bearers’ Lot
  • Travel to Glaidemond Abbey in the west of Martha’s Rest.
  • Watch the cutscene and return to Martha’s Rest.
Holding On
  • Travel to the north and enter Eastpool.
  • Watch the cutscene and claim all rewards afterward.
  • Complete the quest by going to the North Gate and entering the Ruins of Phoenix Gate.
Back in the Day
  • Watch the cutscene near the well and claim all rewards afterward.
  • Speak to three villagers, go to the bridge, and defeat Mud Dauber and a pack of Worgens.
  • Open the World Map and select Ruins of Phoenix Gate.
Buried Memories
  • After entering the Ruins of Phoenix Gate, go underground to the courtyard.
  • A cutscene will appear, after which you must fight Bugs, Hunters, and Defense Nodes.
  • Progressing further in the game, players will face an Iron Giant.
  • Defeat Lich and create a secret road from the Stone Pillar.
  • You will face Infernal Eikon, the most challenging enemy on the MSQ list in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Complete the quest by defeating the Eikon and its shadow.
The Meaning of Life
  • Once again, make your way back to Eastpool.
  • Defeat all the  Imperial Legionnaires in the area.
  • Finally, defeat Imperial Champion and return to Cid’s Hideaway to complete the quest.
Righting Wrongs
  • In Cid’s Hideaway, speak to Charon, Ottom, and Gav to unlock Alliant Reports.
  • From the World Map, go to Northreach and claim the quest from Madam Isabelle.
  • Complete the Dame and go to the abandoned chapel.
  • In there, watch a cutscene and enter Drake’s head.
The Dame
  • Talk to two of the Veil’s Couretsans and a Garrison Soldier.
  • Talk to the Merchant and Bertrand.
  • Defeat Bloated Wolf in ruins.
  • Return to Isabelle and give her the Weathered Comb to complete the quest.
The Crystal’s Curse
  • It is the biggest and the last Main Story Quest of the first Act in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Make your way to the road after defeating all the soldiers.
  • Defeat Imperial Legionnaires and Imperial War Wyrms.
  • After a cutscene, fight and defeat the Imperial Cannonier.
  • Take the cart to go down and defeat Akashic Miners and Akashic Champions.
  • Grab the Coral Sword from a chest to level up your battling skills.
  • Inside the Cave in the Path of Goddess, defeat Wraith and Lich, Akashic Dragon, and Revenants.
  • Finally, defeat Typhon Eikon to win the quest and complete the first Act.
**Note** Make sure to complete all the side quests on your way, as after completing Act 1, you will not be able to repeat them. Therefore, do not forget to reap useful rewards.

Act 2 MSQ List

The MSQ list for the second Act in Final Fantasy 16 is given below:

Final Fantasy 16 MSQ List
Fight against an Akashic Morbol (Image Credits: Gamesual)
Cid The Outlaw
  • Use Ramuh’s abilities to defeat Dhalmekian soldiers in two Stone Scimitar battles.
  • Kill the Republican War Panther in the boss fights.
  • Open the World Map and travel to Clive’s Hideaway.
Home, Sweet Home
  • Go to the second floor of the Hideaway and talk to Otto, Vivian, and Harpocrates.
  • Speak to Tarja while getting back to Clive’s chamber.
  • Go to the Reading Table inside the chamber and read Gav’s letters.
The Gathering Storm
  • Travel to Martha’s Rest and enter Glaidemond Abbey.
  • Complete Dark Clouds Gather and Release.
  • Unlock Alliant Reports, the Hunt Board, and the Patron’s Whisper by speaking to Gav in the Hideaway.
  • Open the World Map and travel to Hawk’s Cry Cliff.
Dark Clouds Gather
  • Travel to Glaidemond Abbey.
  • Watch the cutscene and defeat all enemies in there.
  • Travel southeast towards Riddock’s Jump.
  • Complete the Ahirman hunt.
  • Return to Martha’s Rest and meet her in the Tavern.
  • Travel to the Amber village and watch the cutscene.
  • Talk to the three marked villagers scattered around the village.
  • Defeat all the black shields in the Balm Overpass.
  • Go to Auldhyl Docks and enter inside to fast-travel to Port Isolde.
Black Light Burns
  • Travel to the Lazarus district and kill all the bandits there.
  • After a cutscene, speak to Wade at his location.
  • Return to Hideaway after completing the Black or White mission.
Black or White
  • Kill the black shields at Bewid Bridge in the north.
  • Defeat Imperial War Wyvern.
  • Defeat Knight of the Lasting Dark.
Here Be Monsters
  • We are halfway on the MSQ list in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Speak to Jill and Vivian.
  • Open the World Map and travel to Mother Crystals Drake’s Breath.
Fire and Ice
  •  Make your way inside Drake’s Breath and defeat Akashic Taurus.
  • Defeat Akashic Morbol in the hall to open the Treasure chest.
  • Next up, you will have to defeat the Flame Lizard.
  • Climb upstairs and defeat the Liquid Flame.
After the Storm
  • Watch a cutscene at the Infirmary and speak to Jill, Otto, and Vivian.
  • Open the World Map and travel to Rosalith, the Old Capital.
Capital Punishment
  • Defeat enemies at all five locations while going deep into the old capital.
  • Make your way to the Rosalith Capital and defeat waves of enemies there.
  • Defeat Coeurl in a boss fight.
  • In the garden, defeat enemies, including two stone headmen.
  • At the front door, they defeat Hugo in a boss fight.
  • Finally, return to Clive’s Hideaway using the World Map.
Bolts from the Blue
  • Speak to Otto and Mid.
  • Finish Getting to work and meet Jill at the Infirmary.
  • Speak to Vivian, Byron, Otto, and Byron again.
  • Open the World Map and go to the Dhalmekian area, Velkroy Desert.
Getting to Work
  • Talk to Charon, Bardolph, and Blackthorne.
  • Now, talk to Martha at her Rest.
  • Travel northeast to Cressida and talk to Bernard.
  • Defeat all enemies there, including Wivre, an Aevis Dragon.
  • Make your way back to the hideout and talk to Mid.
Riddle of the Sands
  • Go to Dalimir Inn, and after the cutscene, defeat all enemies, including Wallard Osfrey.
  • Now, speak with two villagers and Ferda.
  • Defeat Back-alley Bruisers and return to Dalimil to talk to Unsavory Character and L’ubor.
  • Finish Follow the Crystals quest and enter Drake’s Fang.
Follow the Crystals
  • In Dalimil, talk to the three villagers and, later, a girl in Tavern.
  • Find and talk to Byron after a cutscene.
  • After another cutscene, defeat soldiers in the Southern Velkroy Desert.
Into the Darkness
  • Make your way to the hall and defeat Orc Warlord.
  • Defeat the Undertaker.
  • Go to the Dajiborg castle and defeat every enemy until you reach the back of the castle.
  • After a cutscene, fight the Titan Eikon in three phases. (It is the deadliest boss fight on Act 2’s MSQ List in Final Fantasy 16.)
  • Go back to Clive’s Hideaway to complete the quest.
Out of the Shadow
  • Speak with Otto, Vivian, Charon, Blackthorne, and Harpocrates.
  • Once again, speak to Otto, Mido, and finally with Blackthorne to give him the Memorandum of Armor of Mythril.
  • Finish the first part of the Letting of the Steam quest.
  • Again, talk to Mid and Helena.
  • Finish the second part of the Letting of the Steam quest.
  • Speak with Mid and Harpocrates at the Hideaway.
  • Finish the third part of the Letting of the Steam quest.
  • Speak to Mid and Otto and later Obolus.
  • Finish the quest by going to Lateny’s Cliff.
I – Letting Off Steam 
  • Talk to Blackthorne and later to Gav in the Southern Velkroy Desert.
  • Deliver five stardust to Gav.
  • Go back to Clive’s Hideaway and have a conversation with Blackthorne.
II – Letting Off Steam 
  • Go to Laubert’s Pass in Rosaria and speak with Helena.
  • Defeat the Unwanted Visitor.
 III – Letting Off Steam
  • Have a conversation with Harpocrates.
  • Go to Northreach and buy relevant ingredients and speak with your companions.
  • Talk to Harpocrates at Clive’s Hideaway
  • Make your way towards Boklad and defeat enemies on the way.
  • Go to Boklad Market north of Oblivion Wilderness and watch the cutscene.
  • Meet Goetz there.
  • Watch a cutscene in the Crimson Caravans and meet Eloise there.
  • Finish the To Catch A Thief quest and meet Theodore afterward.
  • Finish Blood From The Stones quest and speak to Goetz.
  • Complete the quest by entering Crystalline Dominion.
To Catch A Thief
  • Talk to the Furniture Marker and Fishmonger in Boklad Market.
  • Find and talk to Brusque Boy and, later, the Anxious Girl in the same area.
  • Travel southwards and speak to Honza.
  • Travel northwards and speak to Chocobo Tamer.
  • Finish the quest by talking to Honza once again in Chocobo stables.
Blood From The Stones
  • Once again, make your way to the southern region of Boklad and defeat all enemies along the way. Look for Bandit Lair.
  • Return to Boklad and have a conversation with Eloise.
Fire In The Sky
  • Defeat Dragoon Knights and Dragoon Lancers on the road.
  • Kill Megaloclubs to clear your way ahead.
  • Take the elevator and defeat Imperial War Aevis and Dragoon Knights.
  • Defeat White Dragon in a deadly boss fight.
  • Speak to Jill and move ahead to defeat Akashic Captains, Lich, and Undertaker.
  • Defeat Necrophobe in a boss fight to start the Eikon battle against Bahamut.
  • Kill Bahamut and return to Clive’s Hideaway.
Fight against Bahamuth
Fight against Bahamuth (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Act 3 MSQ List

Now comes the final Act in Final Fantasy 16. Here are the 17 Main Story Quests of Act 3:

Final Fantasy 16 MSQ ListBarnabas in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Things Fall Apart
  • Speak with Otto, Vivian, Harpocrates, and then again with Otto.
  • Solve the three Dilemmas at three different locations in their quests.
  • After completing the dilemmas, speak once again with Otto and make your way to Krozjit Echoes using the World Map.
The Flames of War
  • Go to Martha’s Rest and defeat the waves of enemies, including Akashic Wolves, at the Fallen Gate.
  • At the western front in Sorrowise, defeat enemies, including an Adamantoise.
  • At the northern front, defeat Goblins, Vultures, Chocobos, and Akashic Plague to complete the Dilemma.
Why We Fight
  • Accept the quest by going to Veil.
  • Speak to the soldier and the two wounded in Dame.
  • Make your way to the Moore and defeat waves of thralls, including a Lich.
Down The Rabbit Hole
  • Start this Dilemma-quest by talking to L’ubor and go to Martha’s Rest.
  • In there, talk to Victor and return to have a conversation with L’ubor again.
  • Take Conrad and Natalie with you on a mission to defeat the Bandits in Dalimil. 
  • Finally, defeat the Reaper to win the quest.
Cloak and Dagger
  • Make your way to Tabor by defeating all enemies on the way.
  • Watch a cutscene and travel southwards.
  • Watch another cutscene and enter the Free Cities of Kanver.
  • Defeat enemies obstructing your way in Kanver.
  • Fight and kill Akashic Tognvaldr and Akashic Osfreyr.
  • Finally, defeat Sleipnir in a boss fight and travel back to the Hideaway to complete the quest.
A Song of Hope
  • Talk to Otto and claim his Like Father, like Daughter quest.
  • Complete the quest and go to the Ironworks.
Like Father, Like Daughter
  • Travel to Mid’s Dungeon and retrieve Cid’s mementos from there.
  • Talk with Otto.
  • Examine the orchestrion in Hideaway’s kitchen.
Full Steam
  • Watch a cutscene and fight off Akashic Sigfreyr and the other enemies following him.
  • Defeat Akashic Sveithvaldr and, later, Sleipnirs.
  • Complete the quest by traveling to Naldia Narrow.
Through the Maelstrom
  • Get on the ship, and after defeating many small enemies, kill Royal Tognvaldr.
  • Go to the Deck and defeat Warlord Sveithvaldr and many other enemies.
  • After a cutscene, defeat Barnabas.
  • Complete the quest by going back to the Hideaway.
Across the Narrow
  • Go to the Infirmary and talk to Vivian and Harpocrates.
  • Speak to Otto in the lounge just across Shelves.
  • Travel to the Shadow Cost using World Map to finish the quest.
Footfalls in Ash
  • Travel to Stonhyrr and defeat all enemies on the way.
  • Get inside Eistla gate, and defeat Akashic War Aevis and an Akashic Sveithvaldr after a cutscene.
  • Activate Eistla Obelisk and make your way to Reverie to complete the quest.
The Last King
  • Defeat Defense Node.
  • Go to the upper floor and defeat all enemies there.
  • Defeat the Guardian and Purobolos.
  • Start the boss fight and defeat Purple Bavarois.
  • Go one floor up and clear the area from enemies.
  • Defeat Soul Taker to start another boss battle.
  • Kill the Giant, and then Barnabas in the boss battles to complete the quest.
  • Travel to Stonhyrr and defeat Akashic enemies in three battles before entering the fort.
  • Enter the fort and defeat Orchish Warlord.
  • Make your way to Drake’s Spine to complete the quest.
Streets of Madness
  • Defeat Akashic Wold to start a boss battle with Behemoth.
  • Battle mob enemies three times in a row and defeat Akashic Gunnvaldr.
  • Defeat Undertaker and the Revenants.
  • Battle against Akashic Coeurl and many small enemies accompanying him.
  • Defeat Akashic Tognvaldr and Warlord along with accompanying enemies.
  • Speak to Joshua, kill Ultima, and return to the Hideaway to win the quest.
I – Back to their Origin
  • Talk to Otto, Johsua, and Jill.
  • Complete all the side quests, as you cannot repeat them afterward.
  • Make your way to the Origin Dungeon.
II – Back to their Origin
  • Once inside the Dungeon, start the biggest battle of the game against Ultima in three phases.
  • After completing the final quest, players can roam freely in the newly unlocked New Game Plus mode.
Ultima in Final Fantasy 16
Ultima in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: Gamesual)

These were all the Main Story Quests in Final Fantasy 16. Although progressing through the storyline may take players days and many failed attempts, we hope our brief walkthroughs are of some help. How is your experience with Final Fantasy 16 so far? Tell us in the comments.

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