Final Fantasy 16: Odin [Boss Guide]

Here is the complete guide on Odin’s identity and strategies to defeat him.

Final Fantasy 16 Odin
Final Fantasy 16 Odin

Odin is an acutely powerful creature similar to an armored knight in his appearance. He has been exhibited in other franchises of Final Fantasy, while the latest fight is a prominent event in the latest game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Odin is one of the Eikons in the all-new Final Fantasy 16.
  • Defeating Odin is going to take a lot of work. For that instance, players must incorporate special considerations for a strategy to defeat the enemy. 
  • One notable tip for Odin is to be behind him and repeatedly attack him as he rests from his attacks.
  • The fight with Odin requires patience and efficient strategy to keep the safe side from the incoming strikes and deal the most damage. 

Ability Description How to Stop
Gungnir It deals with a flurry of spear attacks, increasing the Zantetsuken Gauge. Block or dodge the attacks.
Arm of Darkness Odin strikes the enemy with his sword, dealing massive damage and instantly killing them if they are in low health. Break Odin’s Break Gauge before he uses this ability.
Zantetsuken Odin unleashes a powerful slash that instantly kills the enemy. Break Odin’s Break Gauge before he uses this ability.
Drain Odin drains the enemy’s HP and restores his own. Interrupt the ability by attacking Odin.
Resurrection Odin revives a fallen party member. Prevent Odin from killing the party member in the first place.

The abilities that Ifrit can learn from Odin are as follows:

  • Zantetsuken
  • Sheathe
  • Dark
  • Gungnir
  • Heaven’s Cloud

Defeating Odin

  • Odin has a few specific attacks that he uses often. Players should be vigilant and ready for these moves. 
Odin Boss Fight
Fighting Odin – Image Credit Gamesual
  • “Gungnir” is one of Odin’s moves where he jumps into the air and then comes down slashing with his sword, releasing a ranged attack on the player. When you see him jump, that hints at the impending attack. I recommend dodging to the left or right as he starts this move.
  • Another of Odin’s frequent attacks is “Lord’s Measure.” In this move, Odin slashes forward and then sends out a shockwave. This can cause a lot of damage. To avoid this, it’s best to stay out of his reach and try to get behind him.
Odin Attack
Odin Blinding Steel Attack – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Odin also frequently uses “Blinding Steel.” He marks a horizontal line before him and releases a ranged attack along that line. I believe the key here is quickly positioning oneself behind the marked line to avoid the assault.
  • Dodging is crucial when fighting with Odin. His basic slashes can be evaded by timely side-stepping. After a successful dodge, it’s an excellent opportunity to attack him from behind.
  • While dodging is the primary defensive strategy, causing damage by hitting him from behind is also vital. Using Precision Dodges right when he’s about to strike can be incredibly effective.
final fantasy odin precision dodge
Performing Precision dodges | Image credits – Gamesual
  • If you are behind Odin, using the Permafrost can freeze or slow him down. In my experience, this can significantly increase the damage dealt.
  • Depending on Odin’s moves, a set of ready countermeasures is essential. Being in the correct position, either behind him or at a safe distance, can make all the difference.
  • A consistent approach is to keep attacking him from the sides or behind. Repeated hits will eventually wear him down.
slashing odin from behind ff 16
Slashing Odin from behind | Image credits – Gamesual
  • Maintaining some distance and only approaching him from behind can be beneficial. This strategy can enhance dodging effectiveness and provide a better position to counter his special attacks.
  • Important Note: Being directly in front of Odin, especially at close range, can be risky. It leaves one vulnerable to his most potent attacks.
  • As Odin takes more damage, he might move the fight to different areas and develop more decisive moves. It’s essential to stay calm and adapt to his evolving tactics.
  • Consistency is key. Regardless of the battle’s location, sticking to the basics and keeping cool can make a huge difference. If Odin becomes particularly aggressive, I recommend keeping a safe distance first to learn his moves.

Recommendations For Odin Battle

In the gameplay, battling Odin presents quite a challenge. It’s widely observed that dodging potent moves like Gungnir and using Permafrost to slow him down can turn the tide of the battle.

I recommend adopting patience and learning the boss’s patterns before diving into the fight. While every player might have a unique approach, this method has proven effective for many.

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