Final Fantasy 16: Odin [Boss Guide]

Here is the complete guide on Odin’s identity and strategies to defeat him.

Final Fantasy 16 Odin
Final Fantasy 16 Odin

Final Fantasy Odin is an acutely powerful creature similar to an armored knight in his appearance. Odin has been exhibited in other franchises of Final Fantasy also. The Odin fight in Final Fantasy 16 is a significant event in the game. There are some strategies that you can follow to take down Odin easily.

Key Takeaways

  • Odin is one of the Eikons in the all-new Final Fantasy 16.
  • He rides a Spectral Seed covered in a metallic body with red eyes.
  • Moreover, he exhibits a four-legged horse Sliepner and a spear named Gungnir.
  • Defeating Odin is not going to be an easy feat. For that instance, players must incorporate special considerations for a strategy to defeat the enemy. 
  • One notable tip for Odin is to be behind him and repeatedly attack him as he rests from his attacks.
  • Additionally, you must also identify and predict his attacks so you can dodge them.
  • Lastly, the fight with Odin requires patience and efficient strategy to keep the safe side from the incoming strikes and deal the most damage. 

Odin is a character in the series Final Fantasy 16, a legendary knight traveling on his horse named Sleipnir. He has already appeared in several Final Fantasy series and remembers all previous knowledge of the series in his new appearance.

Additionally, Odin has a most common appearance as slicing through his enemies, riding his horse, and cutting them into two. The natural person who wields Odin’s great powers is his dominant, Barnabas Tharmr. He was a king who had a great passion and lures for battles.

Ability Description How to Stop
Gungnir It deals with a flurry of spear attacks, increasing the Zantetsuken Gauge. Block or dodge the attacks.
Arm of Darkness Odin strikes the enemy with his sword, dealing massive damage and instantly killing them if they are in low health. Break Odin’s Break Gauge before he uses this ability.
Zantetsuken Odin unleashes a powerful slash that instantly kills the enemy. Break Odin’s Break Gauge before he uses this ability.
Drain Odin drains the enemy’s HP and restores his own. Interrupt the ability by attacking Odin.
Resurrection Odin revives a fallen party member. Prevent Odin from killing the party member in the first place.

The abilities that Ifrit can learn from Odin are as follows:

  • Zantetsuken
  • Sheathe
  • Dark
  • Gungnir
  • Heaven’s Cloud

Odin Evolution

Here is how Odin has changed in forms from Final Fantasy 3 to Final Fantasy 16.  Over the years have passed, Final Fantasy has become an anthology series. Everything has evolved dramatically, and much stuff is happening in the game.

Final Fantasy 16 Odin appearance | Image credits – Gamesual

One character whose appearance has been constant since Final Fantasy 3 is Odin. God of War Ragnarök inspired this character.

Odin first appeared in 1990 in Final Fantasy 3. Most of the fans gave positive feedback to the character, due to which it has lived this long. This Odin established a structured overview of how the character appeared in the coming sequels.

In Final Fantasy 4, Odin appeared as a stronger character with a central role. It was revealed later that in the story, the King of Baron was turned into Odin after committing a murder.

In final fantasy 5, Odin appeared riding a six-legged horse; this time, he had a spear named Gungir. This spear followed him until final fantasy 16, when the horse became 4-legged.

From Final Fantasy 5 to Final Fantasy 12, Odin was not part of the main character story, so he was optional to summon. In Final Fantasy 12, He again had a dominating entry characterizing him as the critical character of the story. In contrast to the previously mentioned versions, the Odin in FF13 can change into a horse during his Gestalt Mode, enabling Lightning to mount and ride him.

After an appearance in Final Fantasy 13, Odin appeared in all Final Fantasy series. He became an essential attribute to the story, and in Final Fantasy 16, Odin appeared as a Giant version of previous incarnations.

Defeating Strategy

Here are some strategies that can assist you in defeating Odin. You may use the best ones for you and find alternatives for others.

  • There are specific attacks that Odin will resort to frequently, and you must keep an eye wide open for when those attacks are initiated. This will help you in deploying the necessary countermeasures for Odin attacks.
Final Fantasy Odin Gungnir attack | Image credits – Gamesual
  • Gungnir is an attack that will push Odin into the air, and he will slash his sword in the air to release a ranged attack toward the player. You have to dodge left or right as he starts this attack. The high jump into the air, necessary for this attack, will hint at what is coming.
  • Moreover, another frequent Odin attack is Lord’s Measure. First, Odin will cut a slash forward, and then he will release a shockwave. This attack is acutely damaging, and to avoid it, you have to stay out of Odin’s reach and try to approach him from the back.
Final Fantasy Odin Lord’s Measure attack| Image credits – Gamesual
  • Furthermore, Odin will resort to Blinding Steel very often. He will mark a horizontal line in front and throw a ranged attack wherever that line stretches. You will have a few seconds after Odin does the demarcation. Get behind the line and Odin to escape the attack. All these are special attacks of Odin, which he triggers apart from his numerous slashes, so these are acutely damaging for you.
  • Dodges are your best friend in the fight against Odin. You must predict the attacks in the previous heading and avoid his basic slashes by dodging left or right timely. After dodging his attacks, you aim to get behind and attack him.
  • However, your primary goal is to dodge his attacks, and your secondary goal is to dish him damage by slashing him from behind. You will perform Precision Dodges if you dodge at the perfect instants, i.e., just when he is about to hit you.
final fantasy odin precision dodge
Performing Precision dodges | Image credits – Gamesual
  • Also, when you are facing his back, use Permafrost to freeze him or slow him down. This will help you in causing more damage.
  • Whatever Odin is up to, you will have a handful of moves to perform at the right time. Dodges and precision dodges will position you correctly, i.e., behind Odin or at a certain distance away from him, to escape his attacks.
  • Slash him from his sides or behind to escape his attacks and dish out impactful damage to him. Doing this repeatedly will get the job done.
slashing odin from behind ff 16
Slashing Odin from behind | Image credits – Gamesual
  • You must maintain a reasonable distance from him and be only close to Odin when you are behind him. Being at a distance will help you perform your dodges better and provide you leverage to complete the countermeasures to his special attacks.
  • Never be in front of him at a close distance; you will be at his mercy.
  • As you deal more damage to him, Odin will take the fight to different places and get stronger every time. Stay calm if your attacks damage him; he will develop better and more powerful moves.
  • Steadily but repeatedly, do the basics right regardless of where the fight is happening. Also, running away from Odin can be a good strategy when he is enraged and coming up with newer moves. This will happen once you lower his HP beyond half.

Note that these strategies are subjective and can vary from gamer to gamer. Some of these will bear fruit for you, while others you may replace with some of your own. But if you are having difficulty starting, you can use these as a starter. Fights will get easy in your subsequent battles.

That is for our guide on defeating Odin in Final Fantasy 16. Now that you are here, why not read more:

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