Final Fantasy 16: Orichalcum [Walkthrough & Unlock Guide]

Here is the complete guide on obtaining Orichalcum and Dark Steel in Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI Unlocking Orichalcum
Final Fantasy XVI Unlocking Orichalcum

While playing Final Fantasy 16, do you want to get your hands on the most potent weapon? You are in the right place. This guide will explain how to get Götterdämmerung by completing the side quests of Final Fantasy 16 Orichalcum.

Key Takeaways

  • The first step to unlock the Götterdämmerung is to complete the Blacksmith Blues side quests to unlock essential items and progress the story.
  • Players will obtain Ragnarök as a reward for completing the Blacksmith Blues side quests.
  • You must complete the Under New Management quest to obtain the first Orichalcum to craft Götterdämmerung.
  • All you need to do is to hunt down and defeat the Prince of Death to acquire Dark Steel, another material required for Götterdämmerung.
  • Next, players must defeat Gobermouch in Eistla to obtain the primitive Battle Horn, a vital component for crafting Götterdämmerung.
  • Engage in a tough battle against the Atlas Bounty Target to obtain the second Orichalcum.
  • Secure the battle with the Gorgimera to acquire the third Orichalcum required for crafting Götterdämmerung.
  • Now you can use the obtained Orichalcum, Dark Steel, and primitive Battle Horn to craft Götterdämmerung at a blacksmith or crafting station.


All Crafting Elements How To Obtain it
Ragnarök Blacksmith Blues side quests (I, II, III, IV)
1st Orichalcum Under New Management I and II
2nd Orichalcum Defeating S-class Atlas bounty
3rd Orichalcum Defeating Gorgimera
1st Black steel hunting hunting Hunting Prince of Death
2nd Black Steel Defeat Thanatos
Primitive Battle Horn Gobermouch in Eistla

Remember to prepare your character adequately by leveling up, acquiring necessary skills, and optimizing your equipment. Approach each battle with patience, employ efficient strategies, and observe attack patterns to maximize your chances of success. Good luck on your journey to obtain Götterdämmerung and overcome the mighty Odin!


To forge the Black Hammer, the crafting items that you require are:

  • 3 Orichalcum
  • 2 Dark Steels
  • 1 Ragnarök
  • 1 Primitive Battle of Horn

To unlock Orichalcum and the dark steel to forge the black hammer, you must complete the following quests sequentially.

Steps: How to proceed
1st Complete Blacksmith Blues to Obtain Ragnarok
2nd Complete “Under New Management” to obtain 1st Orichalcum
3rd Complete S-class Bounty Hunting to obtain 2nd and 3rd Orichalcum
4th Defeat Prince of Death to unlock 1st Dark Steel
5th Defeat Thanatos in Del Makia to unlock 2nd Dark steel
6th Defeat Gobermouch to unlock Primitive Battle horn

Obtaining Götterdämmerung

Once you complete the side quest Blacksmith Blues IV, you can obtain this weapon.

Blacksmith Blues 1

This mission will appear in the game after you complete the main quest number 35. After completing the main quest, “Here be Monsters,” after defeating a Griffin, you will find its location on the hunt board.

This quest will appear on the map just after completing the main quest, and the griffin’s location can be just near the nonevent river gate.

Final Fantasy 16
Here be Monsters Quest: Image by Gamesual

Blacksmith Blues 2

 Now Blacksmith Part 2 side quest will become available once you complete the main mission number 47, “Letting off Steam 3”.  To achieve this side quest, you must go to Clive’s table and check the letters he received from there.

Final Fantasy XVI Unlocking Orichalcum and Dark Steel
Blacksmith Blues Quest 2: Image by Gamesual

This will be a straightforward quest to complete, and there will be no pointers in this quest. You can follow the quest objectives, and the investigation will be completed quickly.

Final Fantasy XVI Unlocking Orichalcum and Dark Steel
Blacksmith blues quest 2: Image by Gamesual

Blacksmith Blues 3

For the side quest number 3, Blacksmith Blues 3, you must complete the main quest 59, “Like Father, Like Daughter.” Visiting Blackthorne’s old stomping ground in Dravos would be the best way to achieve this quest.

Final Fantasy 16
Like Father, Like Daughter Quest: Image by Gamesual

What you will do there is you will help them get the forges working back together, and then you will have to defeat a desert creature, a salamander. This would also be very easy to complete; follow the quest objectives to complete the quest.

Final Fantasy XVI Unlocking Orichalcum and Dark Steel
Blacksmith Blues 3: Image by Gamesual

Blacksmith Blues 4

Players can unlock this quest after completing the main quest number 62, “Across the Narrow.”

To start this quest immediately, you must talk to Blackthorne’s best friend, August. You will return to Dravos, where you will find that it is under attack and the attackers are an Akashic horde.

The quest objectives will include defending the village, and the boss fight will consist of fighting the Chimera. Hence, it would be recommended that you take some extra potions before the war.

Final Fantasy XVI Unlocking Orichalcum and Dark Steel
Blacksmith Blues part 4: Image by Gamesual

After completing this quest, the wait will be over, and you will receive the fruit of your completion, Götterdämmerung. Moreover, you will also get Ragnarök.


The Ragnarök will be a potent weapon used as a component for the upgraded version. Aside from Ragnarök being the crafting component, you will also need other components. Firstly, you will need three Orichalcums, two dark steel, and one primitive battle horn.

To obtain the rest of the crafting components, you will need to come to Hunt board targets, and you will have to complete the ones with mystery locations. After completing these, you can get the rest of the crafting elements.

Final Fantasy 16
Hunt Board Targets: Image by Gamesual

Under New Management Quest (Orichalcum)

Before coming to these, complete the” Under New Management,” a quest in two parts. Again, this quest will be relatively simple. To meet and end this quest, go to the North Reach and talk to Isabella to start the search.

The quest objectives will include settling the issue between the villagers and slaying some fallen thralls. You will get one of the Orichalcum we require by completing these quests. Along with unlocking the Orichalcum, it will open the ability to hunt the Prince of Death.

Hunting Prince of Death

After unlocking this ability, let’s go hunting him since he will be the key to unlocking the rest of the crafting elements. H will be located in Sambreck within the Royal Meadows. Once you reach the proper location, you will see an animation with the Prince of Death.

Note that if you have not completed the previous quests as explained in the guide, you will not be able to see the Prince of Death, and hence there will be no quest available. If you want to have a thrilling fight with the prince of death, go without accessories, and it will be a good ride.

You will get your first dark steel by defeating this prince of death.

16Prince of Death: Image by Gamesual

Defeating Thanatos

For the second dark steel, you must travel to Dal Makia, start off the Gilded Path fast travel points, and then find Thanatos on the map. You will have to defeat Thanatos to obtain the second dark steel.

Battle Horn

Now, you must unlock the primitive battle horn by defeating Thanatos after obtaining the dark steel. This will be faster to get as it will be closer to our current location on the map and have quicker travel points.

Thanatos: Image by Gamesual

You will travel to Eistla in the whale and find Gobermouch quite easily after climbing some stairs. You will be fighting a goblin which will have much health during the fight.

For the next ones to defeat, you must increase your gaming level as you will be fighting with S-rank bounty targets, which will be difficult to kill.

Gobermouch: Image by Gamesual


The first one will be the Cressida in Rosaria.  To get there, you will travel fast through the East Pool point. You will have to kill a few before you get there. After defeating it, you will observe a large area with an atlas bounty Target. This will grant you one more Orichalcum.

Orichalcum – Cressida in Rosaria: Image by Gamesual


After heading back to Velkroy, our target will be an S-class bounty chimera named Gorgimera. The pro tip for fighting with Gorgimera is to stay close to the target at all times during the fight and apply damage to it before it casts any spells.

After completing all these quests, you will have all the required crafting essentials, so head back to the blacksmiths in the hideaways and then craft the most potent weapon as your first play-through in the game.

Orichalcum Boss Fight: Image by Gamesual

The Black Hammer

The black hammer will have a damage of 375, and you will also get a trophy after crafting this weapon. 

Black Hammer: Image by Gamesual
Crafting element how How to obtain it
Ragnarök Blacksmith Blues side quests (I, II, III, IV)
1st Orichalcum Under New Management I and II
2nd Orichalcum Defeating S-class Atlas bounty
3rd Orichalcum Defeating Gorgimera
1st Black steel hunting hunting Hunting Prince of Death
2nd Black Steel Defeat Thanatos
Primitive Battle Horn Gobermouch in Eistla

That is about it for the guide on how to get your hands on Götterdämmerung and complete the Orichalchum side quest. Also, check out some Final Fantasy 16 secrets.

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