Final Fantasy 16: Pandemonium Location [Hunt Guide]

Here is how to locate and defeat the S class mark Pandemonium in Final Fantasy 16.

Pandemonium location final fantasy 16
Pandemonium Location - Final Fantasy 16

There are many Notorious Marks or Hunt Locations present in Final Fantasy 16. These formidable foes offer the opportunity to take on a challenge and get decent rewards. However, the major problem is locating these Marks, as you won’t come across these marks during your main questline. Therefore, this guide will help you find the location of Pandemonium and how to defeat him in Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways

  • Pandemonium is a Level 45 S-Rank Mark in Final Fantasy 16.
  • However, it is much more challenging to find the location of Pandemonium in Final Fantasy 16.
  • The location is not marked on the map; therefore, players must find it independently.
  • Mark is near the Shadow Coast Obelisk in the South Western Ash Deadlands.
  • However, the arena is located within the town of Wolfdarr.
  • Moreover, Pandemonium is a problematic hunt to kill and requires players to learn the attacks.
  • Pandemonium is a deadly opponent in both close and distant combat. Moreover, it can also use the staff the summon even more lethal attacks.
  • As all of these attacks can be dodged, it gives players plenty of opportunity to fight back.
  • Once defeated, the players will be rewarded with a Stained Loincloth and other items.

Pandemonium is a strong S-class mark in Final Fantasy 16. Moreover, this Mark is a level 45 mark, so you would need time to try to kill the Mark. Pandemonium does appear on the Hunt Board listings. However, Pandemonium’s precise location is unknown to players, and you must search for him in Final Fantasy 16.

Pandemonium’s Location

Pandemonium location final fantasy 16
Pandemonium Location-Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

Finding any notorious Mark’s location in Final Fantasy 16 is not easy. Therefore, players often struggle to pinpoint a mark they want to fight. Players must first fast-travel to the Shadow Coast Obelisk to be closer to their Mark. This can be found in the Southwestern Ash Deadlands.

From here onwards, players should travel to the north, to Wolfdarr. However, it would be best to exit the town through an exit on the South Western end. You will be able to see that you have come across a hidden arena, and once close enough, you will trigger the boss battle.

How To Defeat Pandemonium

Pandemonium will blast through a door behind the arena and start the boss battle. However, Pandemonium is level 45, S-Rank Mark. This means that he will be challenging to defeat. Therefore, it is best to know about the attacks so players can be confident about their victory in the battle. 

Pandemonium hunt board
Pandemonium Hunt Board – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

Pandemonium is a capable foe that can move with lightning speed. Therefore, not only do you need to worry about the incoming attacks, but how you can also hit back.

Following are all the attacks performed by the Pandemonium:

  • A rictus of Horror: The Pandemonium can also use its staff in various ways during the battle. This attack will allow the Notorious Mark to fire a sizeable powerful beam from his staff. However, as the beam travels in a straight direction. Due to its long animation, evading either side is the best way to dodge this attack.
  • Sanguine Fields: During this attack, the Pandemonium will summon glowing orbs. These orbs head toward the ground and explode on impact. However, players can avoid this attack by evading the red areas on the floor. These red areas indicate the danger areas or where the orbs will explode.
  • Ranged Explosion: Pandemonium is also capable of creating explosions. These explosions are gone and can give out significant damage if players stand too close to the Mark. However, it is also easy to dodge this attack as players can spot Pandemonium getting down into a hunch, starting an explosion.
  • Familiar Orbs and Mines: Pandemonium also can leave behind several small orbs and mines around the arena. These orbs and mines are minor and do not pose much threat. However, during the chaos of the fight, these orbs and mines can chip away at your health or open you to other severe attacks.

Moreover, it is essential to remember that the Mark is not restricted to these attacks only. The level 45 Mark can also use its long staff to land melee attacks. Furthermore, Pandemonium can also teleport itself to different parts of the arena. Therefore, players must be careful and wait to land a hit.


At the end of this fight, players will be given a few rewards for all of their hard work. Most of these rewards include Gil points and XP, which you get after defeating any mark. However, the main prize for this fight is the single Stained Loincloth.

You can either sell this item for some Gil, or you can craft newer items. Therefore, you can use this Stained Loincloth to prepare the Sons of Ouroboros. This scarce armor set can be worn on your forearms. Moreover, this is sort of part of the primary gauntlet.

Here is everything you can win from this fight:

  • 1 Stained Loincloth
  • 15,000 XP
  • 120 Ability Points
  • 20,000 Gil
  • 50 Renown

The Pandemonium is a powerful and formidable foe in Final Fantasy 16. Moreover, this level 45 S-Rank mark requires players to be careful. However, the major problem most players have is finding the location of Pandemonium in Final Fantasy 16.

The Mark can be found in the town of the Wolfdarr, which is close to the Shodow Coast Obelisk. However, once in the town, players must head to the South Western end to find the boss fight arena. Moreover, Pandemonium also has a few tricks up his sleeve. 

Pandemonium can perform close-range as well as long-range attacks. Therefore, knowing all the attacks before getting into this fight is best. However, be prepared for this foe to teleport around the arena and leave behind several exploding mines. Once defeated, players will be rewarded with cash and a single Stained Loincloth.

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