Final Fantasy 16: Ruin Awakened [Hunt & Boss Guide]

Find out the details of the hunt location for Ruin Awakened and how to beat Svarog.

Ruin Awakened hunt in Final Fantasy 16
Ruin Awakened hunt in Final Fantasy 16

Ruin Awakened is one of the final hunts in Final Fantasy 16 and one of the hardest as well. It is the second S-tier hunt in the game. This hunt features one of RPGs favorite monsters, a dragon called Svarog. Read ahead for a complete guide on the Hunt Location, details about Svarog, and how to defeat it.

Key Takeaways

  • Final Fantasy 16 contains a series of side-quests that players can attempt to gain XP and other rewards.
  • One such side-quest is the ‘Notorious Marks‘ or the ‘Hunts.’ Players are tasked with defeating deadly monsters that terrorize the region of Valisthea. The citizens post details regarding the monsters and their locations which are available at the Hunt Board.
  • Ruin Awakened is an S-rank hunt with an increased difficulty level and little to no details.
  • The bill hints towards the presence of a dragon to the southeast of Mornebrume woodland pass, Sanbreque.
  • Svarog performs four special attacks, the Blazing Legon, Red Dawn, Embroil, and the Dragon Dance.
  • The best strategy for the battle is to remain on defense. Practice your timing and perform precision dodging to stay in the fight for longer.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the enemy while dodging, and only perform counterattacks from a long range. Svarog’s weakest point is his head, so aim for it.
  • For this battle, you need to utilize your Eikon and Eikon abilities. Will o’ the Wykes and Heatwave are two abilities that will be most beneficial in absorbing the damage.
  • Shiva is particularly useful for this fight, as her dodging abilities are an equal match for the enemy’s vicious fire attacks.
  • The hunt rewards you with 300 Ability Points, 25000 XP, 60 Renown, and 30000 Gils. The monster will also drop Orichalcum, Fallen Enigma, Amber, and Empty Shard.

If there’s one creature that the fantasy fiction world loves, it’s DRAGONS. You will find them featured in every RPG based in medieval times. Every player looks forward to defeating this monster. Final Fantasy 16 delivers when it comes to defeating enemies. The game features some of the most challenging bosses in its genre. Final Fantasy 16 also features equally difficult side bosses alongside the main bosses.

Final Fantasy 16 contains many side-quests you can access from the Hideaway. Players can attempt side-quests to gain XP, practice their skills, or get the most out of the game. One of these side-quests is the “Hunts.”

Valisthea contains vicious monsters that terrorize the region. Each monster’s details appear on the Hunt Board, which you can use to help track down these monsters. Clive Rosefield is bestowed to protect the citizens and hunt down these cruel monsters. Each hunt has a bounty attached to it. Thus, defeating each monster adds to both your skills and experience.

Ruin Awakened Location

Ruin Awakened has got to be the most demanding hunt in Final Fantasy 16, and to complete it; you need more than just the location. Before starting the quest, make sure to have completed the main quest, Fire in the Sky. The hunt unlocks only after you have reached level 50 and is of a difficulty 20 times higher than its level.

The bill for Ruin Awakened states only the following rather vague description:

‘Sanbrequois legend tells of a dread dragon who set near half the realm alight with his torrid breath before being sealed away behind a magical mist – by Greagor Herself, some sources claim. Though it has long been forgotten which parts of the tale are true and which are a mere myth, recent reports of a great dragon’s roar reverberating around the woodland passes of the empire are real enough’. 

Ruin Awakened bill in Final Fantasy 16
Ruin Awakened Bill in Final Fantasy 16 (Credits: Primalliquid via Youtube)

The bill does not disclose the location of Ruin Awakened. It is marked with a ???, leaving it to the player’s imagination and deduction skills to figure out. The clues might seem elusive initially, but they are more manageable if you pay attention. The bill hints at the existence of a dragon, thus revealing the monster you will need to find and fight.

The only buzzwords you need to heed in the scripture are Sanbrequois, woodland passes, and empire. One thing that you can tell for sure is that the Hunt Location is related to The Holy Empire of Sanbreque. The woodland passes hint at a forest, so you need to narrow down places dense with trees or any forest-like areas in the nearby region. If you extensively search the map, you will arrive at your hunt location, the Mornebrume woodland pass, next to the Caer Norvent.

Thus, head towards the southern end of Mornebrume, fast-travel to Caer Norvent Florieuse Gate, and from there, head southeast. After a little jog, you will arrive at an oval-shaped area where the hunt will spawn. The exact location can be shown on the map as follows:

Ruin Awakened hunt location in Final Fantasy 16
Ruin Awakened hunt location in Final Fantasy 16 (Credits: Primalliquid via Youtube)

Once arrive at the location, you will encounter an enormous dragon, Svarog. Svarog is a level 50 beast, capable of performing all kinds of powerful fire magic. Here are some details that you should note about the enemy before proceeding to attack:

  • Svarog can spit fire and uses it to its advantage on the battlefield. He combines all the fire-breathing moves, leaving no breathing space during battle.
  • He can perform powerful melee attacks along with fire attacks. Be wary of his claws and wings; proceed with caution. Be sure not to come too close to the enemy.
  • The key to defeating Svarog is patience. He is not an easy monster, the considerable HP will make this long and challenging, and there will be more losing than winning, so be sure to remain patient.
  • One attack from Svarog can deal enough damage to drop your health significantly. Be sure to dodge the attacks and not let your HP go below 1500.
Svarog, dragon in Ruin Awakened
Svarog, the dragon in Ruin Awakened, hunts in Final Fantasy 16 (Credits: Taidashar via Youtube)

Attacks Pattern

Blazing Legion

The signature move that you need to look out for is the Blazing Legion. Svarog performs this move at the start of the fight, resulting in a wave of giant floating fireballs that head toward you. The fireballs block your path so Svarog can hit you with fire lasers.

However, the fireballs have a slow speed, which makes it easy to navigate around them, thus making the move surpassable. Move sideways for maximum success rate.

Blazing Legion attack by Svarog
Blazing Legion attack by Svarog Ruin Awakened (Credits: Taidashar via Youtube)

Red Dawn

The second attack that Savrog will use is the Red Dawn. It releases two fire pillars shaped like an X, followed by a fan-shaped beam. The best course of action is to dodge them towards Svarog.

Red Dawn attack by Svarog
Red Dawn attack by Svarog Ruin Awakened (Credits: Taidashar via Youtube)


The most dangerous attack that Svarog uses is the flaming charge called the Embriol. He uses it towards the end of the battle; you must look out for it and dodge it. Embroil is also an attack you need to look out for.

A falling fireball will hit the ground and transform into a ring of fire that expands outwards. The circle then morphs into several smaller circles, which finally explode. This is a heavy attack, but you can easily avoid it by dodging and jumping. First, duck, jump to avoid the expanding ring, and dodge again.

Embroil attack by Svarog Ruin Awakened Final Fantasy 16 hunt
Embroil attack by Svarog in Ruin Awakened (Credits: Taidashar via Youtube)

Dragon Dance

One last attack that you need to learn and practice against is the Dragon Dance. It goes as follows:

  • Five fireballs.
  • Horizontal beam.
  • Vertical beam.
  • Ravage.

To dodge this attack, you need first to realize the pattern. The pattern will remain the same throughout the attack, so you must practice timing and precision while dodging. To dodge the fireballs, move sideways, then forward for the horizontal beam. Move left or right or the last two attacks and jump for a counterattack as soon as Ravage is over.

Once Svarog’s health drops, he will unleash his most lethal attack in fast motion. The frequency will increase, making it increasingly difficult to dodge his attacks. Precision and patience will be essential towards the end.

Laser beam by Svarog during battle Ruin Awakened Final Fantasy 16 hunt
Laser beam by Svarog during battle (Credits: Taidashar via Youtube)

Defense Strategy

This fight is more about defense than offense. When facing the fire-spitting monster, outlasting the battle is the best way to win. Once you get the timing right, precision dodging is the best technique to use in the fight. When an attack is launched and missed, get close to Svarog and utilize your Eikon abilities to deal damage. Keep the following tips in mind to win the battle:

  • Maintain a safe distance. Always make sure to keep at a safe distance from the enemy. This will give you more space to plan your next action and more time in the fight. If you get too close to Svarog, the chances of getting hit increase immensely, and one hit can deal severe damage.
  • Time for the counterattack. The best time to perform a counterattack on Svarog is after he finishes executing the Ravage. After the Dragon Dance is complete, Svarog stops momentarily before re-attempting. This is the only window you will get to attack; utilize it efficiently.
  • Use Eikon Abilities. Whenever you get the chance, summon Eikons and use their abilities to deal damage to the enemy. Two Eikon abilities proven beneficial during the match are Heatwave and Will o’ the Wykes. Absorb the damage using these abilities to give yourself breathing space and a chance for rebuttal.
  • Use Shiva. Shiva is instrumental during this fight. Her dodging ability is effective in helping you bypass most of the fire attacks and avoid the fire rings.
  • Identify the weakest point. The weakest point that Svarog has is his head, so whenever you get the chance to strike, aim for the head. Another attack that you can perform is a long-range attack. If you have learned the Charged Magic, it can be beneficial in this fight.
  • Gain enough skill level. Svarog is not an easy monster; you should only take this S-Rank dragon to battle once you reach the end of the game, towards level 50.

Lastly you can consider some of our valuable tips for Final Fantasy 16 to make the most out of the gameplay experience throughout the fight. 

Eikon strike on Svarog during battle in Ruin Awakened Final Fantasy 16 hunt
Eikon Strike on Svarog during battle (Credits: Taidashar via Youtube)


Every hunt has a bounty attached to it that you unlock once you defeat the monster. Along with gaining experience and ability points, you can also gain collectibles from the hunts.  Some monsters also drop valuable items you can add to your collection.

The rewards for completing Ruin Awakened successfully are as follows:

Gil 30,000
Ability Points 300
XP 25,000
Renown 60
  • Orichalcum x1
  • Fallen Enigma x1
  • Amber x1
  • Empty Shard x1


This guide sums up everything you need to know regarding the Ruin Awakened hunt in Final Fantasy 16, how to find, fight and defeat Svarog. This is an easy kill if you practice timing, use Eikon’s abilities, and remain patient. After completing the hunt, read our following guides on other hunts and more:

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