Final Fantasy 16: Secrets [Weapons, Items & Enemy]

Unveiling the Mysteries: A Journey into Final Fantasy's Hidden Secrets.

Final Fantasy 16 secrets.
Final Fantasy 16 secrets

Embarking on an exciting journey into gaming mysteries, this article, Final Fantasy 16 Secrets, explore the game’s hidden secrets.  From puzzling surprises tucked away in Easter eggs to mysterious hidden levels, we unravel the layers of secrecy and reveal the exciting surprises that await adventurous gamers. 

Key Takeaways

  • Players will have the opportunity to encounter hidden levels that provide excitement.
  • The Final Fantasy 16 secrets will test your gaming skills and patience when solving the side quests to explore the game’s secrets.
  • Exploring the game’s secrets is no less than solving a puzzle which many gamers love to do. 
  • Final Fantasy 16 is about the main story and has several secrets in side quests. You can take many benefits upon finding the secret items and secret bosses.

In Final Fantasy 16 Secrets, we will try to let you know what can be skipped or missed if you focus on the game’s main story. There are some superlative unlocks that you can get only by doing particular missions. You can find brutal weapons and empower yourself by exploring Final Fantasy Secrets.

Secret mission/quest Name Secret Location
Chocobo Mount Quest Special Unlock Inn in Marta’s rest
Home Sweet Home Special accessories Duscae region of Valisthea
Ruin Reawakened Boss Mornebrume
The Crystal’s Curse Special weapon Drake’s Head

Secrets Of Side Missions

If you are a player who only focuses on the main story and is not interested in the side mission, then you should stick with us a little more.

Chocobo Mount Quest

These mounts can only be summoned in open areas. Chocobo mount quests can only be found outside the towns of cities. Moreover, these can be missed easily as it is only getable from wide-winged Wonder, another side quest about which many players need to be more informed. It can only become available during the gathering storm main quest.

You will see a plus icon once you exit the Inn in Marta’s rest. The plus sign means that there is a special unlock in the pursuit. Once you get it, you can explore the land and hunt the enemies with your Chocobo. It saves you a lot of time. Those who focus on the storyline miss this quest often.

Quest Name Secret Where to Find
Chocobo Mount Quest Special Unlock Inn in Marta’s rest
Final Fantasy 16 secrets
Exploring FF 16 with Chocobo.

Mission Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home is a mission that can get you what you would have never expected. Here players are required to visit Charon’s shop. Charon’s shop has a wide range of elite-class accessories.

These accessories can be brought, and they are super helpful. You can save tremendous time using the supplements you will get from Gharon’s shop. These side missions are worth the hype.

Secret Accessory  Benefits
Channelers Whisper  Improves mobility when using magic bursts.

This adds enormous value to your combat experience. If you use magic burst attacks in the game, it will make it slower. Slowing the player down was the only complaint received about the magic burst attacks. With Channeler Whispers, the player can use magic burst attacks without getting slow. Furthermore, Clive can charge the attacks in the background when you are attacking the enemies.

Final Fantasy 16 Secrets.
Buying Channeler’s Whispers from Charon’s toll.

Superlative Secret Items

Mission Home Sweet Home also gets you top-notch items, which are the source of death for the enemies.

Secret items  Benefits
Golden testaments Increases Gill
On fortune from Heavens  Increases exp
Wages of crafts Increases ability points


Final Fantasy 16 Secrets..
Wages Of Craft.

Secret Weapons

While exploring the game according to the main story and being busy hunting enemies, you may miss some of the most potent weapons. You can even get some of these in the early stages.

You don’t have giant bosses to fight in the early phases of the game, so you could be able to get the best rewards. But following this Final Fantasy 16 secrets guide, you will get some of the best weapons you would have never been able to see or grab in the game.

Secret  Weapons Attributes Location
Ancient sword 185 good stagger Mines in Drake’s head
Coral Sword The attack power of 252 Dhalmekia

The coral sword is one of the weapons that the players usually miss. It is a powerful weapon that has a 185 good stagger. You can get this sword from Crystal’s curse in Drake’s head mission. Furthermore, you would need quest number 26 to grab this daunting sword.

The easiest way to grab this sword is to fight with the champion of the group of Akashic. Once you are done slaughtering the enemies, you have to break the wooden barrier. Go to your right; there, you will find a chest. Once you open that chest, you can grab this daunting Coral sword.

The Ancient sword is another Herculean sword that can help cause significant damage to the enemy. It has a massive attack power of 252 and provides access to an ancient power buff to the one who gets it. It is an excellent option for those who want to deal with the enemy upfront.

Final Fantasy 16 Secrets.
Grabbing Ancient Sword.

Following the Steps of Forgotten, you will find a chest in Del Machia. There, you have to go with Live and let Live reach the area where you will get the chest of ancient swords. 

You have to follow the marker and keep killing the defeating bandits until you come to the steps of forgotten. Once you go there, you will find a wall. Climb that wall to get to the chest, where you find the ancient sword.

Map taking you to secret ancient sword.
Location Of Ancient Sword.

Secret Enemy

Some bosses must not be killed to complete the game’s main story. These secret enemies can be found by solving side quests and exploring the game. Some secret bosses are even much more dangerous than the most potent enemies of the main story of Final Fantasy 16. Completing the side quests is the beauty of the game.

Killing the secret bosses may get you huge rewards and abilities. You can use these rewards to complete the main story of FF 16.


Svarog is considered one of the game’s most challenging bosses. This boss is so much dangerous. You can have the opportunity to fight this boss at the 50th level. Swarog is only accessible after completing a specific quest. Furthermore, this enemy can get you a decent amount of rewards.

Secret boss name Rewards for Killing the Boss Location
Svarog 5000 gill,3x Hi-potion, 2x Phoenix down, Svarog’s scale. Mornebrume.
Final Fantasy 16 Secrets.
Fighting with Swarog.

You have to follow the steps of forgetting to find this boss. Once you reach the actions of the overlooked area, you have to keep your head on the western part. There you will find a hidden cave at the entrance of the cliffside. You will have to enter the cave and discover Svarog there.

The rewards after beating Svarog include 5000 gills. This is a decent amount of money that can be used to upgrade weapons. You will get 3x Hi-potion, healing items that can restore a massive amount of HP. Furthermore, you will get 2x Phoenix down, Svarog’s scale, and the trophy for beating Svarog.

In summary, the secrets within Final Fantasy 16 have taken us on a captivating journey filled with intrigue and fascination. From uncovering hidden treasures to unraveling cryptic puzzles, exploring mysterious realms has enhanced the gameplay experience, and the adventure through Final Fantasy 16 has been extraordinary. These secrets will continue to inspire and captivate gamers, ensuring the enduring legacy of Final Fantasy 16 for generations of avid adventurers.

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