Final Fantasy 16: Sekhret Minotaur Hunt [Location & Strategy]

Learn how to find and hunt down Sekhret Minotaur for huge rewards!

Sekhret screaming, with title written 'Hunting Guide'
Read about Sekhret Minotaurs location and how to defeat him.

Whether you want huge amounts of gil or are searching for a way to upgrade the Gaiga Blade, reading this guide will greatly interest you. The hunt for Sekhret Minotaur in Final Fantasy 16 is easy, but there are some important things you should know about.

Key Takeaways

  • Sekhret Minotaur is one of the 32 creatures in the hunting board quest. It is a massive creature with a giant club as his weapon.
  • Firstly, you’ll have to reach the main quest mission, ‘After The Storm,’ before you can hunt him.
  • Once he is unlocked, fast-travel to Martha’s Rest since this is the nearest Obelisk.
  • From here, you’ll go to the West of ‘Greensheaves.’ The exact location on the map is shown in the picture below.
  • Sekhret Minotaur has four attacks, all of which are close-range. Keeping a distance from him is the best tip we have. Try to keep moving after every attack to make it difficult for him.
  • Furthermore, Sekhret will be slow and an easy target right after he attacks.
  • Moreover, defeating him will reward you with 8,200 gil, 60 AP, 800 XP, 20 Renown, and a crafting material called Minotaur Mane.

Sekhret Minotaur Location

You can only hunt Sekhret Minotaur in Final Fantasy 16 after reaching the main quest mission, ‘After The Storm.’ Once here, you can pick up the mark from the hunting board and open the map.

After opening the map, the nearest Obelisk from the creature would be Martha’s Rest. After fast traveling to Martha’s Rest, place a marker on the exact location in the image below. The Sekhret Minotaur will be towards the West of the Greensheaves icon shown on the map.

Exact location of Minotaur in final fantasy 16
Location of Minotaur, west of Greensheaves. ~Image captured by Gamesual

Once you’re in the vicinity, finding Sekhret won’t be difficult, thanks to his enormous body and the giant club in his hand. To start the fight, simply dismount from Clive’s Chocobo.

How To Beat Sekhret Minotaur

Sekhret Minotaur is a B-Rank creature of Lv.31. Its specialty is close-ranged melee attacks, and it has no long-ranged attacks in its arsenal. If you want to swiftly defeat this beast without getting much damage, you should know all his attacks.

Sekhret Minotaur’s Attacks And Their Counters

Attack Description
Charge If you’re far from him, the Minotaur will lower his head and run at full speed toward you. He will turn around and repeat this attack. 
Club Swing A potent attack, Sekhret will swing its club around his head three times before swinging it towards you with full force. 
Ground Slam A basic yet effective attack. The beast will pull his hammer behind his head and unleash a devastating blow to the ground
Upper Cut As the name says, he will pull his Club back and, with all his might, try to hit an uppercut that will send you flying into the air.

In addition to that, you need to know the exact count measures to hunt Sekhret Minotaur in Final Fantasy 16 easily.

Sekhret Mintaur hitting clive and clive flying in final fantasy 16
Getting hit by Sekhret’s Uppercut. ~Image captured by Gamesual
Attack Counter Measure
Charge If you’re at a reasonable distance from him, dodging this attack won’t be difficult. Simply get out of the way and be prepared for his second charge. 
Club Swing When you see Sekhret swinging his club around his head, that’s your cue to get away from him. This attack does the most damage, so maintaining distance is key. 
Ground Slam You can easily dodge this attack because of its slow pace. When you see him pulling the club behind his head, move out of the way and be ready to attack him as soon as he’s done. 
Upper Cut Since you are busy spamming abilities, you won’t see him start the uppercut. And before you see his attack, it’ll be too late. So, the best way to avoid this would be to constantly attack and move, not staying stationary in one position.

Tips And Tricks

Sikhret Minotaur on the ground staggered while clive attacking
Sikhret Minotaur Staggered and Vulnerable. ~Image captured by Gamesual
  • It is important to remember that Sekhret Minotaur is deadly at close ranges. Even though he can only do melee attacks, the attack damage makes him a formidable foe.
  • Keep your distance and try to attack with long-range abilities.
  • On the other hand, if you want to get close, do it right after he has finished his attack. Sekhret is a very slow and bulky creature that takes time for him to hit another attack.
  • After his club swing attack, he’ll become an easy target for a long time. Make use of this.
  • You can always retreat and come back to kill him later in the game. Once you have stronger abilities and weapons, defeating him will be a breeze. Check out the best weapons in Final Fantasy 16.


Sekhret screaming, with rewards written for bounty in final fantasy 16
Rewards for hunting Sekhret Minotaur. ~Image captured by Gamesual

Final Fantasy 16 has done an amazing job of adding side quests and hunting missions to keep the game fresh. Hunting Sekhret Minotaur or other creatures in the hunting board will reward you with huge amounts of gil, experience, and Ability Points.

However, if your main goal is to grind Exp and AP, read more about the best grinding spots and leveling up in Final Fantasy 16. As for this hunt, you will not only be rewarded by gil and Experience but also will get crafting material, which you can use to improve Gaiga Blade.


Gil 8,200
Ability Points 60
XP 800
Renown 20
Crafting Material Minotaur Mane

That’s all you need to know about Sekhret Minotaur and how to hunt him in Final Fantasy 16. It’s a challenging and fun bounty and a good pace change from the main story. In addition to that, the rewards make it worth your time.

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