Final Fantasy 16: Soul Stingers [Stats & Strategy]

Here is everything you need to know about Soul Stingers in all new Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Soul Stinger
Final Fantasy 16 Soul Stingers (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Soul Stingers are powerful flying creatures in Final Fantasy 16. They travel in a group and are quick to move and attack. You can find Soul Stingers in the far East of The Jaw Obelisk, especially in the Fields of Corava in Dhalmekia. Fighting them can be difficult, but it is also gratifying. They are worth a lot; you can also find rare items by defeating them.

In this article, you will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of Soul Stingers and some strategies for defeating them. We will also discuss some tips and tricks for avoiding their attacks and inflicting massive damage on them.

Key Takeaways

  • Soul Stingers are Powerful and have high mobility.
  • Their attacks deal much damage
  • They are both challenging and rewarding creatures to defeat.
  • Some crucial strategies for defeating Soul Stingers are using Multiple Attacks, Divide and Conquer, and Use Stun Attacks to slow them down.
  • You will be given Gil and Soul Stinger Pin as rewards.
  • Soul Stinger Pin decreases the damage you take from fire-based attacks.

Strengths And Weaknesses

Final Fantasy 16 Soul Stingers
Soul Stingers (Captured by us)

The strengths and weaknesses of Soul Stingers in Final Fantasy 16 include:


  • Mobility: Soul Stingers are very quick to move and have high mobility making them difficult to target.
  • Resistant To Fire: Soul Stingers are resistant to fire making th, em prone to get less damage to fire-based attacks. So you must use other elemental attacks to deal damage to them.
  • High Damage Attacks: Soul Stingers are powerful and deal with high-damage attacks. If they keep hitting you continuously, you will be defeated in no time.
  • Group Attacks: Soul Stingers attack in groups, so you will get much damage if you are not careful.
  • Poison Attacks: Their attacks are poisonous, damaging your health and making it difficult for you to fight.


  • Low HP: The Health of Soul Stingers is comparably low, so they can be trounced if you can land an attack.
  • Weak-Ranged Attacks: Long-range attacks of Soul Stingers are not very powerful, so you can dodge them easily, close the distance and attack them.
  • Fire Attacks: Soul Stingers have some resistance towards fire-based attacks, but they still get damage and can be defeated.
  • Predictable Moves: Their attack moves can be easily predicted and dodged.
Strengths Weakness
Mobility Low HP
Resistant To Fire Weak Ranged Attacks
High Damage Attacks Fire Attacks
Group Attacks Predictable Moves
Poison Attacks


Final Fantasy 16 Soul Stingers
Fighting Soul Stingers (captured by us)

These are some strategies to use when defeating the Soul Stingers:

  • Divide and Conquer: You will get swamped if you try to defeat them all at once. But if you go for one at a time, you can trounce them without getting overwhelmed.
  • Use Multiple Attacks: You can use both physical and power attacks simultaneously to significantly damage the Soul Stingers without giving them a chance to attack and trounce them.
  • Use Stun Attacks: You can slow down The Soul Stingers and get a chance to land some free attacks.
  • Use Healing When Needed: As Soul Stingers can deal much damage, you must evade these attacks as much as possible and use your healing ability when required.
  • Use Your Surroundings: As soul Stingers are flying creatures, you can block their attacks by using the things in your surroundings and taking cover behind them.
  • Use Your Abilities Wisely: You should wisely choose the ability to attack multiple targets at once and deal damage as Soul Stingers fight in groups.
  • If Physical Party User: If you use a physical party, you should use highly damaging physical attacks to defeat the Soul Stingers.
  • If Magic Party User: If you use a magic party, you should use fire magic and other elemental attacks to deal much damage.
  • If Mix Party User: If you are a mix party user and use both physical and magical attacks, you should use the combination of these attacks to take down the Soul Stingers.
  • For Normal Difficulty: Use basic strategies and powerful attacks to deal significant damage.
  • For Hard Difficulty: Be careful and block the attacks of soul stingers, as they can damage you by attacking in groups and overwhelming you.
  • For Very Hard Difficulty: Attack the Soul Stingers with powerful moves and damage them a lot. You can also evade their attacks by taking cover behind your surroundings.

Tips & Tricks

Final Fantasy 16 Soul Stingers
Location of Soul Stingers (captured by us )

These are some helpful tips and tricks regarding Soul Stingers:

  • Use Ekions Powers: Some of Ekion’s abilities have quite an effect on Soul Stingers. So it would be best to use these abilities to inflict massive damage on and defeat them.
  • Use Fire-Based Attacks: You can use fire-based attacks to defeat Soul Stingers. This is one of the best ways of defeating them.
  • Always Be On Your Guard: Soul Stingers can also use long-ranged attacks. They can shoot high-energy beams, which can damage you a lot. So you must always be on your guard and stay alert.
  • Stay Close To Them: Soul Stingers can use long-ranged attacks from far, so they should be fought at close range.
  • Stun Them: By stunning them, you can slow down the Soul Stingers and get a chance to deal some damage freely.
  • Attack One At a Time: As Soul Stingers attack in groups, you should attack and focus on one Soul Stinger at a time to defeat them without being overwhelmed.
  • Use Healing When Required: Soul Stingers can deal much damage. So it would be best to use your healing abilities to heal yourself and stay strong.
  • Don’t Get Swarmed: As Soul Stingers attack in groups, it is better to deal with one at a time and not get overwhelmed.
  • Be Patient: Sometimes, it can get a little challenging to defeat Soul Stingers. So you should be patient and not get discouraged.
  • Make Use Of Your Surroundings: You can use your surroundings to your advantage and block or evade the attacks of Soul Stingers.

Soul Stingers are fast, powerful, and agile; their attacks deal much damage. But they are both rewarding and challenging creatures to defeat. You can trounce them and claim their rewards by using the right strategies.

After defeating Soul Stingers, you will earn many rewards, such as Gil and Soul Stinger pins. Soul Stinger Pin is a valuable item that decreases the damage given by fire-based attacks. It can be beneficial in the higher levels of the game.

These are some things you can do after defeating the Soul Stingers:

  • Explore The Field Of Corava: If you continue exploring the field of Corava, you can encounter many enemies and battle with them to level up and gain experience.
  • Upgrade Gear: You can return to Dhalmekea and modify your gear or buy new gear and abilities.
  • Defeat Other Rare Creatures: In Final Fantasy 16, many rare creatures exist. You can travel across different regions, find them, and defeat them. Doing so will reward you with many different powerful items and abilities.
  • Continue Main Story: You can continue the main story and fight stronger enemies and creatures.

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