Final Fantasy 16: Strategy Guide [Tips & Tricks]

Here is a comprehensive strategy guide for Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Strategy Guide
Final Fantasy 16 Strategy Guide

Are you searching for the most informative and reliable Final Fantasy 16 strategy guides? Well, worry not anymore. Our guide presents a curated compilation of top-notch tips and tricks that offer in-depth assistance for various aspects of the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • To become a pro, master the basics, which include defense, attack, and special moves.
  • Consistency in practice is so much crucial to dominating Final Fantasy.
  • Keep doing experiments to explore more about the game.
  • Watch tutorials and expert streamers to learn the advanced gameplay of Final Fantasy.

Exploring Final Fantasy 16.
Clive unleashes his fighting prowess against a fierce adversary.

Learn The Enemy’s Weakness

Playing this game consistently would let you know about the weaknesses of each enemy. Every enemy in Final Fantasy 16 has a weakness, that’s for sure. Once you learn about the enemy’s fault, it will become more vulnerable in front of you. Furthermore, It will get a lot easier for you to kill your enemy.

Never Stop Doing Experiments

The next highly valuable aspect of this strategy guide in Final Fantasy 16 is to experiment your way through the gameplay. The more experiments you will do, the more you will explore this game.

There are several attacks, spells, and abilities available in this game. They can all be tried with different combos for the best results. The best way to learn more things and to find the best combinations of Final Fantasy 16 is to keep doing experiments.

Use Of Melee

You would need an extra bit of height while attacking. For this purpose, Clive has control over three hit combo up in mid-air. You can also use a standard forehead combo when attacking enemies on the ground, but you don’t have to panic.

You will be able to use this combo over and over again, provided you have to keep pressing the melee button. It is important to keep pressing the melee button as it allows you to the combos frequently.

Implementation Of Magic Boast Ability

There is even more, to take from the Final Fantasy 16 strategy guide. If you want to kill a good number of enemies, then you must implement the magic boast ability. With the help of magic boast ability, you will be able to extend your combos. Your combos would be able to cover maximum ground and air. The more areas your combos cover, the more enemies you can kill at a time.

You can get these extensive combos if pressing on any of the melee or magic keys. Furthermore, Clive uses this magic and boasts the ability to slaughter deadly enemies. Furthermore, it helps you overcome the toughest challenges, especially if you are a beginner.

Exploring Final Fantasy 16.
Application Of magic boast.

Importance Of Timing

You may have heard a lot about how good timing produces brilliant results. You are going to experience the same thing in FF 16. Talk about the game; timing is so much important. The skills tree guides you to press the magic button after the melee attack lands. Timing becomes crucial when you are neck to neck with the enemies. You cant even waste a milli second when pressing the melee or magic button. 

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are a beginner and getting dominated by enemies, don’t panic. Find an empty room and practice alone. One of the best things about this game is that you don’t need to practice fighting the enemies. Go to the open arena, and practice on thin air.

Make Use Of Clive’s Abilities

Making good use of Clive’s lunge ability can produce fruitful results. He launches himself at the enemy with intense force and aggression. You can use the lunge ability when you want to fight the enemy upfront.

This ability can also be used to interrupt the attacks of the enemy. Furthermore, Clive’s downward thrust attack can be used when many enemies surround you, as he jumps up and slashes his sword on the ground. The slash of the sward is so hard that it causes much damage to the enemies.

There are many more abilities or best skills to consider in Final Fantasy 16. Make sure to practice them properly before implementing them on professional grounds. 

Maximizing The Impact Of Magic Bursts

Magic burst is an important aspect of Final Fantasy 16. If you master the art of using it efficiently, it can do wonders for you in the game. First, you must be efficient in activating it because it takes accurate timing. Then it would be best to use it against stunned enemies because they will likely take maximum damage.

The final tip is to use it for breaking the enemy’s will gauge. Will gauge helps enemies to show resistance against the magic. Once you break the will gauge will be the perfect time to use magic to beat the most formidable enemies.

Exploring Final Fantasy 16.
Clive showcases his abilities.

Unleashing The Power of Charged Attacks

Charge attacks can be proven deadly in Final Fantasy 16. The efficient use of these attacks can result in the death of many enemies. By pressing and holding the melee button, Clive can access the burning blade.

Furthermore, if you press and hold the magic button, Clive will charge up his magic. If enemies try to guard themselves against damage, then a burning blade and magic button can shatter the enemy’s defense.

The charged attacks can be less effective against enemies who move quickly. For this purpose, you need to use them against the right enemies. They can be more effective with elemental spells. You can use them to cause elemental damage to the enemies. Furthermore, you can experiment with them to comb with other attacks and eventually find your best attack.

Exploring Final Fantasy 16.
Practicing the charged attacks on thin air.

Never Quit

In the beginning, the enemies may succeed in making you feel low. You have to stay calm and keep practicing. If you spend a reasonable amount of time playing Final Fantasy 16, you can master the art of timing and using precise combinations. Remember, you will only get better with time. So show patience and never stop learning.

Final Fantasy 16 presents a captivating experience that combines challenge and reward, providing players with many strategic avenues to explore. Players can craft their distinct playstyle by delving into various abilities and spells, triumphing over even the most formidable obstacles. With dedication and practice, players can ascend to mastery of the game’s combat system, unlocking the full potential of their skills.

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