Final Fantasy 16: Tips And Tricks [Beginner’s Guide]

Here are some of the best tips for novice players to become pro in Final Fantasy 16!

Final Fantasy 16 Tips And Tricks [Beginner's Guide]
Guide on best tips for players to learn the basics and conquer battles in Final Fantasy 16.

Our Final Fantasy 16 tips and tricks guide will help the players explore the world of Valisthea and be able to destroy the enemy easily and quickly. The game also entails many adventures and side missions that the players can take on, which will take many hours to complete, but it is worth it. You must learn a few basics for this epic tale of love and loss, political conspiracy, and magic. Below we will give all the details related to Final Fantasy 16 tips and tricks.

Key Takeaways 

  • As one of the major tips for most players, they should complete all the side quests that will help them level their character and enhance their abilities. 
  • In Final Fantasy 16, an excellent strategy for the players is to collect more potions. It will help them to heal themselves during battles.
  • When the players get the ability points, they should use them to upgrade their abilities, which helps them to fight easily against the enemy and it also gives them more experience. 
  • Use the local maps in Final Fantasy 16 to get to all the dead-end areas where the player can find great high-tier loot.
  • The timely accessories will help the opponent to do things automatically against the opponent, such as healing, strikes, evasion, and more. It is way easier and more efficient for the players.

The players should play the side missions to get more experience, and with the help of our Final Fantasy 16 tips guide, the player can improve their skills in the game. Eikon Abilities will also help the players to improve their skills, and it can make the opponents vulnerable, which makes it easy to defeat the enemy. Potions are also essential items that will heal the player and decrease the amount of damage taken.

Below we will give you an overview of the best Final Fantasy 16 tips and tricks to help the player become a pro. 

Final Fantasy 16 Tips & Tricks  Best Used For 
Complete more Side quest    Earning More XP
Air-juggling    To Stun Enemies
Crafting And Purchasing  Getting Better Weapons
Build your Combo Multiplier with Gauge    High Damage Output
Phoenix Shift    Dodging Attacks
Torgal’s Cure Power    Restoring Health
Pairing Abilities Making Powerful Combos
Active Time Lore    Understanding The Plot
Exploring Dead ends For Loot    Farming High-Tier Items
Using Timely Accessories    For Extra Damage
Hall Of Virtue    High Damage Combos
Curating Powerful Eikon Builds  Improving Personal Moveset
Upgrade Eikonic Abilities  Endgame Combos
Precision Dodging    Avoiding Enemy Attacks
Use Limit Break  Extra Health Generation
Garuda Abilities In Intense Battles
Pick The Right Accessories    Extra Perks.

We will explain these Final Fantasy 16 tips and tricks in detail for better understanding. 

Complete More Side Quests 

The + mark side quest won’t show up for a while from the beginning. But when the player starts seeing some side quests coming up, the player is recommended to play them to get the rewards and experience. When the player completes the side quests, they will receive rewards from all of them that they can use in the boss battles of Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 tips
Completing Side Quests -Image captured by Gamesual

Mostly the player will get Renown and Gil. To get the + mark side quests, you must look on the map where the green circle contains a + sign. The player will get unique rewards from the + sign side quests that they cannot earn the same unique rewards in any other way. Considering this Final Fantasy 16 tip will benefit players in the long run with upcoming battles. 

Side Quests Location 
 A Place for Everyone The Ale Hall Blacksmiths Blue Counter Caulk & Ball The Pier, The Ale Hall 
Blacksmiths Blue  Counter 
Caulk & Ball  The Pier 
Do No Harm  Infirmary 
Food For Thought  The Ale Hall 


Learning Air juggling is a very important Final Fantasy 16 tip for the player to consider.

Air Juggling skill
Air Juggling Skill -Image captured by Gamesual

With the help of Air juggling, players can use repeated attacks to keep the opponent in the Air.

  • The player can only do the Air juggling on the small enemies as it cannot be used on all the opponents, especially tankier enemies. Still, the opponents will get stunned by it, which makes the opponent prone to damage in Final Fantasy 16.
  • When the opponent gets weak or gets Air juggled, it will help the player get out of range and go somewhere safe to dodge their attacks.

Crafting And Purchasing

The players can craft important gear, weapons, and armor and buy them from the shop on the highway or blacksmith in Final Fantasy 16. When they want the same Loot, the player should check both merchants. It will be quite helpful for you when Gil and the materials are in the masses. 

Below we will tell you the names of the best weapons to help you against enemies, their crafting recipes, and attack power.

Weapons  Crafting Recipes  Attack Power
Defender +1  Fallon iron +1, Wyrrite x780, Clutchmine x40, and Behemoth shackle x1  330 
Defender +2 


Upgrade 340 
Diamond sword +1  Bloody Hide x90, Imperial Link x1, and Whitewyrm bone x1  255 
Diamond sword +2  Upgrade 265 

Building Combo Multiplier With Gauge 

In Final Fantasy 16, the Gauge ability cannot initially be unlocked.

Final Fantasy 16 tipsfor Powerful combos
Crafting Powerful combos -Image captured by Gamesual

To unlock it, you must play the game to a  certain level and progress through the main story. But once the players unlock the gauge, it will be quite beneficial in the long run.

  • The gauge is the best option the player can use against the opponent when they are vulnerable and are stunned because each gauge strike can allow you to deal twice the base damage.
  • The player’s first move should be when the opponent is frozen.
  • You can build those numbers using your weapons by attacking the enemies with small hits.
  • After that, the players can do a significant strike and use an ability like the Flames of Rebirth, which can increase the damage dealt.

Using Phoenix Shift 

The players will unlock one of the first powers, Phoenix Shift, early on in the game.

Final Fantasy 16 tips
Using Phoenix Shift -Image captured by Gamesual

It will help Clive to run more quickly while bursting into the flames. The Phoenix shift can be more valuable to the player for approaching low-flying opponents and can work equally great for grounded enemies.

Players can use the Phoenix shift to approach the enemy quickly or dodge the attacks when they cannot read the attack. Otherwise, they will attack you when they see you coming toward them. 

Below we will tell you some of the best shift battle techniques and their details.  

Shift Techniques   Details
Shift Strike  This Shift Strike will land on the ground.
Shift Combo  After landing a Shift Strike, you can complete a combo on the single target. 
Shift Shot  This Shift Shot will land on the ground dealing great damage.

Torgal’s Curing Power 

  • The potions are the best healing resources that the players will have. However, your companion dog, known as Torgal, somehow has the curing power to help the player regenerate their health at the cost of nothing.
  • In Final Fantasy 16, this curing ability will be free for the players, which means they can use the cure anywhere in a tough situation to keep themselves alive rather than taking a massive risk by using fixed potion supplies.
  • However, don’t forget to use the healing elixirs, as they will help you heal in the battle so the player can continue the game without dying.  

Pairing Abilities

In Final Fantasy 16, the players can use all the abilities, but some can be complicated, and some can be easy to use.

How to use Best Abilities
Pairing Abilities -Image captured by Gamesual

There are a lot of available best abilities in Final Fantasy 16 that you can pair together to increase their potency. As an example, the player can use the ability to jump on the opponent and pair it with the down thrust strikes.

Another important tip is that players should use the chance to refund the ability by trying matching and mixing for the Best FF16 build curated towards your play style. 

Below we will give you the name of some of the best pairable abilities and their cost to help you improve your skills in Final Fantasy 16. 

Ability Name  AP Cost 
Wicked Wheel  525 AP 
Burning Blade  205 AP 
Precision Dodge  500 AP 
Heat Wave  120 AP 
Swift Recovery  10 AP 
Lunge  25 AP 

Active Time Lore 

Active Time Lore, also known as the ATL, is where the player can grab the touchpad during the cutscenes to pause and pull up all the descriptors for any characters in the cutscenes.

  • So, if Moogle has attacked Rosaria in the Active Time Lore screen, all you need to know about the current events show up when you open the screen.
  • It will be more beneficial for players who have just started. Active Time Lore is a great mechanism that helps new players by giving them a brief context to the overarching narrative and storyline.  

Exploring Dead Ends for Loot 

In Final Fantasy 16, when there is no mini-map, the players can get confused, which will lead the players to miss out on many resource-rich areas where high-tier and legendary loot can be found. The best way to get to all the areas is by using the local map to check and follow the surrounding territory and many high-loot areas.

Final Fantasy 16 tips for high loot
High Tier Loot Areas -Image captured by Gamesual

With no local map, the players can get confused, and they have to keep an eye on the route, and before moving on, they have to check any obvious routes along with hidden paths to see if they have not missed anything. 

Using Timely Accessories 

Don’t be frightened to use the timely Accessories because they are the best. After all, they put the Timely Accessories for a reason. One of the best Final Fantasy 16 tips is that Timely accessories will automatically help the player to do everything when they need it on time.

Final Fantasy 16 tips to use Timely Accessories
Using Timely Accessories -Image captured by Gamesual

Five accessories can be used from the beginning of the game, but the players can use three at a time. 

Below we will give the names of the best Timely Accessories in our Final Fantasy 16 Tips guide and the details of these accessories that can be useful for the players.  

Timely Accessories   Details  
Timely Focus   In a timely focus, the player will get the chance to slow down the attacks, which will help the player to dodge the attacks from the opponent by pressing the R1 button. 
Timely Assistance  


With the help of timely assistance, the player can get a companion dog that is known as the Torgue. This companion automatically attacks the enemy when the enemy gets too close and heals the player’s health when it is necessary.  
Timely Strike   The timely Strike is very helpful for the player to get a great combo in the battle against the opponent. The player only needs to click one specific button, and it will automatically do all the work for them.  

Hall Of Virtue 

We recommend that new players looking to improve their skills practice and use the Hall of Virtue.

Final Fantasy 16 tips
Hall of Virtue Practice -Image captured by Gamesual

It is one of the best Final Fantasy 16 tips to help players earn more experience by practicing. If the players face difficulties against the opponent, go to the arena stone in the hideaway corner and enter the Hall of Virtue.

  • In the Hall of Virtue, the player can select an opponent to practice with by fighting.
  • There are many options for the player to choose from here, so they can earn some experience by practicing.
  • By practicing, the players can learn many valuable aspects, for example, when they should use the magic burst in their combos for maximum damage output.
  • The players can also adjust all the movements of their opponent by turning them off their moves and movements so the player can use them as the standing target for wail-on and master their abilities. 

Curating Powerful Eikon Builds 

The player will receive new Eikons to help them get a new special ability to create powerful builds. For example, the Phoenix Eikon is a good one, and players can use it by pressing the button R2 + Triangle or R2 + Square.

Eikons and Gear
Eikons -Image captured by Gamesual

The players can also get abilities, including Aerial and Garuda, and have the ability to teleport as well. You can also unlock more of them by using the ability points in Final Fantasy 16. You can try different attacks or combos by getting these abilities and ultimately find the perfect build suited to your playstyle.

Upgrade Eikonic Abilities 

For the next tip in our Final Fantasy 16 tips guide, after the player unlocks the Eikonic ability, they can upgrade it using the ability points. After upgrading the ability, the player can spend more time mastering it properly to use it accurately on the opponent. By mastering any ability, the player can use this ability with different Eikons to make their attacks more powerful.

Spending Ability Points
Spending Ability Points -Image captured by Gamesual

If the player masters one of Garuda’s abilities, the player can prepare the Bahamut Eikon and attack the opponent with the ability and knock them down with a few hits. Mastering the ability will help the player make powerful end-game combo moves, which can give the best experience to fight against opponents. 

Precision Dodging 

Precision Dodges are much easier for the player to utilize in battles exactly when the opponent attacks.

  • By pressing the controller’s R1 button, Clive will Dodge the enemy’s attack and avoid taking damage.
  • If the player does it correctly, they will see the “Precision Dodge” prompt that will pop up on their monitor or screen and help them open up the opponent’s major attack for a decisive counter-move.
  • In Final Fantasy 16, Precision Dodging will help the players to save themselves against attacks by learning to dodge and doing it accurately. 

Use Limit Break 

The next tip in our Final Fantasy 16 tips guide is that the player should use the Limit Break defensively and offensively to turn Clive into a powerhouse.

Final Fantasy 16 tipsguide
Using Limit Break -Image captured by Gamesual

In the most difficult fights with the opponent, the player will find using all the potions and healing against the enemy is the best way to survive.

  • But unfortunately, sometimes they won’t be enough to last you in the extensive battles of Final Fantasy 16.
  • The good news is that the player can use Clive’s Limit Break ability, which will be unlocked during a special story task.
  • To use the Limit Break ability, press the button L3 or R3. Clive will heal more with the help of the Limit Break ability by giving more damage to the opponents.
  • So, when the player needs to heal in Final Fantasy 16 quickly, don’t forget to use the Limit Break ability.

Garuda Abilities

 The Garuda is one of the best Eikons with powerful abilities in Final Fantasy 16. By pressing the circle shoot button, your character will grab the enemies towards them the player so the player can easily attack them an enemy and finish them quickly.

Final Fantasy 16 tips for Eikonic Skills
Garuda Eikonic Skills -Image captured by Gamesual

The Garuda will be beneficial against major enemies, especially when they are vulnerable to damage. By attacking them with Garuda, the opponent will lose their power for a few seconds, making it easy to defeat the opponent quickly. 

Pick The Right Accessories 

The player can also pick multiple numbers of accessories in the game that will work for them against their opponents. Some accessories decrease the cooldown times, and some increase the casts for Eikonic abilities.

Final Fantasy 16 tipsand tricks
Best Accessories bTo Use -Image captured by Gamesual

From all these, there is one that increases the number for all combo damages up to 5%. The player should pick the best accessories for their build, not those that seem the most boosted. 

Below are some great accessories to use.

  • Ability-Centric Accessories
  • Timely Accessories
  • The Favor of Earth
  • Genji Gloves
  • The Will of Fire
  • Adamantite Gauntlets
  • Crimson Tassels
  • Channeler’s Whispers
  • Berserker Ring
  • Cleric’s Medallions

The player needs to know that in our Final Fantasy 16 tips guide. 

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