Final Fantasy 16: Tricephalic Terror [Bounty Hunt]

Here is a guide to show you what the Tricephalic Terror is and where to find it.

Final Fantasy 16 Tricephalic Terror
Final Fantasy 16 Tricephalic Terror

The Tricephalic Terror in Final Fantasy 16 is an S-Tier bounty hunt that unlocks right after the main quest, “Across the narrow.” In this hunt, you will fight a level 45 beast called Gorgimera. This will be your 3rd S-Tier hunt on the bounty board.

The Gorgimera is a beastly creature with dragon-like wings, a lion’s head and body, and a scorpion-like tail with two dragon-like heads. This particular S-Tier beast is straightforward to beat compared to others on the bounty board.

Final Fantasy 16 gorgimera appearance
Gorgimera appearance

Gorgimera is a recurring enemy in the final fantasy series. It’s a robust variant of the chimera beast. For those unaware, Chimera is a beast with the characteristics of a lion, dragon, goat, and snake. In the previous Final Fantasy titles, Gorgimera has been called Rhyos, Maximus, G. Chimera, Jimera, and R. Chimera.

It first appeared as Rhyos in the Chaos shrine in the Final Fantasy game. Furthermore, Rhyos was a particularly hard enemy, especially for those unprepared for it. It had fire resistance and could only be damaged by ice attacks. After it appeared in the first title, it kept appearing in other titles such as Final Fantasy II, V, VI, XI, XII, and XVI. 

Final Fantasy 16 Bounty Board
Bounty Board Description


  • 50 Renown     
  • 27,000 Gil     
  • 15,000 XP     
  • 120 Ability pts     
  • 1 Orichalcum (Crafting Material)

Tricephalic Terror Hunting Location

While the bounty description does not provide us with the exact location for the hunt, it does provide us with a very good hint “Velkory,” a desert located in the Dhalmekin Republic.”

You can get there by fast traveling to the Velkory desert Obelisk or the Dalimil Inn for the quickest route to the beast; from here, we need to search the location for the Bounty hunt. But this is still a large area to cover, and you don’t have all day, so instead, we will tell you the location of the hunt. It is located in the Western region of the Velkory Desert.

See the image below to see the accurate location:

(Note: The player indicator is the place where the Beast is located)

Tricephalic Terror Map Location
Map Location

Combat Tips

The only thing to watch out for while fighting Gorgimera is his magic attacks because they deal the most damage, whereas the melee attacks are easily avoidable. The best strategy against Gorgimera is given below:

  • It is easy to fight him with melee weapons
  • Avoid his Delta Force attack by running away. 
  • If you hear a Ram, RUN away from the beast. 
  • Evade the dragon’s voice attack by paying attention to the ground.

It has a wide-swing attack that you can easily evade to counterattack. The delta force attack is the stronger attack that Gorgimera uses in his second stage, so avoid it by keeping an eye on the ground and running away. Then there is The Ram’s voice; if you hear it get away from the beast because it will use an AOE attack at close range. And at last, the dragon’s voice combines magic and a charge attack that Clive can evade easily.

That is all for Tricephalic Terror in Final Fantasy 16. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. 

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