Final Fantasy 16: Trophy Guide [Complete List]

Here is all you need to know for a 100 percent completionist playthrough of Final Fantasy 16 efficiently.

Final Fantasy 16 trophies
Guide on Final Fantasy Trophies

This article will help completionists achieve the platinum trophy by providing a trophy guide. We will try to accomplish this by giving a step-by-step guide on how to get all bronze, silver, and gold trophies in the game. However, remember that you can only get some awards by increasing the game’s difficulty. 

Key Takeaways

  • Four types of trophies are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.
  • There are two types of trophies: story-related and non-story-related.
  • Story-related trophies can not be skipped and automatically happen.
  • Non-story-related trophies can not be done automatically.
  • Story-related trophies are eleven bronze and one gold.

Playstation Trophies
All Types of Trophies (credit to Sony)

Story Related Trophies

Since these trophies are story-related, they will be automatically finished as you progress. So you don’t need to worry about them if you need to know where you regard trophies in the story. 

BronzeAwokenIt is completed when the main quest seven has been started
BronzeWith Great PowerIt is completed when the main quest twelve has been ended
BronzeAcceptanceIt is completed when the main quest twenty-two has ended
BronzeLawlessIt is completed when the main quest twenty-six has ended
BronzeLegacy It is completed when the main quest thirty-six has been ended
BronzeTwilight Rose It is completed when the main quest thirty-eight has been ended
BronzeFrom Stone to Sand It is completed when the main quest forty-three has ended
BronzeTwin FlamesIt is completed when the main quest fifty-one has ended
BronzeA Vessel CompleteIt is completed when the main quest sixty-four has ended
BronzeAshes to AshesIt is completed when the main quest sixty-six has ended
GoldFalling Star It is completed when the main quest sixty-four has ended

Non-Story-Related Trophies

Gold Trophy ps5
Gold Trophy Icon
Master ClassFor this trophy, you must upgrade every feat and ability to its maximum. However, they can not be done by doing quests alone. You will have to farm.
Fantasy, Finally
You must complete the game in “Final Fantasy” mode for this trophy. This mode is not unlocked at the beginning. It can be opened by beating the game on every difficulty.


Silver trophy
Silver Trophy Icon
It’s Over 50,000First, deplete the yellow bar of the enemy, which will leave them staggered. You have to deal 50,000 damage to complete this trophy when they are staggered.
And They Opened Up My Mind.You have to get six signboards collected from sidequests
Hunter HuntedBy getting the hunt board, you have to hunt all the marks, of which there are 32 Notorias marks.
For the HoardAt Clive’s Room at the Wall of Memories, there will be listed certain curiosities. You have to get all those curiosities (22).
Half Past Twilight
This is the only skippable trophy that can be missed; for that not to happen, you must not sell the materials of the legendary sword Gotterdammerung and craft it.
Careful Whisper
For this achievement, you need all the Patron items you can get from the Patron whisperers at the hideaway. However, they are costly.


Bronze Trophy
Bronze Trophy icon
PunisherTo do a “punish,” you must hit a low-hp enemy when he is downed; even more, do this ten times to get the achievement.
You’re Not the Boss of MeThis achievement works on certain bosses. Thus, it cannot be obvious; nonetheless, to clear this quickly, you must kill a boss without taking any damage. It would be recommended to find and use the “Ring of Timely Evasion.”
Made to Be Broken
To complete this achievement, you will use the “semi-prime” mechanic, which is activated when the limit gauge is full. You have to use this mechanic 20 times to defeat an enemy.
SheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiftYou can use the red eikon phase shift and either shift strike or shift shot. Do this 15 times against an enemy.
Packing HeatObtain the “Heatwave” ability in Main Quest 7. Activate Heatwave just before a ranged projectile hits you. Once this is done, you can counter their attack. Do this two times.
Fatal AttractionUnlock “Deadly Embrace” in Main Quest 13. Use Garudo Eikon, then defeat five enemies in the air using any attack after Deadly Embrace. Once again, do this five times to defeat the enemy.
Never Coming DownUnlock “Gouge,” “Wicked Wheel,” and “Rook’s Gambit” in Main Quest 13. Use Wicked Wheel, switch to Garuda, and land all three moves in midair on an enemy like “Bighorn” in Rosaria; thus, use Three Reeds to unlock the trophy.
I Am the ThunderUnlock “Blind Justice” in Main Quest 27 by equipping Ramuh Eikon. Enter slow-motion aim mode with a circle button, target enemies with lightning by holding the cursor over them, and release bolts with a circle. Repeat until the trophy unlocks. Do this 50 times.
Rod to RedemptionUnlock “Lightning Rod” in Main Quest 27, and equip it with 120 Ability Points. Cast it in battle and have the same enemy walk into it three times, making it dissipate.
UntouchableUnlock “Titanic Block” in Main Quest 39 by equipping Titan Eikon. Hold the circle button just before an enemy hits you to land a Precision Block. Repeat ten times across multiple encounters, excluding Halls of Virtue.
Beat Rocking BlocksUnlock “Titanic Block” in Main Quest 39, a basic circle ability in the Titan skill tree. Perform a perfect block when an enemy is about to hit you, then do three strikes, repeating this combo twice in a single combat encounter.
100 MfpsUnlock “Megaflare” in Main Quest 52, and equip Bahamut Eikon. Charge with a circle, reach Lvl. 2, and unleash Megaflare on enemies. Hits count cumulatively, 100 required across multiple uses/fights.
Such Dodge, So MegaUnlock “Megaflare” in Main Quest 52, and equip Bahamut Eikon. Upgrade the “Wings of Light” ability to Level 4. In Rosaria > Three Reeds, enter Megaflare Charge mode before Bighorn’s attack, and precision-dodge three attacks in a row before reaching Level 4. The trophy unlocks if done correctly.
Oh, Snap!Unlock “Cold Snap” in Main Quest 62 by equipping Shiva Eikon. Press circle while Shiva Eikon is selected to freeze enemies with a special dodge (“Permafrost”). Repeat ten times; it can be farmed against the same enemy, like Bighorn in Rosaria > Three Reeds.
Cold-bloodedUnlock “Frostbite / Permafrost / Diamond Dust” in Main Quest 62, and equip Shiva Eikon. Find a group of weak enemies like four wolves in Sanbreque > Royal Meadows. Use Cold Snap to freeze three enemies, then defeat them with Diamond Dust while frozen. Fast travel to respawn enemies if needed.
Every Damn SinewUnlock “Zanetsuken” in Main Quest 65, and equip Odin Eikon. Press the circle button to replace Clive’s weapon, attack with the square button to charge the gauge to Level 2, and hold the square button to unleash Zanetsuken. Repeat five times.
Fistful of SteelEquip Odin Eikon, activate “Arms of Darkness” with the circle button, and use the square button to dodge and square again for a “Steel Counter.” Repeat three times in a single combat encounter.
Yes, EikonTo fully upgrade the “Phoenix” Eikon Skill Tree, spend 13,425 Ability Points. Reset abilities by pressing Touchpad in the Abilities Menu. Upgrade Eikon-specific abilities: Phoenix Shift, Scarlet Cyclone, Rising Flames, Heatwave, Flames of Rebirth.
With Two DsYou get potion potency rewards from sidequests. You have to upgrade consumables and then potency to their maximum.
Think, Mark!You have to defeat ten notorious marks and monsters in the open world.
Trial RunComplete a single Chronolith trial, of which there are 7 in total, one for each ability.
Dressed to the FivesFor this trophy, you must upgrade five gears, which you can do at the Blacksmith.
The Pen Is MightierYou get letters by completing the main quest and side quest. For this achievement, you need ten letters.
The More You KnowAs you progress through the game, you can speak to Harpocrates, whose knowledge will also increase. For this, you have to reach knowledge level 5 for Harpocrates.
You Can Pet the DogYou have to pet the dog five times, which can be done after Main Quest 9.
A Fine HoundTell the dog Torgal to do the attack “Sic” five times.
When You Ride AloneFinish the Side Quest, The White-Winged Wonder, where you will get a Chocobo, and then you have to mount it.
Here Be RosfieldsYou have to roam all areas on the map. Some are hidden, and some are not.
EurekaAfter Main Quest 28, you unlock a pub called Tub & Crown. There, you have to spend 36,000 Gil.

Please consider that almost all of these trophies can not be missed except one, and to get the platinum trophy, you must complete the rest of the missions. Knowing that a farm and great gear are crucial to getting the platinum trophy is also essential. 

My Take On Earning Trophies

These were all of the trophies we have been able to find for Final Fantasy 16. Hopefully, the completionist inside you will find it a little bit easier now to go after all of them. I think there is a trophy for everyone here, and by just playing the campaign, most players can get many of these trophies.

I didn’t play my campaign to collect trophies, and still, I got many of these trophies by just finishing the game once. Therefore, use this trophy guide if you plan to the completionist in Final Fantasy 16.

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