Final Fantasy 16: Ultima Weapon [Unlock Guide]

A complete guide to unlocking the ultima weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Ultima Weapon
Final Fantasy 16 Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon is the most legendary and powerful weapon of all the weapons of Final Fantasy 16. Even though Final Fantasy 16 has the toughest gameplay in the Final Fantasy series, it is still manageable with the right equipment.

Key Takeaways

  • Ultima weapon is the most iconic weapon of all the weapons in swords Clive.
  • The first step toward unlocking the ultima weapon is completing story mode and obtaining the necessary material for crafting the sword.
  • After completion of story mode, New Game Plus mode begins, in which the player can unlock the ultima weapon by acquiring specific material.
  • Ragnarok and Gotterdammerung can come in handy until the Ultima weapon is unlocked. Gotterdammerung is the second most powerful weapon of the swords Clive.
  • The Utterance of Creation appears automatically in inventory once the quest begins.
  • Ultima Weapon has the most astonishing stats of all swords, Clive. The sword can be used to take on bosses in one-on-one fights. Also, it has the highest attack and will points.

Serial No.  Weapon  Attack Points Will Points How to Get the Weapon
1 Gotterdammerung 375 375 It can be crafted once the Blacksmith Blues Quest IV is completed and the necessary materials are obtained.
2 Ultima Weapon 700 700 It can only be crafted in New Game Plus mode once the main story is completed and specific material is gathered.

There are a lot of weapons in Final Fantasy 16, but the Ultima weapon is the absolute best sword to unlock in Final Fantasy 16. This guide will speed us through how to unlock the Ultima Weapon, its stats, and the materials of the weapon.

Unlocking Ultima Weapon

To unlock the ultima weapon in Final Fantasy 16, players must complete a campaign and start the New Game Plus. To start the New Game Plus, first, the player needs to complete the campaign in either story mode or standard difficulty. 

Final Fantasy 16: Blacksmith's Blues Quest
Blacksmith’s Blues Quest

After completing the story mode, Ultima can be obtained in the Final Fantasy mode. The Ultima weapon needs to be crafted, not obtained, for which the player is required to beat the game one and unlock the final fantasy mode.

During the quest, you may encounter powerful enemies. Moreover, you may run into the game bosses in the early game. To overcome these obstacles, the player needs to unlock weapon materials.


The material which comes by unlocking the ultima weapon includes Ragnarok, Utterance of Creation, and Ultima Weapon Crafting Material.  

To obtain the Ragnarok, the player must complete all the Blacksmith’s Blues side quests in the first playthrough. 

Final Fantasy 16: Ragnarok

This is one of the most accessible ultima items to collect, as it appears in the inventory once the player begins his quest in the New Game Plus. 

The player doesn’t need to specifically go out of the way to collect the crafting material; rather these are earned automatically by completing the main story missions in the New Game Plus. Ultima weapon calls for three Ultima Weapon Crafting Materials.

Final Fantasy 16: Gotterdammerung
Final Fantasy 16: Gotterdammerung

After completion of story mode, the players get Gotterdammerung, its materials, and the recipe to raft it. Since the player has obtained the Ragnarok and Gotterdammerung, they can now craft the Ultimate weapon.

These are one of the best swords in the Final Fantasy series. With these swords, the player doesn’t need to dodge the attacks.

In Final Fantasy 16, Ultima Weapon possesses 700 Attacks and 700 Stagger, making it one of the most powerful weapons in the Final Fantasy series. It is a complicated weapon to acquire as the player must possess immense strength and unique abilities. Here is an overview of the stats:

Of all the Final Fantasy series swords, the Ultima weapon has the best stats. It can take on more challenging enemies than the player will face in the New Game Plus.

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay is somewhat difficult compared to others in the series. Along with difficulty, it brings new gears and weapons to the player’s disposal. Ultima weapon is the highest rated weapon in the swords Clive.

Other than this, Ragnarok and Gotterdammerung are also one of the best swords.  They can be very useful if used effectively. Since you are here, why not check out:

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