Final Fantasy 16: Weapon Types [Explained]

Learn about the Final Fantasy 16 Weapon Types to better equip yourself.

Final Fantasy 16 Weapon Types
Final Fantasy 16 Weapon Types

Final Fantasy 16 features a plethora of swords with incredible designs and stats. Having a sword with astonishing stats makes Clive even more promising throughout the game. To reach the end of the game, you will require swords with excellent attack power and good defenses. This guide, Final Fantasy 16 Weapon Types, will help you better equip yourself and allow you to overcome the challenges that await later in the game.  

Key Takeaways

  • Final Fantasy 16 has a classification-based system for Tier 1 to Tier 5 weapons.
  • Tier 1 has weapons with a simple plain design with little damage.  
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 are a little better than Tier 1 in dealing with damage but do not have much diversity in design.
  • Many weapons lie in Tier 4, each having a great design and decent damaging stats. You may need to go through some side questlines to acquire these weapons.
  • Tier 5 weapons are used in New Game Plus to take on formidable opponents. Surely, they have the most outstanding stats but also require the necessary crafting material to craft it. 
  • All weapons in Final Fantasy 16 possess different qualities and are obtained at different game modes by completing the necessary questlines.   

All Weapon Types

In the final fantasy, 16 weapon types are also known as rarities. The rarities follow a classification-based system. The weapons are classified from tier 1 to tier 5, with tier 1 having the most basic stats, whereas tier 5 has the most astonishing stats.

Beginning with the lowest tier, Tier 1 weapons have a simple design and do not deal much damage. They are only the starting weapon you can use until you can acquire a better one.

Final Fantasy 16 Weapon Location
Quest’s Locations

Next in line is tier 2 and tier 3. The weapons in this category are a little better regarding the amount of damage dealt, but still, they do not have much diversity. They possess a simple design and are not preferable to use in combat.

Weapons falling in tier 4 are the real deal. Each weapon has a variety of designs, and they can deal a great amount of damage depending on the sword’s stats.

The last and most important tier, Tier 5, is where only the Ultima Weapon is ranked above all swords. The weapon in this category is no simple sword, but it is the deadliest weapon of all and can only be used in the New Game Plus mode of the game. Surely, crafting the ultima weapon is not easy and can only be obtained after completing the side quests.

Weapon List

Weapons in Final Fantasy 16 can be forged or bought at the shop. To craft weapons, you must have the right materials at your disposal. The material can be obtained once you complete the side quests. Below is the list of weapons, their stats, and their acquisition method.

Final Fantasy 16: Weapon Stats
Weapon Stats
Weapon  Stats


+2 Stats


How to Get it
Braveheart 130/130 Obtained as a pre-order, as it is claimed as a redeemable item in the menu upon starting the main quest.
Excalibur 268/268 Obtained after completing Blacksmith’s Blues Quest ii. Craft The Black Hammer Post. 
Gaia Blade 140/140 160/160 Upon Completion of Wages of Guilt’s main quest, Craft at The Black Hammer.
Bastard Sword 110/110 130/130 Craft at The Black Hammer and complete the Awakening main quest to obtain it.
Brightburn 270/270 After acquiring light shard craft at The Back Hammer Post. 
Broadsword 80/80 100/100 Purchase from Charon’s toll after completing A Chance Encounter Main Quest. 
Everdark 315/315 You need an Icebrand, a dark shard, 8 meteorites, and 400 sharp fangs to craft this weapon. It becomes accessible during Brotherhood’s main quest.
Flametongue 180/180 Obtained after defeating Infernal Eikon and getting flame shard to craft the sword.
Gotterdammerung 375/375 It can be crafted after completing the Blacksmith’s Blues IV quest and then crafted from the material obtained. 
Grindstone 225/225 Once the earth shard is obtained upon defeating Hugo Kupka, it can be crafted.
Icebrand 300/300 It can be crafted once the “Across the Narrow” main quest begins.
Invictus 165/165 It is acquired during the Holding on the main quest. 
Imperial Infantry Blade 75/75 This is Clive’s starting weapon, so usually obtained in the beginning.
Levinbolt 195/195 Once the Republican War Panther is defeated and Lightning Shard is obtained, it can be crafted. 
Longsword 95/95 115/115 After completing the Awakening main quest, it can be crafted at The Black Hammer. 
Platinium Sword 200/200 220/220 It can be purchased from Charon’s toll after completing the Storm main quest. 
Ragnarok 325/325 It can be acquired once Blacksmith’s Blues side questline has been completed. 
Rosarian Oath 55/55 This is obtained in the very beginning when Clive is a youngster. 
Stormcry 135/135 It can be crafted once Guarda is defeated and wind shard is obtained. 
Ancient Sword 252/252 On the east of The Steps of the Forgotten, it can be found in a chest in Dhalmekia. 
Coral Sword 185/185 It can be obtained in a chest in the mines of Drake’s head.
Defender 320/320 340/340 Behemoth Shackle, a Fallen Iron, a Clutchmine, and 790 Wyrites are required to craft this weapon. It can be obtained during the ‘ Street of Madness’ main quest. 
Diamond Sword 245/245 265/265 It can be bought from Goetz’s toll at the Crystalline Dominion. 
Enhancer 230/215 You will require 225 Wyrites, an earthen fury, and 75 magicked ash to craft this weapon. This can be obtained during the “Out of the Shadow” main quest. 
Masamune 310/310 It can be obtained east of Rikmal’s Roost in a chest on the shadow coast. 
Rune Blade  275/275 295/295 Can be obtained on Charon’s toll after the start of ‘A Song of Hope’s main quest. 
Sparring Sword 55/55 It is accessible during the practice with Lord Commander in the ‘Sunrise, Sunset’ main story quest.
Ultima 700/700 It can be acquired in the New Game Plus mode, and you have to play in the hardest difficulty level.

The secret to becoming a pro player doesn’t lie with the weapon type but how well you use it in combat. You must have the proper gear and be fully equipped when facing a formidable foe and making full use of the weapon at hand.

Besides weapon types, the game provides several other enhancements, such as Eikonic abilities, Eikonic feats, and accessories that allow you to tune your combat skills further.

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