Final Fantasy 16: White Wyrm Bone [Boss Guide]

Here is how you can defeat the White Dragon to acquire the White Wyrm Bone.

white wyrm bone final fantasy 16
White Wyrm Bone - Final Fantasy 16 : Image By Gamesual

White Wyrm is a crafting item that allows players to upgrade the available gear. Unfortunately, it is a late-game item and requires players to progress the storyline.

To get the item, players must reach a moment in the campaign to defeat the White Dragon. The White Dragon is an ice dragon, with all of its attacks being ice-based.

I found that, like previously encountered dragons in the game, this Dragon is highly agile and quick. This means the Dragon will constantly be on the ground or in the air. Therefore, I recommend knowing the moves of this Dragon before you get into the fight.

Major Takeaways

  • The White Wyrm Bone is an essential Crafting Item in Final Fantasy 16.
  • However, you can only earn this material if you defeat the White Dragon.
  • The White Dragon boss fight is part of the Fire in the Sky questline.
  • Once you defeat the Dragon, you are rewarded with several essential items, including three White Wyrm Bones.
  • The player can use this White Wyrm Bone to craft two new Diamond Items and a Silken Sash.

First Phase Attacks

Like most boss fights, this fight also features multiple phases. I was able to change the stage of the battle by staggering the enemy.

After every phase, the White Dragon also brought out newer attacks for me to dodge. Most of these attacks come in projectiles heading in your direction.

These are all the attacks the White Dragon can perform in the first phase of the fight:

  • Ice Crystal Projectiles:
    • The White Dragon’s common attack involves firing glowing white projectiles from its mouth.
    • The projectiles create ice spikes after hitting the ground, and dodging is essential to avoid damage.
    • I learned that the only way to dodge this is to stay out of the way of these projectiles.
  • Wing Projectiles: 
    • Following Ice Crystal projectiles, the Dragon spreads its wings and shoots five from each wing.
    • These homing missiles require precision dodging to evade successfully.
  • Nosedive Attack:
    • A melee attack where the Dragon nosedives, dragging its body on the floor and leaving an ice trail.
    •  I suggest that players evade as soon as they see the Dragon coming because it will crush you under its body.
  • Wing Attacks: 
    • The Dragon can spin with a wing on the ground, leaving behind ice crystals, or slam its wing vertically.
    • Therefore, when the Dragon performs this attack, I think it would be best to be on the other side of the Wing and land some hits.
  • Ground Slam: 
    • Involves the Dragon charging energy in its front legs and slamming them on the ground, creating shockwaves and ice crystals.
    • The attack has a long animation, providing an opportunity for relatively easy evasion.
  • Spectral Orbs: 
    • The Dragon releases five glowing orbs that lock onto players and move slowly.
    • Despite their slow speed, players should be cautious as these orbs can disrupt combos if underestimated.
wing projectiles Final fantasy 16
Wing Projectiles – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

Second Phase Attacks

Staggering the Dragon for the first time completes the first phase of the fight. Therefore, after the Stagger ended, I realized that the Dragon was much more aggressive and performed a few new attacks. Players can learn about these attacks before the battle to get the upper hand.

These are all the attacks the White Dragon performed during my fight in the second phase:

  • Emanation Attack: 
    • The White Dragon sends out some clusters of blue energy that will slowly descend to the ground.
    • Once on the ground, these energy clusters will fire energy beams toward each other.
    • I suggest that the players be aware of these beams, as they can give out significant damage and stagger you.
  • Emanation Attack 2: 
    • The Emanation Attack has another phase. If it can stagger and trap the player on the battlefield, it moves on to the second phase. Four energy clusters will surround the player and spin during this.
    • I had to leave this circle immediately as the attack exploded in a field of crystals. 
  • Icy Breath: 
    • The White Dragon can also fly to the center of the field and fire its powerful breath toward the ground.
    • This attack deals area damage that players must escape before the attack finishes. 
  • Energy Beams: 
    • The White Dragon can also send a few spiraling glowing balls to the arena. These will travel to the player’s location and plant themselves in the ground.
    • I also saw energy beams coming straight from the center.
    • Then energy will travel from the center to the edge of these beams, capable of dealing damage and staggering the player.
  • Dragon Dance: 
    • This attack is a mixture of all the attacks that came before.
    • The Dragon starts firing all of its previous attacks at once.
    • I had to work extra hard to dodge and evade these simultaneous attacks. 


reward white dragon wyrm bone final fantasy 16
Reward For The Fight – Final Fantasy 16: Image by Gamesual

Once you defeat the White Dragon, you will be awarded a few essential items. After this fight, I was rewarded with 3 White Wyrm Bone, 20 Sharp Fang, 20 Bloody Hide, 1500 XP, 200 Ability Points, and 3200 Gil. However, at the time, I did not know how to utilize the 3 White Wyrm Bones in Final Fantasy 16.

Item White Wyrm Bone  white wyrm bone
Item Type Crafting Material
Sell Price 400 Gil
Source Defeating White Dragon
Quest Name Fire in the Sky

The White Wyrm Bone is mainly a crafting material. However, players can sell them for 400 Gil each, earning you 1200. This is an excellent item for crafting, especially if you want to craft vital Diamond Items. Moreover, the White Wyrm Bone can also help you prepare a Silken Sash. 

Item Number Name of Gear Items Required
Quantity of the Item
1 Diamon Sword +1 White Wyrm Bone 1
    Imperial Link 1
    Bloody Hide 90
2 Silken Sash White Wyrm Bone 1
    Steelsilk 261
    Magicked Ash 87
3 Diamond Armlets White Wyrm Bone 1
    Wyrrite 243
    Sharp Fang 81

I recommend you head to Cid’s Hideaway to craft these weapons and gear. Although these items provide great variety to your arsenal and provide you with solid weapons, you can still sell them for some extra cash. 

My Thoughts

I encountered many powerful hunts and bosses during my campaign in Final Fantasy 16. The battle with the White Dragon kept me on the edge of my seat. The White Dragon is a robust and capable foe of performing many attacks.

Therefore, I recommend players learn a few of his moves first so you can expect when you have to dodge an attack. Moreover, I was rewarded with 3 White Wyrm Bones after defeating the White Dragon. Initially, my approach was to sell anything, but I later learned that these bones could be used to craft some great Diamond Gear and a Silken Sash.

Therefore, it is worth the fight to finally earn your reward and add new Diamond items to your arsenal.

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