Final Fantasy 16: Wind Shard [Explained]

Learn how to exploit the Wind shard in Final Fantasy 16 and get the best crafting gear out of it.

Final Fantasy 16 Wind shard
Final Fantasy 16 Wind shard

Wind Shard, in Final Fantasy 16, serves an elementary purpose. However, obtaining the Wind shard will be a tiresome effort to work on. Its use is to craft a weapon of the utmost rarity to you, the Stormcry. A Wind shard is a limited artifact that is not obtainable more than once by any means.

Key Takeaways

  • The Wind Shard is obtainable through slaying Garuda during her second phase in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Players can take the Wind shard to the Forge and craft the Stormcry.
  • The Stormcry is a fitting weapon with its stats worthy enough to wield it right after slaying Garuda and having Attack and Stagger to be 135.
  • Stormcry cannot be reinforced like any usual weapon upgrade. However, it can be transformed into a better version of itself, the Flametounge sword. 

How To Get Wind Shard

Obtaining Wind shard in Final Fantasy 16
Get Wind shard after slaying Garuda (second phase)

After fighting Garuda in chapter 14, players will receive a Wind shard at the end of the boss fight. Garuda boss fight has two phases. Whereas the first phase will reward you with Sharp Fangs, the second phase will reward Wind Shard. Both of these items serve the crafting purpose. 

The first phase of Garuda is capped to a limited ground where movement might concern players for some time. However, the second phase shapeshifts Clive into Ifrit, where the ground area is plenty. This is simply due to the Lunge attacks that favor pretty substantially in the fight against Garuda.

Crafting With The Wind Shard

Stormcry crafted through Wind shard
A rare weapon craft able only through the Wind Shard

Using the Wind shard is advantageous as it grants a weapon of high rarity. The Froge allows the player to craft the Stormcry, which can neither be sold nor purchased in the game. A YouTube guide by Gamer Guru shows weapon crafting in the most simplified way. The weapon is comprised of impressive stats for the early game scenario.

Weapon   Attack  Stagger   Rarity   Reinforcement 




 Not available

Even though Stormcry does not support Reinforcement, it is still upgradeable. Following this, players can craft the Flametounge sword later in the game, an upgradeable form of the Stormcry. 

Weapon  Attack  Stagger  Rarity   Reinforcement 



 Not available

Both weapons are pretty outstanding regarding the damage they deal. You can also check out our comprehensive Final Fantasy 16 Best Weapons guide. However, the Flametounge sword not only requires the Stormcry. Instead, its requirement involves a few essential materials for its craft.

  • Stormcry
  • Meteorite
  • Fire Shard

The upgrade replaces the Stormcry with the Flametounge sword. As stated above, players cannot maintain the Wind shard again to craft another Stormcry. 

In brief, the Wind Shard is much handy in Final Fantasy 16 as it allows the players to craft a strong and sturdy weapon as early as possible. Final Fantasy offers much content to explore that provides benefits in particular ways. Content from every measure related to crafting, combat, or exploring is worth interest. 

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