How To Find the Combination for the Safe GTA 5

You may have to find unlock various safes during missions in GTA 5. So here is a guide on how to find the combination for the safe GTA 5.

Find the Combination for the Safe GTA 5 cover
Find the Combination for the Safe GTA 5
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Grand Theft Auto is hands down one of the most successful gaming titles ever made. Its immersive and surreal open-world gaming experience is the reason that is constantly the talk of the town since its initial release in 2013. Its gaming experience is so detailed that it has something for everyone to relate to. It can amaze you when it comes to how realistic it can be.

During some missions in GTA 5, you may also embark on some quests to find some information or items. While during heists or missions, you may have to unlock safes in GTA 5. For that, you may need to search for the keys or combinations to those safes. So here is a guide on How to find the Combination for the Safe GTA 5.

Find the Combination for the Safe GTA 5 cover
Find the Combination for the Safe GTA 5

Like these safe combinations at secret locations, there are also some remote locations in GTA V where you can get rare vehicles. For example, Tow Truck is a scarce vehicle in GTA 5, and it is very difficult to get your hands on in the game. If you are interested in exploring such secret locations, you can visit our GTA 5 Tow Truck location guide.

Locations Where You Need To Unlock Safes

Tequi-la-la in GTA V

Tequi-la-la is a rock club in Los Santos featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It is based on the rock and roll nightclub Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood, California, which is situated on Sunset Boulevard.

One of the Security Contracts: Recover Valuables missions, where the player is entrusted with locating stolen jewelry from the Lost MC, leads to the entrance to the interior. In this mission, you need to unlock a safe, and you will have to find its combination at the mission location to recover the stolen jewelry from the safe.

Tequi-la-la in GTA 5
Tequi-la-la (Rock Club), where the players have to unlock the safe

Vanilla Unicorn in GTA V

Players can visit the Vanilla Unicorn strip club in San Andreas featured in Grand Theft Auto V. As both names include a taste and an animal with a horn on its head, the club’s name is a parody of the actual strip club chain Spearmint Rhino (though fictional in this case). Additionally, based on the exterior and the club’s location in Strawberry, the structure was inspired by the real-life strip club Bare Elegance.

You can also buy its stocks in the game to earn money from here. In one of the side missions to recover the Valuables, a Watch, in this case, you will have to unlock a safe by finding the combination for the safe. This guide will guide you on where and how to find the combination of that safe.

Vanilla Unicorn in GTA 5
Vanilla Unicorn in GTA 5

Find Combination For the Safe GTA 5

In the DLC update “The Contract” for Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, released on December 15, 2021, some extra side missions are added to the game.

Recovery From Tequi-la-la

Players will be given instructions to locate a safe’s combination at this location as part of the mission. This article intends to help players with problems in GTA Online locate the safe combination, so we will focus on that.

For that instance, you will have to look for a yellow post-it note. This note with the combination written on it can be found in various places throughout the club. You need this note to recover the stolen jewelry from the safe at Tequi-la-la.

Locate The Yellow Note

To search for the yellow note, you can check the following locations:

  • On the ground floor, near the bar
  • Near the stage there are some sofas; there is a table right next to them. You can find it here.
  • On the left of the bar, on the black platform on which speakers are supported.
Tequi La La Location gta 5
Tequi La La Location 1

Moreover, the other location where you can find the yellow note is given below:

Tequi La La GTA 5 find the combination for the safe gta 5
Tequi La La Location 2

Unlock The Safe Using This Combination

After the player has found the yellow note page, they will be instructed to get the safe combination as soon as they get close to it.

When players have completed this task, they are prepared to access the safe in the club. After that, take the necklace out of it. The mission is completed by returning to the Agency with the item in hand.

Recovery From Vanilla Unicorn

Players are tasked with obtaining a watch from the Vanilla Unicorn as part of Recover Valuables Security Contracts in GTA Online’s The Contract DLC. However, this watch cannot be readily accessed as it has been placed within the establishment’s safe. This article explains where to look for the combination so that GTA Online players who wish to open the Vanilla Unicorn safe can do so.

To recover the watch from the safe, you need to follow these steps:

Locate The Yellow Note

Players must locate a yellow post-it note inside the structure to get the combination for the safe. Despite this, there is no set area where this post-it will always spawn. Instead, it can show up anywhere in this strip club.

Before moving on to the next phase, GTA Online gamers may need to check each of the locations listed below where the message note can spawn:

  • Near the “Vanilla Corn sign” near the dancing bar. The sign will be glowing neon.
  • In the dancing room, on the fence around the dancing pole for strippers.
  • On the couch of some curtained dance booth in the dancing room.
Vanilla Unicorn Location gta 5 find the combination for the safe gta 5
Vanilla Unicorn Location 1

Furthermore, the other location where you can find it is given below:

Vanilla Unicorn gta 5 find the combination for the safe gta 5
Vanilla Unicorn Location 2

Unlock The Safe using Combination

Players should use the note to obtain the Vanilla Unicorn safe code as soon as they approach the note at one of these spots. It will have a green arrow appear above it. After completing that, players should return to the company’s dressing room.

Unlock the safe there, and recover the valuable from the safe. That will complete the mission and also reward the players with a hefty amount of money.

It should be noted that one of the prerequisites for obtaining GTA Online’s VIP Contracts is finishing a Security Contract. Players will get access to VIP Contracts once they complete the assignment. It is unlocked via a phone conversation and happens at the Golf Club during the game.

GTA V features a lot of secret locations and puzzles that make the game more interesting. You may find some rare vehicles or surprises at these locations. If you are further interested in exploring the secret places and Easter eggs in GTA V, why don’t you visit our guide on Two Hoots Falls, one of the most interesting remote locations of GTA V?


So, this concludes our guide on How to Find the Combination for the Safe GTA 5. While completing various missions in GTA 5, you may be asked to complete multiple trivial tasks to keep the game more engaging. Such activities make the Grand Theft Auto experience more interactive and immersive and keep the players engaged. We hope that this guide was helpful for you.

Finally, what do you think about our guide? Do let us know in the comments below.

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