GTA 5: All Fire Stations [Location Guide]

Here are all the possible Fire Station locations I was able to find in GTA 5.

Fire Station Locations in GTA 5
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The Bureau Raid is a major heist in GTA 5, and the player must use critical thinking to put it up successfully. Players need a fire truck out of a fire station to escape The Bureau Raid. This is why I think it is important for players to know the Fire Station Locations.

There’s a total of 7 stations in the town of Los Santos. Four are in the city, while the other three are in Blaine County, right next door.

Key Takeaways

  • There are seven fire station locations in GTA 5 where players can get their fire trucks.
  • You will find Four in Los Santos and three in Blaine County.
  • El Burro Heights is the Biggest station, where Capital Boulevard and El Rancho Boulevard intersect. 

Fire Stations on The Map

Grand Theft Auto 5 contains many notable buildings essential to progressing the game, including seven fire stations.

These stations, which service Los Santos and Blaine County, are located conveniently in central locations. Accordingly, the following is a list of fire stations and their respective areas:

El Burro Heights Fire Station Los Santos

El Burro heights fire station
El Burro heights

I was able to locate Station 7 of the Los Santos Fire Department in El Burro Heights, where Capital Boulevard and El Rancho Boulevard intersect. Every resident of East Los Santos can use its services.

Indeed, that station is one of the largest in the state, and the building is massive. Anyone needing medical attention at St. Fiacre Hospital can conveniently find it nearby.

The building’s middle part has two stories, and two fire poles make it easy and quick to get from the top floor to the garage. It is divided into six apparatus bays and serves as the storage area for the fire trucks.

Usually used as a workspace, one level makes up the remaining area. Commonly, to the east of the workplace is a reservoir for storing water, and to the west is a training tower.

Fire Station Near Airport

At the lone fire station in San Andreas, I noticed an interesting detail – it bears the Los Santos Fire Service seal rather than the LS County Fire Service one. The Los Santos Fire Department’s official seal is featured in the pattern, creating a distinctive aesthetic.

The fire department is housed in a sizable building near the western gates of the airport. Interestingly, all four doors on the ground floor facing south are locked.

Exploring further, the larger section of the structure, though inaccessible to the public, features three roller gates. While there are no home electronics around the station, the absence of nearby fire departments is notable. However, a downed jet to the west could be a valuable training opportunity.

During my observations, fire trucks can utilize the garage’s side door between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. It’s a routine practice for a firefighter to lock the side doors after use. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to spot a Ripley patron parking in the emergency escape spaces west of Door 1, adding a touch of realism to the station’s surroundings.

There used to be many fire trucks, but now only a few are left at the station. Many firefighters spend much of their day working in locations far from the firehouse. For a detailed view of Los Santos Airport, please check: Where is the Airport In GTA 5?

Fire Department Of Rockford Hills

Significantly located on the northwest corner of South Boulevard Del Perro and Rockford Drive, the Rockford Hill fire station is a large, three-story facility. You may find the public library in the nearby civic building.

Firefighters might be standing outside the station, and a fire truck might spawn outside the locked doors. The Los Santos Fire Department is responsible for managing the pedestrian gateway. In addition, help is required to enter the Paleto Bay and LSIA fire stations.

Davis Fire Station (Los Santos)

On Macdonald Street, there’s this fueling station that caught my eye. Stepping inside, you’ll see this open layout with all kinds of interesting stuff – refueling hoses, crates, lockers, and these cool emblems and symbols on the walls.

Over in the left-back corner, there’s a bunch of tools and equipment neatly tucked away.

Now, by those two fire poles, these locked doors lead to separate rooms, adding a bit of mystery to the setup. What’s intriguing is that two of the three garages here always seem wide open, giving you a little sneak peek into what’s happening.

Oh, and don’t miss that “Davis Fire Department” sign hanging proudly just outside the left garage door – it adds a nice touch.

Paleto Bay Fire Department (Blaine County)

Fire Station 1, which serves Paleto Bay and the surrounding area, is located on Paleto Boulevard, near the Sheriff’s Office in Blaine County. Specifically, it’s common to practice to have a fire truck parked out front, with a couple of firefighters standing outside the entrance.

The backward-facing training tower may contain a secret spaceship. Like many in Southern Los Santos, this firehouse features a pitched roof. Therefore, all known methods of communication have failed to reach it.

Fire House In Sandy Beaches (Blaine County)

I found another Fire Station near Alhambra Drive, close to Sandy Shore Hospital. When I first looked at the building, it seemed slightly creepy and quite empty.

It features the boarded-up lack of a fire engine, which you’d find at fire stations, indicating that the Sandy Shores Fire Station could be underutilized and closed. Yet, the station’s fate is still in the hands of the heroes waiting outside the back door: the firefighters.

A Fire House In Zancudo’s Fort (Blaine County)

Fort Zancudo Fire Station
Fort Zancudo

The US Air Force Base’s firehouse is inside Fort Zancudo. There are two garages, a satellite dish, a control tower on either side of the building, and three bays specifically for fire trucks. Near the station, you’ll find a pallet jack, some cardboard boxes, some dumpsters, some wooden pallets, and, weirdly enough, a bike parking rack.

Operations were conducted by the military fire station in Zancudo’s Fort. Despite this, the station is only occasionally operational, and no fire engines will be present to put out any fires within the complex.

My Recommendation For Fire Station

While in Los Santos, understanding the Fire Station locations proved crucial, especially when gearing up for major heists like The Bureau Raid. Each station has its unique charm, from the expansive El Burro Heights station to the mysterious Macdonald Street setup. When planning your escape, having a fire truck handy can make all the difference, and knowing where to find them is essential.

A little tip from my own experiences – instead of waiting around, dialing 911 on your in-game mobile is a quick way to get a fire truck at your location. It’s not just about stealing a vehicle; it can add a whole new layer to your gameplay, allowing you to role-play as a firefighter.

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