Minecraft: Flame Enchantment [Crafting Guide]

Our extensive guide on Flame enchantment entails everything you would want to know from crafting and its benefits.

Flame Enchantment in Minecraft
Flame Enchantment

With Bows being a standard weapon in Minecraft, it also damages opponents considerably. Meanwhile, the weapon still lacks stealth due to its conventional build. However, many enchantments can upgrade this weapon into a more advanced and destructive version. Flame enchantment is one such enchantment in Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • Flame enchantment is a single-level enchantment in Minecraft. It allows players to fire flaming arrows at their opponents.
  • It has multiple unique properties; it only damages living creatures and not anything else in Minecraft.
  • It can be obtained in two ways in Minecraft. The first is by the Enchanting table, and the second is by the Anvil.
  • While using the Enchantment table is pretty straightforward, getting the flame enchantment through the Anvil can be a difficult task.
  • Meanwhile, Anvil requires enchanting books to enchant any item in Minecraft. Players can obtain these books by fishing, opening loot chests, and trading with the villagers.

Unlike many other enchantments in Minecraft, the Flame has only one level. Therefore, it cannot be upgraded to different levels to empower further or deal more damage. Moreover, the enchantment can be placed only on regular bows in Minecraft, unlike many multi-purpose enchantments.

There is a relatively modern variant of a regular bow in Minecraft, i.e., a crossbow. Moreover, players can upgrade the crossbow with the quick charge enchantment. Please read our detailed guide on Quick Charge Enchantment Minecraft to learn more about it.

Flame Enchantment In Minecraft

Flame enchantment in Minecraft is used on bows to shoot flaming arrows. It is a single-level enchantment, so it cannot be further upgraded to more potent variants. A single flaming arrow will put the target on fire and deal about five fire damage. There are some interesting facts about this enchantment in Minecraft, which are mentioned below:

  • Flaming arrows only damage living creatures in Minecraft. So, for example, if you fire an enchanted flaming arrow on a building block or any tree, it will not light it up. However, players can use these arrows to start a campfire.
  • Players can ignite TNT with these arrows. If any other creature suffers damage from these TNT, it will be counted on behalf of the bow holder.

    Burning dynamite in Minecraft
    White blocks represent TNT on fire by flaming arrows
  • Like in real life, the flaming arrows do not work in water. Therefore, the arrows lose their flame.
  • If you kill anyone with the flaming arrows, they will not drop any EXP. Opponents will only drop EXP with the final damage received from any other weapon instead of the flaming arrows.
  • Additionally, arrows enhanced by the Flame enchantment do not yield any light, unlike other fires in Minecraft.

How To Get Flame Enchantment In Minecraft

The flame is an exciting and valuable enchantment in Minecraft. Like a crossbow, it is extremely beneficial against zombies. However, obtaining it is a somewhat more exciting task. Interestingly, almost all enchantments can be crafted by following methods.

Primarily, there are two methods of obtaining the flame enchantment in Minecraft. We have enlisted both methods below with their details:

  • Making it in the Enchantment table
  • Obtaining it through Anvil

These two methods are most common for obtaining all enchantments in Minecraft. However, most beginners do not know how to use these features in Minecraft. Moreover, a few prerequisites must be fulfilled before enchanting anything in Minecraft. We have explained all the details below:

Enchantment Table

Ah, the infamous Enchanting table; one-stop solution to all enchantment-related problems. Players can easily craft any enchantment through this witch crafting table in Minecraft. However, it usually requires two ingredients for enchantment. The first ingredient should be the item that players want to enchant.

Enchantment table
Enchantment table in Minecraft

The second ingredient is Lapiz Lazuli, an essential mineral in Minecraft used for multiple purposes, such as crafting and enchanting items. Players can mine Lapis Lazuli Ore blocks and smelt them in a furnace to get this helpful mineral in Minecraft. The obtained mineral can later be used for enchanting purposes.

Our step-by-step guide to crafting the flame enchantment in Minecraft is given below:

  • Right-click on your enchanting table in Minecraft to open it. You will see two available empty slots in there.
  • Your inventory will also open the enchanting tables’ crafting grid. From here, select and drag the bow to enchant into the first slot of the crafting grid.
  • Now, add the Lapis Lazuli into the second slot. The grid will automatically enchant your bow, and you can fire flaming arrows in Minecraft.
  • Save the enchanted bow for future uses by dragging it back into your inventory.

    Crafting flame enchantment in Enchantment table
    Crafting the flame enchantment in an Enchantment table

The enchanting method through the Enchanting table is fascinating, and easy to get flame enchantment in Minecraft. Players can craft many other enchantments through it Minecraft. Punch enchantment is another enchantment in Minecraft that can be crafted in the Enchanting table. Players can learn about it in our extensive Punch Enchantment in Minecraft guide.


We all have seen blacksmiths work on heavy iron blocks to reshape malleable metals. The heavy iron block is called Anvil. Similarly, an Anvil in Minecraft works the same way. It allows you to enchant and reshape different items. It is an essential tool in Minecraft, especially helpful in obtaining enchanted items.

Anvil in Minecraft
Anvil in Minecraft

Like the enchanting table, an anvil has two slots for enchanting items. The item you want to enchant should be in the first slot, while the other slot is reserved for the enchanted books. Enchanted books have a similar role in Anvil as Lapiz Lazuli in the enchantment table.

Obtaining enchanted books can be a challenging task. However, our guide will explain every possible way of getting these necessary ingredients to craft flame enchantment in Minecraft. Follow our guide below to learn everything about enchanted books in Minecraft.

How To Get Enchanted Books In Minecraft

There are many sources to get enchanted books in Minecraft. While some are very efficient, others are slow in the results. However, all of them works and serve their task honestly. We have explained all of the methods of obtaining enchanted books to craft flame enchantment in Minecraft below:

Loot chest in Minecraft
Loot chest in Minecraft

There is no doubt that chests are one of the best sources to obtain almost anything in Minecraft. Therefore, not surprisingly, players can also find enchanted books in them. Usually, players can discover chests in dungeons, shipwrecks under the ocean, temples, and many other random places. Therefore, try to open every chest you find anywhere in the game.

Enchanted books in a chest
Enchanted books in a chest

Moreover, players can also find treasures around beaches, buried in the sand, and sometimes, underwater. These treasures have a chance of dropping many essential items in Minecraft. So, don’t forget to check beaches for these buried treasures whenever you get a chance to visit them.

Trading With Librarian
Librarian in Minecraft
Librarian in Minecraft

The most reliable method is trading with a librarian to get enchanted books in Minecraft. However, trading with a librarian requires emeralds, rare minerals in Minecraft primarily used to sell items with villagers and librarians.

Right-clicking on the villager will open the trading portal. Librarian’s level increases with each trade, and consequently, the chances of getting rare items like enchanted books also increase.

So make sure you are making consistent deals of books with these village librarians until you get a good deal for enchanted books. Players can use these books in Anvil to obtain Flame enchantment in Minecraft.

Trading with librarian for enchanted books to make flame enchantment in Minecraft
Trading for enchanted books with a librarian
Obtaining Enchanted Books Through Fishing

One of the slowest ways of getting enchanted books is fishing for them in Minecraft. Not only is it slower, but it is also less efficient in generating rewards. However, it is still on the list and may prove lucky for you. All you need to do is get on a boat with a fishing rod, get to the middle of the ocean and wait for the fish to catch the bait.

Fishing to get enchanted books to make flame enchantment
Fishing for enchanted books

It will take some time, but if you are lucky, you will get your hands on an enchanted book. While you are fishing, you may collect fish for your village. Players can capture them, breed, or eat them for energy purposes. If this sounds like an engaging activity, you can check out What Do Minecraft Fish Eat? and how you can breed them in the game.

Using Anvil To Craft Flame Enchantment

Now that we have all the necessary ingredients for enchanting the bow let’s discuss using Anvil. It is a straightforward, and players can master it quickly. We have provided step-by-step guidance for beginners below:Crafting flame enchantment in Minecraft

  • Open the anvil by right-clicking on it. A table will open along with players’ inventory at the bottom.
  • Drag the bow from your inventory into the first empty slot of the Anvil. Similarly, place the enchanted book in the second slot.
  • The bow is enchanted with the flame enchantment now, and players can move it into their inventory to save it permanently. Next, try the enchanted bow by firing on some zombies with flaming arrows.

    Burning a zombie with flaming arrows
    Testing the flaming arrows on a zombie

Our detailed guide ends here. We hope we have answered all your questions. However, we welcome any other questions in the comments. If you are here, don’t forget to check our carefully curated and latest guide on Minecraft: How To Get Off A Horse?

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