GTA V: All Flying Cars [Ranked]

Why get stuck in traffic or change routes to avoid the cops? Just fly over everything and getaway from enemies!

Flying cars cover image
Flying Cars in GTA V

During childhood, we all imagined flying cars would be a revolutionary invention. Even though there’s still some time before we make that possible, GTA 5 has allowed us to live in the future.

Flying cars isn’t a foreign concept, and the developers of GTA 5 have perfected the model for players to try. This includes vehicles that can hover and fly, get boosted into the air, and even jump and parachute mid-air.

Whether you are bored driving in the streets of Los Santos or want to stand out in the GTA Lobby, flying cars in GTA V are the way to go. There are currently four flying cars in GTA V, all of which have weapons, making them dangerous and versatile.

Key Takeaways

  • There are four flying cars in GTA 5, including Deluxo, Ruiner 2000, Scramjet, and Vigilante.
  • Ruiner 2000 is amongst the earliest flying vehicles, which lets you glide in the air using a parachute and a Hop/jump feature of the car.
  • The Deluxo was inspired by the Back to the Future vehicle and can hover and fly. It does not need a Hop feature to get off the ground and is the most accessible flying car.
  • Another famous flying vehicle, Scramjet, uses the Hop/jump feature and the Booster to fly in the air. It requires a bit of practice but is quite effective and quicker in the air than Deluxo.
  • The Vigilante is copied from the iconic Batmobile. It uses the booster feature with quick rechargeability to fly across the map. With some practice, you can use the booster mid-air and send the car flying across Los Santos.

Flying cars In GTA V

In this list, we talk in detail about the four flying cars in GTA V, telling you all the pros and cons of buying them. Depending on your playstyle, you may have a preference, but each is good.


Deluxo Flying car in GTA.
Deluxo in GTA Online

First on the list is my personal favorite, The Deluxo. Inspired by the Back To The Future Movie, this flying car has both beauty and capabilities. Deluxo was released into the game in December of 2017, in the 1.42 The Doomsday Heist update.


You can buy the Deluxo at a whopping $4,721,500, which is quite expensive for a car. It is available in GTA Online from Warstock Cache & Carry. And you can store the vehicle in any of your owned Garages as a personal vehicle. It has a selling price of $2,832,900 (without upgrades).

Flying Ability

The Deluxo is considered to be among the best flying cars in GTA Online, thanks to its Hover/flyer mode. Using this feature, the vehicle can hover off the ground and fly around at will. The bumpy terrain or spikes are no longer a problem, giving you the upper hand in a getaway.

In addition, the Hover mode allows you to travel on water. Since the Deluxo can not exactly float, the car will sink to the bottom if the player exits the vehicle. On the other hand, the Deluxo can only reach a top speed of 80mph while in hover mode.

Besides its water abilities, the Deluxo is also quite nimble on land. It has a top speed of 127mph and is quite good at changing directions. If you are ever stuck in a situation where there isn’t much space, but you need to turn your car, you can use its Hover feature and simply rotate the car while staying in the same place.

All you need to do is push upwards when in Hover mode, and the car will take off. This will keep you safe amongst ground enemies and, more importantly, traffic. An important feature to note is that when you exit the vehicle in the air, it will not provide you with a parachute.

Deluxo flying car in GTA
Deluxo flying above Los Santos


An essential part of GTA Online is firepower; how strong your vehicle is meant how strong you are. Hence, you must equip yourself with a car that can kill and protect you against enemies. Luckily, the Deluxo is equipped with deadly weapons that make it a dangerous car.

The Deluxo is armed with Machine Guns and Missiles. The two front-facing Machine Guns are excellent against players and low-armored vehicles. However, they lack firepower against heavily armored vehicles. On the other hand, it is pretty difficult to aim these machine guns, making them slightly less effective.

The Homing Missile feature in the Deluxo is worth every penny. They have fantastic tracking abilities and can destroy heavy vehicles as well. The only drawback is the limited number of missiles, only 30.

It is also essential to talk about the defensive capabilities of the Deluxo. It isn’t the most potent vehicle in the game since it takes only a single Homing Missile or RPG to destroy it. Moreover, the windows aren’t bulletproof, so it isn’t the safest flying car in GTA.

Ruiner 2000

Ruiner 2000 with parachute in GTA 5, landing on highway.
Ruiner 2000 with Parachute

The Imponte Ruiner 2000 is one of the first flying cars in GTA, as it was released in December 2016 in the 1.37 Import/Export update. The car model is inspired by KITT, from the season ‘Knight Rider.’


The Ruiner is the most expensive flying car since it costs $5,745,600. It is available in GTA Online from Warstock Cache & Carry. And after buying it, you can request it from the interaction menu in ‘Special Vehicles.’ It cannot be sold since it is a special vehicle.

Flying Ability

The feature that separates the Ruiner from the rest is its Hop mechanism, followed by the parachute. The hop allows the car to jump a vertical distance of 4-5 meters and can be reused after every few seconds. This ability will let you escape any ground-blocking objects or enemies by simply jumping over them.

The hop ability is incomplete with the Parachute. The Parachute lets you fly over anything. It is often used alongside the jump feature, which allows the Ruiner to casually fly above land enemies without worrying about them.

In addition to that, the parachute allows you to cushion your fall, regardless of the height you jumped. If used in a proper size, the parachute will fly you quickly and smoothly to your destination.

Moreover, the top speed of the Ruiner is 120mph after it is fully upgraded. It isn’t the quickest vehicle in the game, but thanks to its flying ability, it is worth having in the garage.

Ruiner 2000 with black body in Garage
Ruiner 2000


In addition to how well the car performs, it is important that we focus on the vehicle’s weapons. The Ruiner 2000 has almost the same weapons as we discussed in Deluxo. It has two front-facing Machine Guns and Homing Missiles.

The Machine Guns have a reasonable fire rate and are quite deadly against players and low-armored vehicles. The drawback, however, is that the Machine gun isn’t the most preferable against heavily armored vehicles.

To counter that drawback, the Ruiner 2000 has two missile launchers. These Homing missiles track onto a target and rarely miss.

Moreover, the Homing Launchers were so good that the developers had to keep them in check, so they set the capacity of the missiles to just 8. Another drawback is the short range of these missiles.

However, the Homing missiles are perfect against heavily armored vehicles and provide significant damage. It is also interesting to note that the Ruiner 2000 isn’t a very defensive car. Its armor is like any other light armored vehicle; it takes a single RPG or Missile to destroy it. The windows aren’t bulletproof either.

The Ruiner 2000 was the first flying car in GTA, and it set the standard for how versatile and multi-purpose these cars need to be—having tremendous offensive abilities and movement.


car flying through the city in GTA
Scramjet flying across Los Santos GTA

One of the best flying cars in GTA, and for various reasons, Scramjet was introduced into GTA in August 2018. It was released in the 1.44 After Hours update. The inspiration for this beautiful model was the Mach 5 from the Speed Racer anime.


The Scramjet can be bought from the Warstock Cache & Carry in GTA Online for a solid price of $3,480,000, making it the cheapest on the list. You can store the vehicle in any garage you own, but it can only be upgraded at the MOC/Avenger Workshop. It can be sold for $2,088,000.

Flying Ability

Scramjet is amongst the favorites for experienced GTA players due to its two unique abilities. These include the Hop/jump feature and the Booster. Using them together makes this car fly and travel across the map at high speeds.

The Hop mechanism is the same as in Ruiner 2000. It allows the car to jump a vertical distance of 4-5 meters and can be reused after every few seconds. When trying to avoid barriers or traffic, it is essential to jump over the inconvenience and carry on.

The Booster is a very overpowered feature in Scramjet. It accelerates the vehicle for 2.5 seconds, allowing it to achieve top speeds that otherwise would not be achievable. The recharge for the booster is 4 seconds. You can deactivate the booster before 2.5 seconds for more control over the acceleration.

However, it is of utmost importance that you learn how to control the booster. It requires some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be your favorite way to escape enemies. Activating the booster makes the car lean forward, so controlling your car’s movement is essential.

The top speed of Scramjet is 137mph after it is fully upgraded, making it an amazing getaway vehicle.

car flying through the city in GTA
Scramjet with Boosters


In addition to it being a flying car, it is also a very deadly car to have in a GTA Online lobby. It is equipped with two front-facing Machine Guns and two homing missile launchers. The Machine guns are perfect against small vehicles and players but will face a tough challenge against heavily armored vehicles.

But don’t worry, to counter the heavily armored vehicles, the Scramjet also has two homing missiles. These have enough firepower to obliterate many armored vehicles. Even though it has an increased fire rate of 1.5 seconds, compared to the standard 1 second, the tracking of this missile is impossible to dodge. They have only a 30-missile capacity.

On the other hand, the defensive features of this car are not the best. It takes only a single RPG or homing missile to make this vehicle unusable. In addition to that, the windows are not bulletproof so you won’t be feeling too safe in this car.

The Scramjet is nimble and can easily dodge such Missiles and explosives with enough practice. This is the fastest-flying car in GTA and will definitely be worth every penny.


Batmobile looking vehicle in GTA, black body.
Vigilante inspired by the Batmobile

The most beautiful car on the list, the Vigilante, is an iconic car based on the Batmobile. It was introduced into the game in the 1.41 Smuggler’s Run update in October 2017. The aerodynamic body and classic shape make it my top pick. There are a lot of great-looking cars in GTA, which are a treat to look at.


The Vigilante is available in GTA Online from Warstock Cache & Carry for $3,750,000. This vehicle can be stored in any garage and be customized only at MOC/Avenger Workshop. The Vigilante will sell for $2,250,000 without any upgrades.

Flying Ability

The Vigilante has one of the game’s best boosters, allowing insanely quick accelerations. Moreover, it only has a recharge time of 2.5 seconds, so it will be activated half the time.

One drawback of the Vigilante is that it does not have the Hop feature like Scramjet and Ruiner 2000. However, it can still fly around in the air by jumping off a ramp and using boosters. Since the recharge time is very few, you can easily stay in the air using boosters.

Vigilante is the fastest flying car in GTA, with a top speed of 147mph with the help of boosters. This is extremely fast, and it makes this a perfect getaway car.

Vigilante Vehicle in GTA with boosters coming out from exhaust.
Vigilante with Boosters


A vehicle needs to have ample weapons in GTA Online, or else you would be an easy target. The Vigilante is not just a beautiful car but also pretty dangerous. It has two front-facing Machine Guns and two Homing Missile Launchers.

The Machine Gun is similar to the other vehicles on this list. They are very effective against players and low-armored vehicles but struggle against stronger ones. The machine gun’s fire rate is decent and has proven to be a formidable force.

The weapon which will be more beneficial to you, however, will be the Homing Missiles. These missiles automatically track your target, which means it barely misses. In addition to that, they provide good firepower and are effective against bigger vehicles. However, they only have a 30-missile capacity.

Another drawback is that you cannot use your drive-by weapons and rely only on exterior weaponry.

It is also important to note that the Vigilante isn’t the most explosive resistant. Only a single RPG or Homing Missile can destroy the flying car completely. Also, the windows aren’t bulletproof, which seems to be a drawback for all the flying cars in GTA.

Closing Remarks

Only four cars can be considered ‘flying cars’ in GTA. However, you can always download various mods to fly different vehicles. Here are the best mods in GTA 5.

GTA requires vehicles to be versatile, lethal, and quick, which is why flying cars are crucial in GTA. Whether you want a Batmobile or the iconic Back To The Future car, GTA 5 lets you ride in any of those. If you want a powerful and lethal armed vehicle, look at the best-weaponized vehicles in GTA 5.

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