Diablo 4: Fortify System [Explained]

Here is everything you need to know about the newly introduced Fortify Mechanics in Diablo 4.

fortify diablo 4
Fortify - Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has seen the introduction of many new game mechanics. Some of these mechanics are easy to explain and intuitive. Meanwhile, some mechanics will work before you, yet they won’t make sense. Fortify is a new mechanic in Diablo 4 and can be a little confusing for players. Therefore, this guide will help you understand the purpose of Fortify in Diablo 4.

Key Takeaways

  • Fortify is a new mechanic in Diablo 4. 
  • As this mechanic is not explained in the game, it may confuse new players when they first hear of it.
  • Moreover, only Barbarians, Druids, and Necromancers can currently use the Fortify ability.
  • Therefore, Fortify allows players to receive 10% less Damage from all sources.
  • However, this damage reduction becomes active whenever Health becomes less than fortified.
  • Players can also use Aspects and Gems to buff up their Fortify ability. As a result, some players can take up to 40% less Damage.

Fortify is not very well explained within the game itself. Therefore, most players are not sure about the purpose of this new mechanic. The Fortify is additional armor on a few classes. Moreover, it is essential to remember that not all classes support this new mechanic. Only the Barbarians, Druids, and Necromancers can fully utilize Fortify.

Fortify can confuse players getting on the game for the first time. However, players can use this mechanic to their advantage once fully understood. Fortify provides additional protection to the tank classes in the game. As a result, classes compatible with Fortify will sustain less Damage. However, Fortify does not always provide protection and needs to be activated.

The Fortify only works once your health drops below the level of your current Fortify. Moreover, this mechanic allows players to take on 10% less Damage whenever they are Fortified. Therefore, Fortify will only protect you if your Health exceeds your current Fortify. Moreover, players can see their current Fortify as a ring around the Health bar.

However, players using the Sorcerer or the Rogue class cannot use Fortify.

Fortify Skills 

A few classes in the game have skills that help them in Fortify generation. These are mainly your Barbarian, Druid, and Necromancers. As a result, these classes have a few skills in their trees that will help them Regenerate Fortify. However, it is essential to remember that it is equally important to restore Fortify along with your Health to take benefit of Damage Reduction.

druid skill tree diablo 4
Druid Skill Tree – Diablo 4: Image Captured by Gamesual

Following are some of the best skills that help with Fortify:

Name of the Skill Class Description of the Skill
Enhanced Bash Barbarian If you hit an already Stunned enemy, you get 10% of your Life as  Fortify.
Strategic Rallying Cry Barbarian This skill will grant you 10% of your Life as Fortify. Moreover, you get 2% as Fortify whenever you take or give Damage.
Strategic Iron Skin Barbarian You get 15% of your Life as Fortify. However, this amount is doubled if your Life is below 50%.
Mighty War Car Barbarian This skill grants you 15% of your Total Life as Fortify
Enhanced Maul Druid If you hit an enemy with Maul, you will get 2% Fortify of your Total Life
Preserving Earthen Bulwark Druid Casting this skill will grant you 18% Fortify of your total Life.
Enhanced Debilitating Roar Druid Using this skill will grant you 22% of your Total Life as Fortify
Natural Trample Druid Using this skill will give you 20% of your total Life as Fortify
Initiate’s Hemorrhage Necromancer You get 1.6% as Fortify every time you damage an enemy. Moreover, there is a 1.5% per enemy to Fortify you for 100%.
Supernatural Blood Surge Necromancer Whenever the Nova of Blood Surge damages an enemy, you get 1% Fortify. However, if your Fortify is 50% more, you deal 20% more Damage.
Dreadful Blood Mist Necromancer  This skill will grant you 0.5% Fortify every time you hit an enemy.
Dreadful Bone Prison Necromancer This skill will grant you 5% Fortify of your total Health for every enemy trapped by the bone prison.

Fortify Generation

Fortify is a niche mechanic that not every player can use. However, in the fast-paced gameplay of Diablo, even the 10% Damage Reduction can prove incredibly effective. Therefore, players must incorporate the Fortify mechanic as much as possible in their build. Moreover, other artifacts can further buff up the Damage Reduction.

We have already seen skills that can produce Fortify. However, players can fully utilize this new mechanic in several other ways. Therefore, players can use Gems on their armor and other items to get even more Fortify. As a result, players can use Sapphires in their build to buff up their Fortify and take even less Damage from all sources.

This will allow players to increase the percentage of Damage Reduction from 10 to up to 40%. Although 10% Damage Reduction may not seem a lot to some players, 40% is a significant buff in your build.

sapphires diablo 4
Sapphires – Diablo 4: Image by Gamesual

However, sapphires and skills are not the only methods to buff up your Fortify generation. Therefore, we also have Legendary Aspects that can significantly help players increase the Fortify generation. These aspects are available in your Codex of Power or can randomly drop with items.

Fortify mechanic has great significance in the game; it is poorly explained. Therefore, most players are often confused about how to use this new mechanic. Moreover, it is not exclusively told in the game that only 3 of the total five classes can use this mechanic, which further adds to the confusion.

Therefore, only Barbarian, Druid, and Necromancer can use and generate Fortify. The Fortify mechanic allows players to take 10% less Damage from all sources. However, Fortify only becomes active whenever the level of Health is below your current level of Fortify. This makes it a great tool to have if you have low Health.

Moreover, a 10% damage reduction may not seem much to many players. However, Gems and Legendary Aspects can allow players to increase the potency of Fortify in Diablo 4. Moreover, these items also enable players to buff up their Fortify Generation capabilities.

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