High On Life: Garmantuous Boss Fight Guide

Get one step closer to saving humanity from Garmantuous and the G3 Cartel with the help of these tips!

Garmantuous laughing with his name in text showing.
Defeat Garmantuous and establish yourself as the greatest bounty hunter in the Universe.

It is finally time to save earth from the dreaded G3 cartel by defeating Garmantuous in High on Life. All the bounties you have completed, all the high-ranking G3 members you have defeated, all come down to this. Garmantuous is the final and most powerful enemy that you will face in High on Life.

The Garmantuous is the final bounty in the game, and it comes after the Nipulon bounty. This will be your final mission in the game, after which the main storyline will reach its end. Finally, saving humanity is just around the corner, but it is far from over.

Killing the highest-ranking G3 member, Garmantuous, will be the most challenging mission in the game. However, we will share with you exactly how you can defeat him. And at the same time, state some helpful tips to keep in mind while fighting the boss.

Key Takeaways

  • Garmantuous is the final boss you will have to fight to defeat the G3 cartel and save humanity.
  • You will encounter Garmantuous multiple times in High on Life. However, you can only defeat him once, and that is the final mission, ‘Garmantuous Bounty.’ While the first encounter is in the Blim City Invasion, you can not kill Garmantuous, no matter how you go about it.
  • In the final fight against Garmantuous, you will have to drain his health twice. After the first time, you will insert the bomb, and after the second, you will send your Gatlian weapon in to detonate it manually.
  • The killing of Garmantuous will mark the end of the High on Life story. However, you can still play ahead and do some fun stuff.

Who Is Garmantuous?

Garmantuous is a disgusting orange-colored alien with no legs or an average body. His right eye is in its regular place, while he has another tiny look on the ride side of his head. In addition, one of his eyeballs is popping out from his shoulder.

Garmantuous Whole body shown
Garmantuous in High on Life – Image via Unreal Engine

He isn’t a pretty thing to look at. However, he is the supreme leader of the G3 cartel, an ‘alien gang’ that plans to eat all humans and destroy the earth.

He is first introduced in the opening scene of the game. Where Lizzie and the main character hide behind a car and witness an alien HQ being teleported in front of their house. Four aliens walk out of the house, including Garmantuous, who proceeds to kill an elderly human and an alien.

4 Aliens on Street including garmantuous at begining scene of high on life
Opening scenes from High on Life

A few moments after you return home, G3 hijacks earth’s electronic devices, and a threat message plays on the TV. This message includes Garmantuous in his deep and threatening voice, saying humans are now the property of the G3 cartel.

This scene establishes that Garmantuous is the one behind all the mischief caused, and he is the alien that needs to be killed to save humanity.

Speaking of voice, if you want to learn the top-class voice acting team behind the game, you should definitely consider reading our detailed High on Life voice actors article.

How To Defeat Garmantuous

You are going to encounter Garmantuous more than once in High on Life. However, you will soon read that you can only beat him in the final mission, ‘Garmantuous Bounty.’

Blim City Invasion

After the Dr. Giblet Bounty, you return home to discover that Blim City is under invasion from Garmantuous. He and his G3 members are running around Blim City and causing havoc. Unfortunately, you cannot kill him, then. You can try to shoot him and can defeat his forces.

Garmantuous attacks in Blim city, invasion.
Garmantuous invades Blim City in High on Life.

However, after that, he cannot be shot because of a force field protecting him. So, you’re forced to go back home and wait until the final mission to have a chance of killing him.

Garmantuous Bounty

After you arrive back from the Nipulon Bounty, your next and final bounty will begin after you interact with Lizzie and Gene. You will pick up Lezduit, the most powerful gun in the game, and be warped to Earth’s coordinates. You can learn more about the weapon in our detailed How to get Lezduit in High on Life guide.

After your final interactions with Gene and Lizzie, you will pick up the Atomizer bomb from the table and go out of the house in search of Garmantuous. Right after you step outside, you’ll realize that this mission isn’t easy, as you get surrounded by G3 soldiers.

Gene and Lizzie on the couch waiting.
Final interactions before going out for the last bounty

But thanks to Lezduit, you can easily wipe off large amounts of enemy aliens in a short amount of time. After that, you will have to keep proceeding and fight a couple of small armies of G3 along the way. You will reach the final boss arena in no time, and that’s where Garmantuous shows up.

When you proceed further into the open circular field, Garmantuous will come flying in on some circular flying space vehicle. This is where the final boss fight of High on Life starts. This boss fight is divided into two phases.

Garmantuous flying in a spaceship like vehicle
Garmantuous comes flying on a spaceship in High on Life

Phase I

Garmantuous shoots electric orbs right at you as soon as the battle starts. Not just that, but to make it more difficult, he will be flying around and trying to come close to you, making it harder for you to dodge his orbs.

These electric orbs have a variety of colors and projectiles, making his attacks more unpredictable. These attacks get stronger and more challenging to dodge over time. The red orbs are the toughest to avoid because they come in large numbers and are a wall shape.

Red electric Orbs in wall shape coming towards us
Red Orb attack by Garmantuous

To dodge the red orbs, you’ll have to move back to let them spread out, so you can avoid them easily.

In addition, Garmantuous will also shoot yellow orbs that come toward you in single columns and blue orbs that arrive in waves. However, the green electric orbs are also a bit difficult to dodge because of their diamond pattern that’s also rotating, making it harder to judge.

After you successfully take down all of Garmantuous’ health, his flying vehicle will crash, making him fall to the ground. At that moment, you will have to go behind him and shove the atomizer bomb into his backside.

Fallen Garmantuous after we defeat him in battle
Garmantuous falls to the ground in High on Life.

However, after several attempts to detonate the bomb, it just will not go off. It turns out the remote isn’t working. After realizing that the bomb can’t kill him, Garmantuous gets up, and there is a cutscene.

Garmantuous threatens to harm the ‘two people you love the most in this world.’ He summons them, and they turn out to be Jack Black and Susan Sarandon, making a unique entry in the game as part of High on Life secrets. I mean, he’s not wrong.

Jack black and Susan in a cage being threatened
Jack Black and Susan Sarandon are being held hostage

Sadly, he ends up killing them. And this leads to phase II of the final Garmantuous fight in High on Life.

Tips For Phase I
  • The best and most powerful gun you have in your arsenal is Lezduit. The only time you’re not using it should be because it’s on cooldown. Lezduit has a couple of seconds of cooldown time, and after it is done recharging, you’ll get a notification on your screen indicating it’s ready to be used.
  • Use your Jetpack carefully. Do not use it unless needed because Garmantuous shots are sometimes tough to dodge. And you would want it to be charged for that exact moment. In addition, when you’re low on health, use the Jetpack to get away from the fight to heal.
  • Use Sweezy when Lezduit is on cooldown. This is a reliable gun to use that deals significant damage. Avoid using Creature’s children since it’s tough to land its shots since Garmantuous is flying.
  • Judge your enemy’s shots and keep moving. Recognize the patterns of the electric orbs and be sure to move accordingly. Remember, keeping a distance from him will make dodging shots much more accessible.

Phase II

This time, Garmantuous won’t have a flying vehicle, so he won’t be as annoying. However, he’s madder now, and the attacks will be much stronger.

Garmantuous will send out slime waves that travel in all directions, so the only options you have are to either time your jump right or use a jetpack. In addition to that, he’ll be sending slime orbs and columns toward you. They will be in large numbers and very difficult to avoid.

Green slime waves
Slime wave attack by Garmantuous in High on Life
Tips For Phase II
  • As before, we always prefer using Lezduit. The only time you shouldn’t be using it is when it is on cooldown. This gun does insane damage and will take away his health in no time.
  • In this Phase, using Creature’s children can be a viable option since he won’t be flying around in his spaceship-style vehicle.
  • Stay as far away as you can. The closer you are to him, the more difficult it will be to dodge the slim attacks. Dodging is essential and the central part of beating Garmantuous.

Finishing Him Off

Finally, after you have taken down all his health for the second time, he will fall to the ground. As you move closer to the fallen alien, Kenny declares he has an idea. That idea is going into Garmantuous and detonating the Atomizer Bomb manually.

This leads to a series of dialogues among the Gatlians. Initially, they refuse the idea and want to figure something else out. However, they quickly accept that there is no other way and that someone has to sacrifice themselves to end G3 Cartel.

You can choose any Gatlian Gun for the sacrifice. However, each one will detest their unwillingness to go into his arsehole, except for obviously Lezduit, who doesn’t have a lot of words in his vocabulary. Whichever Gatlian you choose will have a slightly different ending dialogue, but the outcome will be the same.

Alien butt which is a way to detonate the bomb.
Kenny is about to be inserted into Garmantuous so he can detonate the bomb manually.

There will be a massive explosion, and Garmantuous will be blown into a thousand pieces. This will mark the end of Garmantuous and High on Life.

However, whichever Gatlian you choose to sacrifice will still come out alive. They will be damaged and injured but will survive the explosion. The rest of the Gatlians will appreciate the heroic deed.

The words of Lezduit mark the end of the game,
“we did it”

Closing Remarks

The creators of High on Life are definitely the people who will surprise you until the end. And killing Garmantuous in a way nobody would ever think about is precisely that. The killing of Garmantuous marks the end of the game, but you can still play the game after that.

The game’s unorthodox comedy has made it unique among other games. However, some games like High on Life, may share a similar experience, so check them out.

That is about it for our Garmantuous in High on Life guide. Do you find this guide helpful for defeating the boss? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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