GTA 5: Glenn Scoville Location [Bail Bonds Guide]

Here is how you can capture and bring to justice the Bail jumper Glenn Scoville in Bail Bonds mission.

Glenn Scoville location gta 5 online
Glenn Scoville Location - Bail Bonds

Glenn Scoville is one of the bail bond hunts offered by Maude to Trevor in Blaine County. It seems simple initially, but finding the culprit is more problematic as it is not a pinpoint location. 

Key Takeaways.

  • You can start this mission by interacting with Maude.
  • You can find her in Grapeseed, Blaine County.
  • As part of the mission, Trevor needs to find the location of Glenn Scoville and capture him.
  • Glenn Scoville’s location is on top of Mount Chilliad. At the top, Glenn is preparing to skydive and jumps as soon as Trevor arrives.
  • You can take a nonfatal shot at Glenn and make him surrender.

bail bonds mission glenn scoville
Glenn Scoville Details – Email

From the details provided in Maude’s email, we learn that Glenn Scoville is a former corrupt banker who skipped out on the bail that Maude paid. Based on their comments about him, I found that neither Maude nor Trevor is particularly fond of Scoville.

Locating Glenn Scoville

glenn scoville location in gta 5 online bail bonds mission
Glenn Scoville
  • The last known location provided for Glenn Scoville is the top of Mount Chiliad in Blaine County. This mountaintop location fits well with Scoville’s extreme sports personality. 
  • I advise using a helicopter to reach the top of the mountain and locate your hunt easily. Upon arrival, you will experience that Glenn Scoville will immediately jump off the cliff and begin parachuting. You must quickly follow by leaping off the cliff and deploying his parachute.
  • Carefully navigating the parachute descent, Trevor must try to stay close to Scoville as they fall. After landing on the ground below, Scoville will take off running on foot to try and escape.
  • Trevor must touch down from the jump as near Scoville’s landing point as possible to avoid losing him in this rugged terrain.
bail bonds reward gta 5 glenn scoville
Mission Reward – Bail Bonds

At this point, Trevor can stop Scoville by hitting him with a non-lethal shot from a gun or using a stun gun to hinder him. Doing significant damage or killing Scoville will result in a smaller reward from Maude. 

Once captured, Scoville can be loaded into a vehicle and driven back to Maude’s trailer, where she will reward Trevor with the maximum bounty payout of $10,000 for bringing Glenn Scoville in alive.

My Experience With Bail Bond Mission

The Bail Bonds missions provide some of the most enjoyable side content in GTA 5. Getting to explore the huge open world map while tracking down adrenaline-fueled fugitives like Glenn Scoville makes for thrilling bounty-hunting escapades.

It was indeed a tricky part to find him on the mountain and then chase him down by parachute, but with the right vehicle, like a helicopter and capture strategy, you can easily solve this problem for Maude. 

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