GTA 5: Glenn Scoville Location [Bail Bonds Guide]

Here is how you can capture and bring to justice the Bail jumper Glenn Scoville in Bail Bonds mission.

Glenn Scoville location gta 5 online
Glenn Scoville Location - Bail Bonds

GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online have some of the best campaign missions in a game. However, side missions often overlooked are equally fun and provide a much-needed break from the main story. One such side mission is the Bail Bonds mission Maude gave us. Therefore, this guide will help you get the maximum reward and find the location of Glenn Scoville in the side mission.

Key Takeaways

  • Bail Bonds is part of the Stranger and Freaks side missions.
  • You play as Bounty Hunter responsible for catching criminals.
  • You can start this mission by interacting with Maude.
  • Moreover, you can find Maude in Grapeseed, Blaine County.
  • As part of the mission, Trevor needs to find the location of Glenn Scoville and capture him.
  • A player can choose to capture him alive or capture him dead. However, the reward is more if you capture Glenn alive.
  • Glenn Scoville’s location is on top of Mount Chilliad. At the top, Glenn is preparing to skydive and jumps as soon as Trevor arrives.
  • You can take a nonfatal shot at Glenn and make him surrender.

Bail Bonds are part of the Stranger and Freaks missions in GTA 5. These side missions are triggered when characters interact with NPCs spread throughout the game.

Moreover, each of the three characters has their NPCs to interact with and trigger their own side missions. Maude is the NPC that Trevor can encounter to start Bail Bonds.

Who Is Glenn Scoville

bail bonds mission glenn scoville
Glenn Scoville Details – Email

Glenn Scoville is the third criminal we are tasked with bringing to justice as part of the Bail Bonds mission. He is also a bail jumper that Maude wants us to capture and bring back. Moreover, you can unlock his mission right after capturing Larry Tupper and delivering justice.

We get much of Glenn Scoville’s backstory through the email provided to us by Maude. Once you deliver Larry and leave Maude’s house, you will get an email containing details on Glenn Scboville. Moreover, this email includes Glenn Scoville’s last known location, picture, and a little about his character.

Here we learn that Glenn Scoville is a corrupt banker that skipped bail. Furthermore, the email explains how he is an adrenaline junkie seeking thrilling experiences. This also ties into the location you find him at. He is also an Internet celebrity that posts all of life defying stunts Online. Moreover, we also learn that neither Trevor nor Maude is very fond of him.

How To Start Bail Bonds Mission

You can start the bail bonds side mission by playing as Trevor. This is because each character in GTA 5 is given their own unique set of side missions.

Moreover, this is one of the Strangers and Freaks’ missions for Trevor. However, you must arrive at Maude’s location and interact with her character to start the mission.

Your Role In The Mission

During this mission, you are assigned the role of a bounty hunter. Bounty Hunters are civilian police officers; you are legally allowed to capture fugitives by any means necessary.

As a result, your job is to capture criminals that skipped bail and left Maude to pay it all. Therefore, she requires you to bring these fugitives to her and help capture criminals.

This is surprisingly one of the few missions in GTA 5 where you are not breaking any law. However, being Trevor, you would need to injure a few people to get your reward. Maude provides you with criminal details. However, a major problem is that she does not send you an exact location. Therefore, players are supposed to track, locate and hopefully bring the fugitives back alive.

Maude’s Location For The Side Mission

Maude location gta 5 bail bond mission
Maude Location – Bail Bonds

You can find Maude in the town of Grapeseed in Blaine County. She lives in an old mobile home located at the end of a dirt road. Moreover, she can be seen wearing a grey shirt and working on her laptop.

She will greet Trevor once you arrive at the location. As a result, we know that Maude knows Trevor from before.

Once you leave Maude’s house, she will send you details of the criminals as promised. Sometimes this message could take a little longer. Whenever this happens, reload your gaming session or return to Maude’slocation to trigger the mission again.

Glenn Scoville Location In GTA 5

glenn scoville location in gta 5 online bail bonds mission
Glenn Scoville – Location

The location of Glenn Scoville directly ties into the fact he is an adrenaline junkie. Through the email, we learn that Glenn is on Mount Chiliad, Blaine County. Mount Chiliad is one of the three prominent mountains found in GTA 5. Moreover, all three of these mountains are located in the Northern part of the map.

You can find Glenn Scoville’s location by following the sign on the Bell’s End and beware sign. Moreover, you will also see two small poles here marked by red cloth at the end.

Furthermore, it’s best to arrive here on a helicopter as this is a  steep hill and a difficult terrain to navigate. However, you can also take a trail to head up the mountain.

Glenn Scoville will be standing at the edge of the mountain when you arrive at the location. He will be with a cameraman recording his skydiving stunt. As a social media influencer, we can assume he is doing this insane stunt for that. Furthermore, it is also recommended to come here during the daytime. During this time, you will be able to spot Glenn easily.

How To Get Maximum Reward

bail bonds reward gta 5 glenn scoville
Mission Reward – Bail Bonds

Once you arrive at the location, you will see Glenn standing at the mountain’s edge with a cameraman. However, as soon as you try to get close, he will jump off the cliff. As a result, Trevor needs to follow him by jumping after him. Therefore, it is recommended to bring your parachute as you would need to follow him.

You can acquire a parachute through the in-game AmmuNation, the gun stores. However, you can also find a parachute available at Mount Chiliad. This base jumping stunt and chase make this one of the harder missions in the Bail Bonds series. After jumping, you must navigate mid-air and follow him to the ground.

Additionally, Glenn will start running as soon as you land on the ground. Landing as close to him as possible is best to avoid inconvenience later. During this mission, you can bring Glenn back alive or dead. However, to earn the maximum reward of $10,000, you must capture him alive, as killing him will only get you $5000.

You can easily capture Glenn Scoville alive by taking a non-lethal shot at him. However, shooting at his leg or bringing a stun gun is best to capture him alive.

Glenn will surrender and agree to come with you as soon as he is hit. You can also hit him with a car to get him to surrender. However, the rough terrain of the area will make this difficult.

Once Glenn surrenders, you will see Maude’s location on the map. As this is an isolated area, you can call a cab service on your phone to get a car. Then drive to Maude’s location marked on the map. Maude will greet you as soon as you arrive, and once you throw Glenn through a door, you will be rewarded $10,000.


GTA 5 has masterfully designed its open world and contains exciting characters you can interact with. Therefore, you can meet many strangers and take part in their missions. These strangers provide many exciting activities that take you around the town.

Maude is one such character that pays you a reward if you capture criminals for her. Therefore, you must capture and bring criminals to her house for your reward. Glenn Scoville is the third criminal in a series of criminals you must capture for the Bail Bonds mission.

You will be going around town, exploring the world of GTA 5, trying to find the locations of the criminals. This makes it one of the best opportunities to explore the map and find places you did not know about. Moreover, you get the exciting opportunity to be on the right side of the law, work as a Bounty Hunter, and get paid.

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