Final Fantasy 16: Gobermouch Location [Complete Guide]

In this guide we will explain how you can easily find and defeat Gobermouch.

Final Fantasy 16 Gobermouch
Final Fantasy 16 Gobermouch

Here is a step-by-step approach to defeating Gobermouch in Final Fantasy 16, a mythical creature in the game.

Key Takeaways 

  • You will find Gobermouch in an abandoned village in Eistla near the Location of Fast Travel.
  • To defeat Gobermouch, you can use abilities such as Diamond Dust and Upheaval.
  • We recommend using Odins Zantetsuken to fight the Rogue Goblin.
  • Almost all of its attacks can be canceled using Titanic Block except for Goblin Punch, which you must move away from.
  • The rewards include traditional rewards offered in the game, but for defeating it, you will receive one of the rarest items in the game Primitive Battlehorn.
  • Primitive Battlehorn is one of the components used to craft The Sword of Gotterdammerung.
  • Other sword crafting ingredients include Ragnarok, Orichalcum, Dark Steel, and Design Draft for The Sword of Gotterdammerung.
  • Other gear that goes well with this sword includes The Ouroboros Belt.

In Final Fantasy 16, the developers introduced a rather exciting feature called The Hunt Board. This feature offers players the opportunity to embark on thrilling hunts by picking up bills from the hunt board, using clues given on the bills to find the beasts, and finally, the chance to prove their worth in battle by defeating the beasts and saving the denizens of Valisthea.

Moreover, the players will receive various rewards upon defeating these creatures. These rewards include experience, gil, renown, ability points, and other materials which may be used for crafting, etc.

Gobermouch is a Rank A, Level 38 Notorious Mark. It is a goblin-like creature. This bill will appear to players during the main quest Brotherhood. Although finding and defeating Gobermouch is a side quest, we highly recommend players complete this quest because of the rewards, which include one of the rarest items in the game.

In this Final Fantasy 16 Gobermouch guide, we will show you how to find Gobermouch, some tips to improve your chances of defeating the beast, and how to use the rare items awarded to you after defeating it.

Final Fantasy 16 Gobermouch Poster
Image Poster for Gobermouch when initiating combat. Image Credit Gamesual.

Location Of Gobermouch

The bill provides various clues to help players locate Gobermouch. The clues suggest that Gobermouch is in an abandoned village called Eistla (Kingdom of Waloed).

  • After fast traveling to Eistla, proceed down the stairs ahead of you.
Go down these stairs to reach location of Gobermouch
Go down these stairs after fast traveling to Eistla—image Credit Gamesual.
  • Then follow the series of stairs in front of you to the top.
Move up these stairs to reach Gobermouch.
Follow these stairs to the Top to reach Gobermouch—image Credit Gamesual.
  • Another way to the top is a ladder which comes after the 1st set of stairs; you can directly go up this ladder to reach the top.
  • Once at the top, there is an abandoned house; in front of the house, you will find a rogue goblin beast Gobermouch.
Gobermouch exact location in front of abandoned house.
Gobermouch in Front of the Abandoned House in Eistla Kingdom of Waloed. Image Credit Gamesual
  • The exact location of Gobermouch, the Rogue Goblin, on the map is shown in the image below.
Exact Location of Gobermouch
This image shows the exact location of Gobermouch in the Eistla Kingdom of Waloed. Image Credit Gamesual

To engage with the rogue goblin beast, get close to it.

Combat With Gobermouch

One notable aspect when engaging with Gobermouch, the rogue goblin, is that it has no Will meter. Although the monster is classified as a Rank A notorious mark, defeating it is still relatively easy. Some abilities of Gobermouch are 

 Ability  Description Tips 
Melee Attacks Gobermouch uses its club to attack Clive. Deals little damage can easily be evaded by using Titanic Block.
Little Swing Gobermouch rotates his club in a tornado-like fashion moving around the area. This ability can be evaded by using Titanic Block or moving away from the rogue Goblin.
Goblin Punch A combination of three attacks. To evade this attack, you have to move away from the goblin.

Titanic Block is ineffective against this ability

Some general tips we found useful while combatting the rogue goblin are

  • To stagger Gobermouch, you can use Abilities such as Diamond Dust and Upheaval.
  • Odins Zantetsuken also proved to be very helpful in this battle.

Another important factor is that there is little room for players to maneuver in, thus making this battle a little more complicated than it should be. So make sure to stay in the middle area and not near the edges of the battleground. By doing this, you can avoid getting cornered.

We also recommend using Stoneskin Tonic (consumable item ), which increases the chances of survival. However, it is doubtful that a player will require this in this battle, but it still might be useful to players who are weak at dodging.


One crucial aspect of this battle lies in the rewards you receive for defeating this creature.

Rewards received for defeating gobermouch Final fantasy 16.
Rewards received by players for defeating Gobermouch, The Rogue Goblin. Image Credit Gamesual
Experience    4800 XP
Ability Points   90 AP
Renown    30 renown
Gil   15000gil
Other  Primitive Battlehorn

One of the rewards of defeating Gobermouch is the Primitive Battlehorn. That is one of the chief ingredients in crafting The Gotterdammerung Sword, the most powerful sword.

The Gotterdammerung Sword

The Gotterdammerung Sword is the most powerful weapon in the game. In the game, the description for this powerful weapon states that the Gotterdammerung, which means ‘Twilight of the Gods,’ was crafted to symbolize the fall of those gods. Although it is a potent weapon, it can only be crafted late in the game. The components required to craft this sword are as follows.

 Requirements(Ingredients)  Where to get the ingredients
Design Draft for The Sword of Gotterdammerung Received as a reward upon completion of the quest Blacksmith Blues IV.
Ragnarok (Sword)  x1 Received as a reward upon completion of the quest Blacksmith Blues IV.
Orichalcum  x3 Received by defeating Notorious Marks Atlas(level 45), Gorgimera(level 45), and The Behemoth King(level 47).
Dark Steel  x2 By defeating Notorious Marks Thanatos and The Prince of Death.
Primitive Battlehorn Received by defeating the notorious mark Gobermouch.
sword of gotterdammerung ingredients
Crafting The Sword of Gotterdammerung using Primitive Battlehorn received by defeating Gobermouch and Other Ingredients. Image Credit Gamesual

Blacksmith Blues IV: Appears after the main quest, Across the Narrow. In this side quest, you will have to return to Dravos and defend the village from an Akashic horde, and at the end, you will go up against a Chimera.

The Best Accessories to have with this sword are

  • The Pull of Darkness.
  • Berserker Ring.

The best Gear that you can equip with it is

  • Ouroboros Belt.
  • Sons of Ouroboros Braces.

To conclude this guide, we recommend completing this side quest to defeat Gobermouch because of the reward Primitive Batllehorn. This item can further be used to craft the most powerful weapon in the first playthrough of the game Final Fantasy 16, The Gotterdammerung Sword. This sword goes best with Ouroboros Belt and The Sons of Ouroboros Belt.

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